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Green Guide : Snakes and Other Reptiles of Australia : Fully Updated Edition - Gerry Swan

Green Guide : Snakes and Other Reptiles of Australia

Fully Updated Edition

By: Gerry Swan

Paperback | 7 December 2021

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Behavioural insights, action photography and your questions answered.

The Australian Green Guides have been created for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.

The most commonly asked questions are answered with particular emphasis on fascinating behavioural insights into both common and unusual creatures. The pages are alive with entertaining and informative text accompanied by exciting action photography.

About the Author

Gerry kept geckos while at school and after moving to Australia from New Zealand in the 1960s a chance encounter with a blue tongue lizard rekindled his interest in reptiles. An Associate of the Australian Museum and past editor of the journal Herpetofauna, Gerry has written and co-authored more than 9 books about reptiles; including What Snake is That, What Lizard is That, and Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia. He also works as a reptile consultant and has a particular interest in the reptiles of the arid and semi-arid regions of New South Wales.

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