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Gold : History and Genesis of Deposits :  History and Genesis of Deposits - Boyle

Gold : History and Genesis of Deposits

History and Genesis of Deposits

By: Boyle

Hardcover Published: December 2009
ISBN: 9780442211622
Number Of Pages: 676

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GOLD: History and Genesis of Deposits is the product of an effort by the Society of Economic Geologists to publish materials that will expand knowl- edge concerning timely, specific topics important to the study of economic geology and to economic geologists. A volume on gold was selected for a general review-type publication because of the importance of the gold mining industry in the 1980s. The officers and council of the Society of Economic Geologists authorized the preparation of this book on gold in 1981, and Dr. Robert W. Boyle was selected as its author. Dr. Boyle has extensive experience in the study of gold deposits. He has an international reputation and a broad interest and understanding of the gold mining industry, the origin of gold deposits, and the history of gold as a metal and ore from prehistoric times to recent. Dr. Boyle uses important publications on gold deposits as source materials to document the various pathways of geological thought over time to introduce the reader to modern concepts. The book contains a wealth of information concerning gold.

References and Selected Bibliography.- 1: General Geochemistry of Gold and Types of Auriferous Deposits.- General Geochemistry of Gold.- Auriferous Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 2: Gold During the Pre-Classical (Primitive) Period (5000 B.C.-600 B.C.).- Gold Deposits in Primitive Times 24.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 3: Gold During the Classical Period.- Gold Deposits and Theories of Their Origin.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 4: Gold During the Middle Ages.- Theories of the Origin of Gold Deposits in Medieval Times.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 5: Gold During the Renaissance.- Theories of Origin of Gold Deposits during the Renaissance.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 6: Gold During the Transition to Modern Scientific Views.- Theories of Origin of Gold and Other Mineral Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 7: Gold in the Modern Era.- Outline of Theories of Origin of Mineral Deposits in the Modern Era.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 8: Geochemistry of Gold.- Geochemistry of Gold.- 8-1 Bischof, K. 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E.: The Origin of Fissure Veins.- 9-2 Farmin, R.: Host-Rock Inflation by Veins and Dikes at Grass Valley, California.- 9-3 Bichan, W.J.: Nature of che Ore-Forming Fluid.- References.- 10: The Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits-The Magmatic Hydrothermal Theory.- The Magmatic Hydrothermal Theory of the Origin of Auriferous Deposits.- 10-1 Emmons, W.H.: Gold and Igneous Rocks.- 10-2 Moore, E. S.: Genetic Relations of Gold Deposits and Igneous Rocks in the Canadian Shield.- 10-3 Malcolm, W.: Gold Fields of Nova Scotia.- 10-4 Knopf, A.: The Mother Lode System of California.- 10-5 White, D. E.: Active Geothermal Systems and Hydrothermal Ore Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 11: The Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits-The Granitization Theory.- Mineralization Related to Granitization.- Conclusion.- References.- 12: The Origin of Gold Deposits-The Exhalite Theory.- Application of the Theory to Gold Deposits.- Comment.- References.- Chapier 13: Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits-Secretion Theories.- Secretion Theories of the Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits.- Conclusion.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 14: Gold Deposits-Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate And Quartzite Type.- The Witwatersrand.- 14-1 Gregory, J. W.: The Origin of Gold in the Rand Banket.- 14-2 Horwood, C.B.: Concluding Remarks.- 14-3 Graton, L.C.: Hydrothermal Origin of the Rand Gold Deposits.- 14-4 Mellor, E.T.: The Conglomerates of the Witwatersrand.- 14-5 Leibennerg, W. R.: The Occurrence and Origin of Gold and Radioactive Minerals in the Witwatersrand System, the Dominion Reef, the Ventersdorp Contact Reef and the Black Reef.- 14-6 Pretorius, D. A.: The Depositional Environment of the Witwatersrand Goldfields: A Chronological Review of the Speculations and Observations.- 14-7 Hallbauer, D. K., and K.T. VAN WARMELO: Fossilized Plants in Thucholite from Precambrian Rocks of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.- Other Deposits.- References.- 15: Gold Deposits-Placers.- Eluvial Placers.- Alluvial Placers.- 15-1 Tyrrell, J. B.: The Law of the Pay-Streak in Placer Deposits.- 15-2 Lindgren, W.: Gold of the Tertiary Gravels.- 15-3 Mackay, B.R: Economic Geology: Placer Gold.- 15-4 Shilo, N. A., and Yu. V. Shumilov: Mechanisms of Behaviour of Gold during Placer Formation Processes in the North-East of the USSR.- 15-5 Zhelnin, S. G., and Yu. A. Travin: Comparative Features of Placer Geology in the Modern Structure of the North-Eastern U.S.S.R..- Special Problems of Placer Gold.- 15-6 Mertie, J. B., JR.: Placer Gold in Alaska.- 15-7 Cheney, E. S., and T. C. Patton: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-8 Gunn, C. B.: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-9 Tuck, R.: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-10 Krook, L: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- References.- 16: Oxidation and Secondary Enrichment of Gold Deposits.- 16-1 Emmons, W. H.: Gold.- 16-2 Smirnov, S. S.: Gold.- 16-3 Zvyagintsev, O: Review: Behavior of Gold in the Zone of Oxidation of Auriferous Sulphide Deposits.- 16-4 Lesure, F. G.: Residual Enrichment and Supergene Transport of Gold. Calhoun Mine. Lumpkin County, Georgia.- References.- 17: Gold Deposits-Special Topics.- Associated Minerals and Elements in Auriferous Deposits.- Au/Ag Ratios and Fineness of Native Gold in Auriferous Deposits.- Wall Rock Alteration Effects in Auriferous Deposits.- Structural Environment of Deposition of Epigenetic Gold Deposits.- References.- 7-1 White, W. H.: The Mechanism and Environment of Gold Deposition in Veins.- 17-2 Ebbutt, F.: Relationships of Minor Structures to Gold Deposition in Canada.- 18: The Economics of Gold and Gold Mining.- History of the Economics of Gold to the End of the Middle Ages.- Economics of Gold during the Transition to Modern Times.- Economics of Gold and Gold Mining during the Modern Era.- Uses of Gold.- The Future of Gold.- Conclusions.- References and Selected Bibliography.- Author Citation Index.

ISBN: 9780442211622
ISBN-10: 0442211627
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 676
Published: December 2009
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group
Country of Publication: NL
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