Going Zero : One Family's Journey to Zero Waste and a Greener Lifestyle - Kate Hughes

Going Zero

One Family's Journey to Zero Waste and a Greener Lifestyle

By: Kate Hughes

Paperback | 31 January 2022

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One family's revolt against everyday pollution

When a ripped beanbag sent thousands of tiny polystyrene balls flying through her garden, Kate Hughes made a decisive break with the throwaway society.

The English journalist greened every aspect of her family's life. She and her husband ditched plastic and shunned supermarkets. They cooked all meals from scratch and made their own cleaning agents. They bought second-hand clothes and washed them naturally. Reaching deeper, they switched to renewable power, pulled their savings out of dirty banks, and ran an electric car.

They and their two children are now going beyond the 'zero waste' goal of avoiding sending anything to landfill.

Told with refreshing humility and humour, this is the inspiring story of an ordinary family who rebelled against the waste of a lifestyle wrapped in plastic. Packed with handy tips, it reveals much about what makes a fulfilling modern family - and how readers can empower themselves to preserve the climate, forests and seas. And, revealingly, how that can lead to a more relaxing life.

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