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Gene Therapy of Cancer : Methods and Protocols :  Methods and Protocols - Peter Walden

Gene Therapy of Cancer : Methods and Protocols

Methods and Protocols

By: Peter Walden (Editor), Uwe Trefzer (Editor), Wolfram Sterry (Editor), Farzin Farzaneh (Editor)

Hardcover Published: October 1998
ISBN: 9780306460272
Number Of Pages: 568

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The book provides a comprehensive overview of the current state, and the new concepts for the future directions of modern cancer therapy. Bringing together all the relevant aspects from basic and applied science, and the clinical experiences of this new direction in medicine, it is an up-to-date summary of the activities in the field and will be the basis for evaluating future progress in this area.

Tumor Biology
Expression Genetics in Cancer Research, Prognosis, and Therapyp. 1
Patterns of Chromosomal Imbalances in Carcinomas of the Respiratory Tractp. 9
Inhibition of Tumorigenesis in a Murine B-Cell Lymphoma Transplant Model by c-Myc Complementary Oligonucleotidesp. 17
Telomerase Inhibition by Induced Expression of Antisense RNAp. 23
Ex Vivo and in Vivo IGF-I Antisense RNA Strategies for Treatment of Cancer in Humansp. 27
Use of the IGF-I Antisense Strategy in the Treatment of the Hepatocarcinomap. 35
Functional Involvement of CD44, a Family of Cell Adhesion Molecules, in Immune Responses, Tumour Progression and Haematopoiesisp. 43
The Influence of CD44 Splice Variants to the Outcome of Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomap. 51
Control of Tumor Growth via Inhibition of Tumor Angiogenesisp. 57
Expression of Collagenase-3 (MMP-13) by Tumor Cells in Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Head and Neckp. 63
High Level Expression of Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases-1,-2, and -3 in Melanoma Cells Achieved by Adenovirus Mediated Gene Transferp. 69
Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase Expression: A Target for Gene Therapy in Renal Cell Carcinomap. 73
In Vivo Tumor Suppressor Effect of Retrovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer of the Adenovirus Ela Genep. 79
Antitumor Effect of E1B Defective Adenoviruses in Human Malignant Cellsp. 87
Inhibition of Human Pancreatic Cancer Growth by the Adenovirus-Mediated Introduction of a Novel Growth Suppressing Gene, tob, in Vitrop. 91
Chemogene Therapy
Intratumoral Injection of Encapsulated Cells Producing an Oxazaphosphorine Activating Cytochrome P450 for Targeted Chemotherapyp. 97
Sensitisation of Human Ovarian Cancer Cells to Killing by the Prodrug CB1954 Following Retroviral or Adenoviral Transfer of the E. coli Nitroreductase Genep. 107
HSV-1 Thymidine Kinase Gene Therapy for Peritoneal Carcinomatosisp. 115
Characteristics of Cytosine Deaminase-5-Fluorocytosine System: Enhancement of Radiation Cytotoxicity and Bystander Effectp. 121
Potentiation of the Bystander Effect by Immunization Combined with Suicide Gene Therapyp. 125
Another Mechanism Causing the Bystander Effect Besides the Gap Junction's Role during the Glioma Gene Therapy with HSV-TK/GCV Systemp. 133
In Vivo Evaluation of a Drug-Inducible Vector System for the Combined Geneand Chemotherapy of Cancerp. 139
IL-2 Gene Transfer for Chemosensitization of Multidrug-Resistant Human Colon Carcinoma Cellsp. 145
Cytotoxic Effect of Binar Cisplatin Immunoconjugatep. 151
Dietary Indole Derivatives Induce Apoptosis in Human Breast Cancer Cellsp. 153
Tumor Immunology
Overcoming T Cell Ignorance by Providing Costimulation: Implications for the Immune Response against Cancerp. 159
Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment: Mechanisms Responsible for Functional and Signaling Defectsp. 167
Dendritic Cells Prevent CD95 Mediated T Lymphocyte Death through Costimulatory Signalsp. 173
Interleukin-10 Inhibits the Immune Stimulatory Potential of Melanoma Cells Retrovirally Transduced with Human B7.1 or B7.2p. 179
Immunosuppressive Cells in Bone Marrow of Patients with Stomach Cancerp. 189
Induction of Antigen-Specific T Cells by Allogeneic CD80 Transfected Human Carcinoma Cellsp. 195
IL-12-Activated NK Cells Recognize B7 Costimulatory Molecules on Tumor Cells and Autologous Dendritic Cellsp. 203
Effects of Altered Antigen Processing on T-Cell Responses toward Murine T-Lymphomasp. 211
Cancer Gene Therapy with a Heat Shock Protein Genep. 217
Heat Shock Protein (HSP72) Surface Expression Enhances the Lysis of a Human Renal Cell Carcinoma by IL-2 Stimulated NK Cellsp. 225
Identification of Epitopes for CTCL-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Thomas Linnemann, Carsten Brock, Katrin Sparbier, Marcus Muchep. 231
Effects of Altered Antigen Processing on H-2D[superscript k] Mediated NK Inhibition in a Murine T Lymphoma Modelp. 237
Recognition of Melanoma-Associated Peptides by Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Ocular Melanoma Patientsp. 241
Detection of Micrometastasis in 31 Patients with Breast Cancer by RT-PCR and Immunomagnetic Separation (ISM) Techniquesp. 245
Immunogene Therapy
Human Tumor Immunotherapy: New Opportunities as Well as New Challengesp. 247
Modification of Cancer Vaccines by Virus Infection and Attachment of Bispecific Antibodies: An Effective Alternative to Somatic Gene Therapyp. 251
Immunotherapy of Established Tumor with MHC Class II and B7.1 Cell-Based Tumor Vaccinesp. 259
Retroviral B7.1 Gene Transfer in Cancer Cells Protects Cytotoxic T Cells from Deletion by "Veto" Apoptosisp. 265
Hybrid Cell Vaccination in Cancer Immunotherapy: Recruitment and Activation of T Cell Help for Induction of Anti Tumour Cytotoxic T Cellsp. 277
Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with the Cellular Tumor Vaccines Generated by in Vitro Modification of Tumor Cells with Non Gene Transfer Approachesp. 283
DNA Vaccines Targeting Dendritic Cells for the Immunotherapy of Cancerp. 295
A DNA Vaccine against Malignant Melanoma Coexpressing Antigen and Cytokinep. 305
DNA Immunization in Mice against Virus-Induced Tumor Antigensp. 311
IL-4 Gene Transfer for the Treatment of Experimental Gliomasp. 315
Strategies to Elicit Anti-Idiotypic Immune Response in B-Lymphoma Patients: Peptide and Genetic Immunizationp. 323
Autologous Fibroblasts as Potential Vehicle for Regional Ovarian Cancer Gene Therapyp. 331
Adenovirus-Mediated ex Vivo Immunogene and in Vivo Combination Gene Therapy Strategies Induce a Systemic Anti-Tumor Immune Defense in the Mouse B16 Melanoma Modelp. 335
Stable Expression of a Retrovirally Transferred Adhesion Molecule in a Human Tumor-Specific CTL Clone: Perspectives for the ex Vivo Manipulation of Effector Cells Used in Adoptive Immunotherapy
[gamma]-Interferon Gene Transfer as a Therapeutic Strategy for Ovarian Cancerp. 349
Enhancement of Anti-Tumor Immunity by Injection of Fibroblasts Genetically Engineered to Produce IL-12 and to Express CD70p. 353
Sensitization of Human Cells to Lysis by Human Complement as an Approach for Cancer Gene Therapyp. 359
Gene Technology and Gene Targeting
Targeted Adenoviral Vectors for Cancer Gene Therapyp. 365
High-Efficiency Retroviral Vector-Mediated Gene Transfer into Human T Lymphocytesp. 375
Disabled Infectious Single Cycle (DISC) Herpes Simplex Virus as a Vector for Immunotherapy of Cancerp. 379
Gene Therapy for Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Prolonged Expression of the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Gene after Lipofection into Mouse Colon in Vivop. 385
A Chimeric Fusion Protein of Cytochrome CYP4B1 and Green Fluorescent Protein for Detection of Pro-Drug Activating Gene Delivery and for Gene Therapy in Malignant Gliomap. 393
Toward Targeted Killing of Tumor-Specific Antigen-Producing Cancer Cells by Retrovirus Displaying a Single Chain Variable Fragment Antibodyp. 405
A Tool for Enhancing Site-Specific Gene Integration in Mammalian Cellsp. 411
Viral Particles with Heterologous Binding Motifs: An Approach to Specifically Alter the Tropism of the B-Lymphotropic Papovavirusp. 415
Efficient Retroviral Infection of Human Cells Utilising an Adenoviral Vector Expressing the Ecotropic Receptorp. 423
Monoclonal Antibody 138H11 against Gamma-Glutamyltransferase Provides a Possible Tool for Targeting Calicheamicin [theta] to Renal Cell Carcinomasp. 431
Cell Cycle Regulated Promoters for the Targeting of Tumor Endotheliump. 437
Development of a Double-Copy Bicistronic Retroviral Vector for Human Gene Therapyp. 441
Gene-Modified Dendritic Cells by Receptor-Mediated Transfectionp. 449
Simple and Fast Microscale Procedure for Transfection and Quantification of Reporter Gene Expression in Eukaryotic Cellsp. 457
A Novel Series of Serum-Resistant Lipoaminoacid Compounds for Cellular Delivery of Plasmid DNAp. 461
Comparison of Antisense Vectors and Antisense Oligonucleotides Delivered by Means of the New Cationic Lipids Unifectin and Maxifectinp. 469
Fast-Sorting System for Cells with High-Copy-Number Expression Vectors and Its Use for the Modulation of CML Cellsp. 473
Plasmid DNA for Clinical Phase I and II Studies: Large-Scale cGMP Manufacturing and Quality Assurancep. 481
Large Scale Purification of Plasmid DNA for Use in Gene Therapyp. 487
Clinical Trials
Gene Marking and Gene Therapy in Multiple Myelomap. 493
p53 and Gene Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinomap. 499
Gene Therapy for Malignant Glioma Patientsp. 505
Immunization of Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients with CD80-Modified Breast Cancer Cells and GM-CSFp. 511
A Phase I Trial with a Hybrid Cell Vaccine in Patients with Metastatic Melanomap. 519
Gene Therapy with AdV-IL2 (TG 1021) in Unresectable Digestive Adenocarcinoma: Phase I-II Study, First Inclusionsp. 527
Gene Therapy with Cytokine-Transfected Xenogeneic Cells in Metastatic Tumorsp. 531
Application of Gene Transfer in Cancer Immunotherapy: From Experimental Data to Clinical Protocolsp. 539
Active Immunization of Metastatic Melanoma Patients with IL-2 or IL-4 Gene Transfected, Allogeneic Melanoma Cellsp. 543
Preparation for a Phase I/II Study Using Autologous Gene Modified T Lymphocytes for Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cancer Patientsp. 547
Immunogene Therapy of Human Melanoma: Phase I/II Clinical Trialp. 557
Indexp. 561
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