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Gaseous Dielectrics VIII - L. G. Christophorou

Gaseous Dielectrics VIII

Hardcover Published: 31st January 1999
ISBN: 9780306460562
Number Of Pages: 639

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Gaseous Dielectrics VIII covers recent advances and developments in a wide range of basic, applied, and industrial areas of gaseous dielectrics.

Electron Impact Ionization and Dissociation of Molecules Relevant to Gaseous Dielectricsp. 3
Radicals from Electron Impact on Fluorocarbonsp. 15
Electron Collision Cross Sections and Transport Parameters in CHF[subscript 3]p. 23
Ion-Molecule Reactions and Ion Kinetics in DC Townsend Discharges in Dielectric Gasesp. 31
Electron Drift Velocities and Electron Attachment Coefficients in Pure CHF[subscript 3] and its Mixtures with Argonp. 39
Cross Section Measurements for Various Reactions Occurring in CF[subscript 4] and CHF[subscript 3] Dischargesp. 45
A Study of Ion-Molecule Reactions of Methane Ions in Parent Gas at High E/Np. 51
Ionization and Ion Kinetics in c-C[subscript 4]F[subscript 8]p. 57
The Dependence of Electron Capture Rate Constants on Electronic Polarizabilityp. 63
New Approach to Analysis of the Data of Electron Swarm Experiment in Ionization Chamberp. 69
Electron Attachment to O[subscript 2] in Dense He and Ar Gasesp. 73
Electron Mobility and Localization in High-Density Helium Gas in an Extended Temperature Rangep. 79
O[subscript 2] Ion Mobility in Dense Supercritical and Near Critical Argon Gasp. 85
Electron Mobility Maximum in High-Density Ar Gasp. 91
Low-Energy Electron Collision by Excited Atomsp. 97
A Study of Prebreakdown in SF[subscript 6]p. 105
From Corona Stabilization to Spark Breakdown in Point-to-Plane SF[subscript 6] Gapsp. 113
Generation Mechanism of Partial Discharge in Different Kind of Pure Gases and Gas Mixtures with SF[subscript 6]p. 125
Dielectric Characteristics of SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Mixtures for Very Fast Transient Voltagesp. 133
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of a High Pressure Glow Discharge Controlled by a Dielectric Barrierp. 141
Electrical and Physical Behaviour of a Point-to-Plane Barrier Discharge in Air Governed by the Water Vapour Contentp. 147
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the Statistics of Time Lags to Corona Inception and Breakdown of SF[subscript 6] in Non-Uniform Electric Fieldsp. 155
Properties of the RF-Discharge in Ar-Tetraethoxylsilanep. 161
Thermodynamic and Electrical Properties of SF[subscript 6]-N[subscript 2] Thermal Plasmasp. 169
Leader Step Time and Low Probability Impulse Breakdown Voltage Measured in SF[subscript 6] Gas Mixturesp. 181
The Study of SF[subscript 6] Mixtures with Buffer Gasesp. 189
Breakdown Strength of SF[subscript 6]/CF[subscript 4] Mixtures in Highly Non-Uniform Fieldsp. 197
The Effect of Electrode Geometry on the Lightning Impulse Breakdown in SF[subscript 6]N[subscript 2] Mixturesp. 205
Macroscopic Modeling of Inhomogeneous Field Breakdown in SF[subscript 6] Under Lightning Impulse Stressp. 213
A Comparative Evaluation of Cost/Benefit Analysis with Lightning Impulse Breakdown Strength of Binary and Ternary Gas Mixtures Containing SF[subscript 6] in Non-Uniform Field Gapsp. 219
Simulation of Electrical Circuit of Plasma Opening Switch Using PSPICEp. 225
Power Absorbed in a RF Discharge in Oxygenp. 231
Partial Discharge Transients: The Field Theoretical Approachp. 239
UHF Diagnostics and Monitoring for GISp. 253
Dielectric Properties of Small Gas Gap in SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Mixturesp. 263
Discrimination of Streamer/Leader Type Partial Discharge in SF[subscript 6] Gas Based on Discharge Mechanismp. 269
The Influence of Accelerated Partial Discharges Tests on the Effects on Epoxy Composite Surface in SF[subscript 6]p. 277
Influence of Void Geometry and Bulk Dielectric Polarization upon PD Transientsp. 283
Partial Discharge Inception and Breakdown Characteristics in Gas Mixtures with SF[subscript 6]p. 289
Dependence of Partial Discharge and Breakdown Characteristics on Applied Power Frequency in SF[subscript 6] Gasp. 295
Partial Discharge Characteristics of Small Gaps in SF[subscript 6] Gasp. 301
Characteristics of Partial Discharges on a Dielectric Surface in SF[subscript 6]-N[subscript 2] Mixturesp. 307
Analysis of the Degradation of Polyethylene in Air Using Electrical and Physical Datap. 313
Digital Analysis of PD Sources in Gas-Insulated Switchgear Substationp. 319
Experimental Estimation of Schwaiger Factor Limit ([eta] [subscript lim]) in Atmospheric Airp. 325
SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Mixtures for HV Equipment and Practical Problemsp. 333
Low SF[subscript 6] Concentration SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Mixtures for GILp. 345
Application Problems of SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Mixtures to Gas Insulated Busp. 353
A Search for Possible "Universal-Application" Gas Mixturesp. 361
Some Aspects of Compressed Air and Nitrogen Insulationp. 369
Decomposition of SF[subscript 6] under AC and DC Corona Discharges in High-Pressure SF[subscript 6] and SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] (10-90 %) Mixturesp. 379
Influence of a Solid Insulator on the Spark Decomposition of SF[subscript 6] and SF[subscript 6] + 50 % CF[subscript 4] Mixturesp. 387
Chemical Reactions and Kinetics of Mixtures of SF[subscript 6] and Fluorocarbon Dielectric Gases in Electrical Dischargesp. 395
Dielectric Coatings and Particle Movement in GIS/GITL Systemsp. 403
Breakdown Characteristics of a Short Airgap with Conducting Particle under Composite Voltagesp. 411
SF[subscript 6] Handling and Maintenance Processes Offered by Quadrupole Mass Spectrometryp. 417
The United States Environmental Protection Agency's SF[subscript 6] Emissions Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems: An Opportunity for Industryp. 425
SF[subscript 6] Recycling in Electric Power Equipmentp. 431
Study of the Decomposition of SF[subscript 6] in the Lower Atmosphere: The Experimental Approachp. 443
Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Field Measurement Methodsp. 451
A Systematic Search for Insulation Gases and their Environmental Evaluationp. 459
SF[subscript 6] ReUse Concept and SF[subscript 6] New Applicationsp. 465
The Surface Flashover Characteristics of Spacer for GIS in SF[subscript 6] Gas and Mixturesp. 473
Generation and Investigation of Planar Surface Dischargesp. 481
Electrical Surface Discharges on Wet Polymer Surfacesp. 489
Termination of Creeping Discharges on a Covered Conductorp. 497
Static Electrification Phenomena on Dielectric Materials of SF[subscript 6] Gas-Insulated Transformerp. 505
Prebreakdown Phenomena in Dry Air along PTFE Spacersp. 511
Development of the SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Gas Mixture Insulated Transformer in Chinap. 519
Possibility Studies on Application of SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2] Gas Mixtures to a Core-Type Gas-Insulated Transformerp. 529
Power Frequency and SIL Withstand Performance of a GIC with 5 and 10 Percent SF[subscript 6]/N[subscript 2]Mixturesp. 541
Insulation Characteristics of GIS for Non-Standard Lightning Surge Waveformsp. 547
A Utility Perspective on SF[subscript 6] Gas Management Issuesp. 557
The Comparison of Arc-Extinguishing Capability of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF[subscript 6]) with Alternative Gases in High-Voltage Circuit-Breakersp. 565
Insulation Characteristics of DC 500 kV GISp. 573
Improvement of Withstand Voltage at Particle Contamination in DC-GIS due to Dielectric Coating on Conductorp. 581
Other Industrial Applications of Gaseous Dielectrics and Data Basesp. 589
SF[subscript 6] Substitutesp. 601
Participantsp. 615
Photographs of Participantsp. 625
Author Indexp. 633
Subject Indexp. 637
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ISBN: 9780306460562
ISBN-10: 0306460564
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 639
Published: 31st January 1999
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media
Country of Publication: US
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