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Gardenista : Remodelista - Michelle Slatalla


By: Michelle Slatalla

Hardcover | 1 November 2016 | Edition Number 1

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Our homes' outdoor spaces can-and should-be as welcoming and carefully considered as our living rooms; when treated as extensions of our homes, these spaces enrich our lives immeasurably. That was the guiding principle when, under the direction of editor in chief Michelle Slatalla (whose New York Times style columns were weekly must-reads for a decade), the team behind launched sister site Like Remodelista, Gardenista caters to an older, more established audience (75 percent of readers are over the age of 35) and is known for its sophisticated, well-edited aesthetic.

The book contains lushly photographed tours of 12 enviable gardens; planting guides for a variety of climates and color palettes; in-depth case studies on more than a dozen outdoor structures (from yoga studios to chicken coops); do-it-yourself projects; easy-to-implement design ideas; "The Gardenista 100," a guide to timeless everyday objects for the outdoors; plus advice from landscape professionals. Equal parts inspiration and expert intel, Gardenista is both a perfect starting point and an all-in-one manual when questions arise.

About the Author

Gardenista’s editor in chief, Michelle Slatalla, created and launched the sister site of Remodelista in 2012. Previously, Slatalla was a columnist for the New York Times, Time, and Real Simple. She is the author of six books (including five co written with her husband, Josh Quittner). She lives in Mill Valley, California.
Industry Reviews
“Includes lushly photographed tours of 12 enviable gardens and planning guides for a variety of climates and colour palettes. The most gorgeous gardening book I’ve seen in ages.” -- The Bookseller (U.K.)

“This book by Slatalla (editor-in-chief of the website Gardenista) consolidates years of research and practical experimentation for transforming the basic garden or back yard into an extension of indoor living space. More than mere garden planning, the book explores the additional elements of furnishings, accessories, accoutrements and color, integrating nature and luxury to create an outdoor home setting as a place of personal retreat. Horticultural advice is also woven into the plan so that, for example, an outdoor space that incorporates a color palette of burgundies, silver, and purple is well-served to cultivate Cotula leptinella as an optimal ground cover between pavers: 'Aptly nicknamed dollhouse fern, low-growing "Platt’s Black" has foliage with a purple sheen . . . grows densely and has a shallow root system, which makes it ideally suited to creeping between stones.' Aided by 480 color photographs, this beautiful book showcases innovative gardening concepts based upon real homes, highlighting details—the placement of beeswax tea candles, tablecloth clamps, and butterfly chairs—in harmony with shade trees, hedge shrubs, and stone walls. The end result is a display of outdoor living space that integrates plants, color, balance, design, and also functionality. Color photos.” -- Publishers Weekly

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