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Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era : Proceedings of the International Workshop Held in Rome, Italy, 17-20 October 2000 :  Proceedings of the International Workshop Held in Rome, Italy, 17-20 October 2000 - Enrico Costa

Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era : Proceedings of the International Workshop Held in Rome, Italy, 17-20 October 2000

Proceedings of the International Workshop Held in Rome, Italy, 17-20 October 2000

By: Enrico Costa (Editor), Filippo Frontera (Editor), Jens Hjorth (Editor)

Hardcover Published: January 2002
ISBN: 9783540427711
Number Of Pages: 459

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From the contents: Global Properties of GRBs.- GRB Afterglows.- Host Galaxies and Cosmology with GRBs.- Theories for GRBs and their Afterglows.

Some Recent, Interesting Observations of Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 3
On the Fast Spectral Variability of GRBsp. 9
Spectral Properties of Short Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 13
X-Ray Flashes and X-Ray Rich Gamma Ray Burstsp. 16
BATSE Observations of Fast X-Ray Transients Detected by BeppoSAX-WFCp. 22
Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts with the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorerp. 26
Testing the Optically Thin Synchrotron Shock Model for Gamma-Ray Bursts Spectra from 2 to 700 keV with BeppoSAXp. 34
On the Spectra of the Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 37
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts Are Differentp. 40
New Possibilities Offered by BeppoSAX: Automatic GRB Alerts Using GRBMp. 43
Probing the Isotropy in the Sky Distribution of the Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 47
Analysis of the BATSE GRB Light Curvesp. 50
Gamma-Ray Burst Follow Up Observations with BOOTES in 1998-2000p. 53
Non-isotropic Angular Distribution for Very Short-Time Gamma-Ray Bursts?p. 56
Tools for Gamma-Ray Burst Data Miningp. 60
Broadband Spectral Deconvolution of GRBsp. 63
A Gamma-Ray Bursts' Fluence-Duration Correlationp. 66
Estimation of Emission Time Parameter for APEX Experimentp. 69
Quiescent Times in Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 72
Neutrino Astrophysics with the MACRO Detectorp. 75
The Fingerprints of the GRB Processp. 78
A Variety of Decays of Gamma-Ray Burst Pulsesp. 81
The GRBs at Rest Frames of Emittersp. 84
The Unique Signature of Shell Curvature in Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 87
Final Results of the Off-Line Scan of the BATSE Daily Recordsp. 91
X-Ray Afterglows and Features of Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 97
Transient Spectral Features in the Prompt Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts with BeppoSAXp. 106
Discovery of a Redshifted Iron K-Line in the X-Ray Afterglow of GRB 000214p. 112
Observations of Iron Features with ASCAp. 115
Temporal and Spectral Analysis of X-Ray Afterglows of GRBs Observed by BeppoSAXp. 118
Optical/Near-IR Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Erap. 121
The GRB Follow-up Euro-US Consortium: Results from the ESO Telescopesp. 127
GRB 000301C: A Possible Short/Intermediate Duration Burst Connected to a DLA Systemp. 130
Hunting Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Lyman Forest; GRB 000131 at z = 4.50p. 133
Evidence for a Supernova in the Ic Band Light Curve of the Optical Transient of GRB 970508p. 136
Hypernovae and Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 139
Theoretical Implications of the Gamma-Ray Burst-Supernova Connectionp. 142
Properties of GRB Optical Afterglows: Colors and Luminositiesp. 148
GRB Optical Afterglows: Correlation between Pair of Parametersp. 151
Broad-Band Modelling of GRB Afterglowsp. 154
The Jet and the Supernova in GRB 990712p. 157
On the Transient Fe K-Edge in the Prompt Emission of GRB 990705p. 160
On the Detectability of Delayed X-Ray Flashes from GRBsp. 163
Wolf-Rayet Stars and GRB Connectionp. 166
Follow-Up Observations from Observatories Based in Spainp. 169
Optical Observations of the Dark Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 000210p. 172
The Light Curves of GRB 990123 and GRB 990510p. 175
GRB/SNe Correlations: Search for Unrecognized OAs of GRBs among Detected SNep. 178
Optical GRB Analyses: Results from Archival Platesp. 181
EN: Simultaneous Optical Data for GRBsp. 185
Near-Infrared Polarimetric Observations of GRB Afterglowsp. 188
Iron Line Emission in X-Ray Afterglowsp. 191
BeppoSAX Observation of GRB990806: From the Prompt Emission to the X-Ray Afterglowp. 195
GRB000615 in X-Raysp. 198
GRB980613 a Very Faint Burst with a Not So Faint Afterglow Detected by BeppoSAXp. 201
Physical Constraints from Broadband Afterglow Fits: GRB000926 as an Examplep. 204
The Observed Offset Distribution of GRBs about Their Hostsp. 209
A Deep, High-Resolution Imaging Survey of GRB Host Galaxiesp. 212
Host Galaxies as Gamma-Ray Burst Distance Indicatorsp. 215
The GRB Host Galaxies and Redshiftsp. 218
Gamma-Ray Bursts as a Probe of Cosmologyp. 226
Construction of the Variability [actual symbol not reproducible] Luminosity Estimatorp. 233
Early Afterglows as Probes for the Reionization Epochp. 236
[gamma]-Ray Burst Remnants: How Can We Find Them?p. 239
Progenitors of GRBs Originated in the Dense Star Clustersp. 243
The Multiband Photometry of GRB Host Galaxies Comparison with the Spectral Energy Distributions of Nearby Galaxies and Theoretical Modelingp. 246
Multiscale Statistical Methods and the Angular Distribution of Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 249
Determining the Gamma-Ray Burst Rate as a Function of Redshiftp. 252
Gamma-Ray Burst Models: The Central Enginep. 257
High-Energy Particles from [gamma]-Ray Burstsp. 263
Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutron-Decay Halos from Gamma Ray Burstsp. 269
On the Neutrino Flux from Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 272
Efficiency and Spectrum of Internal [gamma]-Ray Burst Shocksp. 275
Observational Consequences of e[superscript [actual symbol not reproducible]] Pair Creation in [gamma]-Ray Burstsp. 278
The Close Environment of GRBp. 281
Failed Optical Afterglowsp. 288
Winds from Massive Stars and the Afterglows of [gamma]-Ray Burstsp. 291
The Effects of a Gamma-Ray Burst on Nearby Preplanetary Systemsp. 294
The Role of Dust in GRB Afterglowsp. 297
Theory of GRB Afterglowp. 300
Strange Afterglows from Embedded GRBs: Reconciling Hypernovae with Slow Decaysp. 306
Light Curves from an Expanding Relativistic Jetp. 312
GRBs and Fireball versus Precessing Gamma Jetsp. 315
Neutrino Pair Annihilation above a Kerr Black Hole with the Accretion Diskp. 318
Dissipation Efficiency of Internal Shocks in GRBp. 321
Interaction between Internal Shocks and the Reverse Shock for a GRB in a Dense Stellar Windp. 324
GRB Synchrotron-Self-Compton Emission Generated by Self-Consistent Electron Distributionp. 327
Effects of Free Neutrons on Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 330
Bursts and Black Holesp. 333
Light Curves of Optical Afterglowsp. 336
Ultra Efficient Internal Shocksp. 339
Light Curves of GRB Optical Flashesp. 342
100 GeV Photons from Gamma-Ray Burst Fireballsp. 345
New Results on the Temporal Structure of GRBsp. 348
Signature of a Highly Magnetized Millisecond Pulsar in GRB Afterglowsp. 351
The Swift Panchromatic GRB Missionp. 357
The Italian Contribution to the Swift Missionp. 360
The INTEGRAL Burst Alert Systemp. 363
AGILE and Gamma-Ray Burstsp. 366
Gamma-Ray Bursts with Super AGILEp. 368
The GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM)p. 371
The IPN I: From the Past to the Futurep. 375
One Year of Rapid, Precise Gamma-Ray Burst Localizations by the Interplanetary Networkp. 378
GRBs of Energy E ] 10 GeV with ARGO-YBJp. 381
Progress on MARGIE, a Gamma-Ray Burst Ultra-long Duration Balloon Missionp. 384
Simultaneous Detection of the High Energy and Optical Transients by Cerenkov Telescopesp. 387
PREPROCESS: A Fast Image Processing Software Toolp. 390
The HETE Triggering Algorithmp. 393
The Status of the Ondrejov BART Experimentp. 396
Progress in Lobster Eye X-Ray Telescope Developmentp. 399
On the Feasiblity of Independent Detections of Optical Afterglows of GRBsp. 402
High Precision Space Astrometry of Cosmic GRBsp. 405
New Version of Optical Transient Monitor for BOOTES Projectp. 412
High Resolution Spectroscopy of the X-Ray Emission of GRBs by IMXS-BOSS on the ISSp. 415
Statistics of Faint Variable Sources for GRB OA Analysesp. 418
Event Rates in SuperAGILE and HETEp. 421
IR and Optical Observations of GRB from Campo Imperatorep. 424
A GRB Detection System Using the BGO-Shield of the INTEGRAL-Sectrometer SPIp. 427
A Preview of the Swift UVOT Capabilities: Imaging and Lightcurves from XMM-Newton OMp. 431
REM - Rapid Eye Mount. A Fast Slewing Robotized Telescope to Monitor the Prompt Infra-red Afterglow of GRBsp. 434
List of Participantsp. 437
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ISBN: 9783540427711
ISBN-10: 3540427716
Series: Eso Astrophysics Symposia
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 459
Published: January 2002
Country of Publication: DE
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 2.69
Weight (kg): 0.85

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