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Galactic and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields : International Astronomical Union Symposia - P. P. Kronberg

Galactic and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields

International Astronomical Union Symposia

Paperback ISBN: 9780792307051
Number Of Pages: 540

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Proceedings of the 140th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Heidelberg, FRG, June 19-23, 1989

1. A Survey of Magnetic Phenomena near the Solar Photosphere, in the Corona, and in Stellar Winds.- The Magnetic Field of the Sun: An Object Lession.- The Dynamics of Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields.- Solar Coronal Mass Ejections.- A Storage Process of the Magnetic Energy in the Space Active Regions and Stellar Atmosphere.- CoMStOC: The Coronal Magnetic Structures Observing Campaign.- Masers and Stellar Magnetic Fields.- Magnetized Langmuir Solitons Around Pulsars.- Magnetic Field of Rotating Bodies.- 2. The Magnetic Field Structure of the Milky Way: The Meeting of Observation and Theory.- The Magnetic Field of the Milky Way.- A Survey of Recent Magnetic Field Measurements in HI Features of the Galaxy.- Pulsars as Probes of the Galactic Magnetic Field.- Structure of the Local Galactic Magnetic Field.- A Faraday Rotation Survey in the First Quadrant of the Galaxy.- Parameters of the Magnetic Field in the Local Galactic Arm Derived from Low Frequency Absorption Measurements in the Ionized Gas.- The Two Component Magnetic Field of the Galaxy.- Fluctuations in the Galactic Magnetic Field.- Correlation Between Galactic Non-Thermal Continuum Emission and HI-Column Density.- A Detailed Model of the Distribution of Synchrotron Emission in the Galactic Disk.- The Need for High Resolution for Polarization Studies of Galactic Background Radiation.- Extended Polarized Emission Structures in the Galactic Plane at 11 cm Wavelength.- The Magnetic Field of the Galaxy in the Solar Vicinity and the Polarization of Stars.- 3. Magnetic Fields in and around Supernova Remnants.- Polarization and Magnetic Fields in Supernova Remnants.- Probing the Interstellar Magnetic Field by Polarization Observations of Supernova Remnants.- Radio Polarimetry of Tycho's SNR.- The Magnetic Field of the Crab as Revealed by New, High Resolution, Multi-Band Radio Images.- Magnetic Fields in Young SNRs.- 4. Magnetohydrodynamics of Galactic Magnetic Fields.- Dynamo in Astrophysics.- Large-Scale Galactic arid Intergalactic Magnetic Fields.- Torus-Dynamo.- Key Problems of Flat Objects Dynamo Theory and Ways of Their Solution.- Mean-Field Models of Galactic Dynamos Admitting Axisymmetric and Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Field Structures.- The Alpha-Effect in Galaxies is Highly Anisotropic.- Galactic Dynamos Without Sharp Boundaries: Non-Axisymmetric Fields in Axisymmetric Disks?.- Dynamo Generation of Galactic Magnetic Fields.- Galactic Dynamo Theory Confronted with Observations.- Bisymmetric Spiral Magnetic Fields and Gravitational Instabilities of Galactic Disks.- Enhancement of Galactic Dynamos by Density Waves.- Swing Excitation of Galactic Magnetic Fields Induced by Spiral Density Waves.- 3-D Models of Galaxy Magnetic Fields with Spiral Shocks.- Galactic Dynamos and Density Wave Theory.- Phenomena Involving Magnetic Vortex Tubes.- Magnetic Viscosity as the Dominant Shear Force in Accretion Disks.- 3-Dimensional Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Spiral Galaxies.- Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of the Evolution of Large-Scale Magnetic Fields in Disk Galaxies.- On the Nature of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium.- Regular and Stochastic Dynamics of Relativistic Particles in Alfven Waves.- Magnetic Field in a Turbulent Galactic Disk.- The Propagation of Discontinuities in Gas Flows in the ISM and its Relation to the Galactic Synchrotron Radio Emission.- Turbulent Mixing in Circumstellar Space in the Presence of Magnetic Fields.- Diamagnetic Cavities in the Interstellar Medium.- Spontaneous Discontinuities in Galactic Magnetic Fields and the Creation of Galactic X-ray Halos.- Interstellar Magnetohydrodynamic Waves as Revealed by Radio Astronomy.- Galactic Winds and Magnetic Fields from Spiral Galaxies.- Galactic Winds: The Role of Cosmic Rays.- Interaction of Cosmic Rays with a Galactic Corona Bow-Shock.- The Role of Cosmic Rays and Alfven Waves in the Structure of the Galactic Halo.- 5. The Polarization, Magnetic Field and Velocity Structure of External Spiral Galaxies.- Multi-Frequency Radio Observations of Spiral Galaxies and Their Interpretation.- Modelling Faraday Rotation in Galaxies.- The Detailed Magnetic Field Structure in the SW Quadrant of M31.- What Mechanism Depolarizes the Emission from the SW Arm of M31?.- CO Observations of a Region with Strong Polarization in M31.- Polarization in the Magellanic Clouds.- The Magnetic Field in M33.- Polarized Radio Emission from M51.- Polarized Radio Emission from NGC 6946.- Linearly Polarised Radio Emission from M83 (NGC 5236) and NGC 891.- The Magnetic Field in Edge-on Galaxies.- Optical and Radio Surface Photometry of NGC 891.- Radio Polarization Studies of Some Southern Galaxies.- Vertical Magnetic Fields in Spiral Galaxies.- Magnetic Fields and Star Formation for the ANS Sample of Galaxies.- Equipartition: Fact or Fiction?.- Modelling the 60?m/20cm Infrared-to-Radio Ratio Within Spiral Galaxies.- Constraints on the Magnetic Fields in Galaxies Implied by the Infrared-to-Radio Correlation.- Magnetic Field Strengths of Galaxies and the Far-Infrared/Radio Correlation.- Dust Grain Orientation in the Interstellar Magnetic Field.- Optical Polarisation Studies of Galaxies.- A CCD Polarimeter with Focal Reducer.- Optical Polarization of M82.- Magnetic Field Structure in the Small Magellanic Cloud.- Stochastic Star Formation and Magnetic Fields.- 6. Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds, Dark Globules and in the Pre-Stellar and Circumstellar Environment.- The Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions.- The Magnetic Field in Highly Dense Molecular Clouds.- Molecular Cloud Cores and Protostars: Offsprings of Gravity and Cosmic Magnetism.- Magnetic Flux Loss from Interstellar Clouds with Various Grain Size Distributions.- The Rate of Angular Momentum Loss from Cloud Cores.- Magnetic Braking of Interstellar Clouds.- Magnetic Field and Ambipolar Diffusion in Molecular Clouds and Protostars.- Magnetic Fields in Molecular Cloud Cores.- Observational Aspects of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds.- Magnetic Fields in Interstellar Masers.- Observability of the Magnetic Field in Molecular Clouds.- Magnetic Fields in Dark Cloud Cores and H2O Masers.- Observations and Models of Magnetic Molecular Clouds.- Magnetically Controlled Gravitational Instabilities in the Taurus Molecular Complex.- VLA Mapping of Magnetic Fields in W3 and S106.- The H? Emission of the PMS Star Serpens/SVS2.- The Magnetic Field in the Perseus Molecular Cloud Complex.- Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds at High Galactic Latitudes.- Polarization Measurements of Some Herbig Ae/Be Stars.- Magnetic Fields and Star Formation: Imaging Polarimetry of Two Reflection Nebulae.- Near Infrared Polarimetry of Dark Clouds and Star Forming Regions - Two Micron Polarization Survey of T Tauri Stars.- Detection of Synchrotron Emission from a Unique Herbig Haro Object in Orion.- Alignment of Circumstellar H-H Flows by the Interstellar Magnetic Field.- Jet Interactions with Molecular Clouds: C-Shock Models.- Topological Solutions for Collimated MHD Flows.- Magnetically Driven Jets.- MHD Reconnection Model for Optical Jets, H-H Objects and GGD Objects.- Numerical Models of Magnetic Disk Accretion in Star Forming Regions.- Chemical Diagnostics of Turbulent Magnetic Boundary Layers.- MHD Simulations of Mass Outflows from Star Forming Regions.- The Collimation of MHD Winds: Bipolar Flows and Jets.- Resistive Instabilities in a Two-Dimensional MHD Turbulent Flow.- Cosmic Ray Acceleration and ? Ray Induced by the Interaction of the Ejecta of SN1987A with the Magnetized Cloud.- 7. Magnetic Fields in Galactic Nuclei.- The Magnetic Field in the Inner 70 Parsecs of the Milky Way.- The Large-Scale Magnetic Field Structure near the Galactic Center.- Magnetic Filaments in the Negative-Latitude Extension of the Radio Arc Near the Galactic Center.- A Wide Field ?90 cm Image Around the Galactic Center - Evidence for a Poloidal Magnetic Field.- Random Precessing Jet and Accretion Disk at the Galactic Center.- MHD Models of Galactic Center Lobes, Shells, and Filaments.- Interaction between Magnetic Fields and Molecular Clouds on the Radio Arc.- OH Zeeman Determination of the Magnetic Field at the Galactic Center.- Zeeman Observations of the Magnetic Field in the Galactic Center.- Polarization Properties of Radio Cores.- Poloidal Magnetic Fields in Galactic Central Regions.- Dynamo Driven Mean Magnetic Field in Accretion Disks of Compact Astrophysical Objects and Its Manifestations.- Synchrotron Radiation from Energetic Electrons Emitted by AGN: A Probe for Magnetic Fields in External Galaxies.- Magnetic Fields in Radio-Quiet Quasars.- Stability of Luminous Discharges in Strong Fields.- 8. The Role of Magnetic Fields in Radio Source Jets and Extended Radio Lobes.- An Overview of Computational MHD Jets and their Comparisons with Recent High Resolution Radio Images.- Magnetic Production of Extragalactic Jets.- Computational MHD Jets.- Gravo-Magnetodynamic Engine for Cosmic Jets.- Radiogaps: Stability of Electron/Positron Jets in Large-Scale Magnetic Fields.- Shock Conditions in Magnetized Jets.- High Energy Physics in Magnetic Jets and Hot Spots.- Numerical Observations of a Restarting Radio Jet.- Oblique Shocks in Extragalactic Jets.- The Shock Structure in Current-Carrying Jets.- The Combined Effects of Magnetic Fields and Rotation on the Acceleration of Jets: A Quasi-One-Dimensional MHD Model.- A Theoretical MHD Model for Extragalactic Jets and its Comparison with the Observations.- Origin of Magnetic Fields in Jets and Radio Galaxies.- Importance of Magnetic Effects in a Two-Flow Model for Extragalactic Radio Jets.- Contour Simulations of Astrophysical Jets.- Collimated Bipolar Outflow and the Formation of Nuclear Spirals; Possible Role of Magnetic Fields.- Comparison of Radio and Optical Polarization in Extended Extragalactic Radio Sources I. Observations.- Comparison of Radio and Optical Polarization in Extended Extragalactic Radio Sources II. Implications for the Magnetic Fields.- Peculiar Magnetic Field Structures in 4C49.22 (1150+497).- Polarization Observations of Selected Radio Galaxies at 327 MHz.- Filaments Evolution in Extended Radio Sources.- 9. Magnetic Fields in the Galactic Environment, Galaxy Clusters and Intergalactic Medium.- Magnetic Fields and Ionized Gas in Elliptical Galaxy Halos.- Magnetic Fields in Cooling Flow Clusters.- The Polarization Structure of Centaurus A.- Search for Extragalactic Radio Sources with Large Rotation Measure.- Asymmetric Depolarization in Double Radio Sources.- The Production of Rotation Measure Gradients in the Lobes of Extragalactic Radio Sources.- Properties of the Medium Causing Asymmetric Depolarization in Strong Double Radio Sources with one Jet.- The Strength and Structure of the Intracluster Magnetic Field in the Coma Cluster of Galaxies.- High Frequency Observations of a Large Faraday Rotation Galaxy in a Cluster.- Intracluster Magnetic Fields from X-ray and Radio Measurements.- Evidence of a Large Scale Magnetic Field in the Coma-A1367 Supercluster.- Magnetic Fields of Radio Galaxies in Abell Clusters 115 and 568.- The Role of Extragalactic Jets in the Magnetization of the Intergaiactic Medium.- Intermittent Magnetic Fields Generated by Turbulence in Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters.- Intergaiactic Magnetic Fields and the Morphology of Spiral Galaxies.- 10. Magnetic Fields at High Redshifts and in the Early Universe.- Cosmic Magnetic Fields and Superconducting Strings.- Quasar Rotation Measures and Optical Absorption Spectra - What can we Learn about Cosmic Magnetic Fields?.- Non-Conventional Origin of Large-Scale Magnetic Fields.- Magnetic Field Generation in Protogalactic Halos.- The Present State of a Primordial Galactic Field.- On the Origin of Cosmic Magnetic Fields.- 11. Concluding Summary Remarks.- Concluding Summary Remarks.- Author Index.

ISBN: 9780792307051
ISBN-10: 0792307054
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 540
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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