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Future Directions of Nonlinear Dynamics in Physical and Biological Systems : NATO A S I SERIES SERIES B, PHYSICS - Peter L. Christiansen

Future Directions of Nonlinear Dynamics in Physical and Biological Systems


By: Peter L. Christiansen (Editor), J.C. Eilbeck (Editor), R.D. Parmentier (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 30th November 1993
ISBN: 9780306445620
Number Of Pages: 557

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Early in 1990 a scientific committee was formed for the purpose of organizing a high-level scientific meeting on Future Directions of Nonlinear Dynamics in Physical and Biological Systems, in honor of Alwyn Scott's 60th birthday (December 25, 1991). As preparations for the meeting proceeded, they were met with an unusually broad-scale and high level of enthusiasm on the part of the international nonlinear science community, resulting in a participation by 168 scientists from 23 different countries in the conference, which was held July 23 to August 11992 at the Laboratory of Applied Mathematical Physics and the Center for Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics and Irreversible Thermodynamics (MIDIT) of the Technical University of Denmark. During the meeting about 50 lectures and 100 posters were presented in 9 working days. The contributions to this present volume have been grouped into the following chapters: 1. Integrability, Solitons, and Coherent Structures 2. Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Diffusive Systems 3. Chaotic and Stochastic Dynamics 4. Classical and Quantum Lattices and Fields 5. Superconductivity and Superconducting Devices 6. Nonlinear Optics 7. Davydov Solitons and Biomolecular Dynamics 8. Biological Systems and Neurophysics. AI Scott has made early and fundamental contributions to many of these different areas of nonlinear science. They form an important subset of the total number of the papers and posters presented at the meeting. Other papers from the meeting are being published in a special issue of Physica D Nonlinear Phenomena.

Perturbative Painleve Analysisp. 1
Difference Scheme of Soliton Equationsp. 7
Solitons in Crossed-Field Devicesp. 17
The Numerical Inverse Scattering Transform: Nonlinear Fourier Analysis for Laboratory and Oceanic Wave Datap. 27
Solitons in Discrete Systemsp. 37
Low-Dimensional Behaviour in the Rotating Driven Cavity Problemp. 45
Vortex Dipoles Colliding with Curved Wallsp. 51
The Use of Generalized Zakharov Systems in Elastic Surface Wavesp. 55
Vortex Dynamics in 2-Dimensional Flowsp. 59
Self-Supporting Gap Solitons in Nonlinear Latticesp. 63
Dynamics of Solitons in Polyacetylene in the Step-Potential Modelp. 67
Soliton-Like Structure in (2+1) Dimensionsp. 73
Solitons on a Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equationp. 77
A Collective Coordinate Approach to the One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Spatial Periodic Potentialsp. 85
Length Scales in Solutions of Dissipative Partial Differential Equationsp. 97
Hamilton Structure of Unstable Nonlinear Schrodinger Equationp. 101
On the Forced Eckhaus Equationp. 105
New Aspects of Chaotic Dynamics in Nonlinear Schrodinger Systemsp. 109
Resonance Phenomena in Soliton-Impurity Interactionsp. 113
Two and Many Impurity Effects in Soliton Dynamicsp. 117
Self-Focussing of Coupled Guided Acoustic Waves at a Nonlinear Resonancep. 121
Some Exact Wave Solutions in Terms of the Weierstrass Functions for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equationsp. 125
Controlling Chaos in Hamiltonian Systemsp. 129
Deterministic Disorder in Two-Dimensional Mediap. 139
Phase Shifts and Nonlinear Effects in Stochastic Resonancep. 153
Controlling Dependence on Initial Conditions in Chaotic Systemsp. 157
Dynamical Systems Analysis of an Aerodynamic Decelerator: Bifurcation to Divergence and Flutterp. 161
Chaos in a Model of a Railway Wheelsetp. 165
Nonlinear Modelling of Shimmying Wheelsp. 169
Chaotic Solitons and Vacuump. 173
Q-Hermitian Conjugation, Quantum Groups and Squeezingp. 177
Large-Amplitude Narrow Solitons in Latticesp. 185
Dynamical Structures in 2D Latticesp. 195
Model Hamiltonian, Coherent State and Anharmonic Localized Modes as Dynamical Self-Trapping in Nonlinear Systems and Biological Macromoleculesp. 203
Quantum Holstein Polaron Model and Classical Charged Gas on a Ringp. 213
The Quantum Ablowitz-Ladik Equation as a Q-Boson Systemp. 217
Moving Localized Modes in Nonlinear Latticesp. 223
Quantum Solitons in the DNLS and Hubbard Modelsp. 227
Stationary Solitons in Discrete Lattices of Different Dimensionalityp. 231
Numerical and Experimental Studies on the AC-Driven Damped Toda Latticep. 235
Quantum Effects in the Nonlinear Nonadiabatic Dimerp. 239
On the Discrete and Continuum Integrable Heisenberg Spin Chain Modelsp. 243
Dynamics and Instability of Nonlinear Patterns in Phase Transformation Problemsp. 249
Discrete Modulated Wavesp. 257
Toda Solitons and the Mossbauer Effectp. 261
Bipolaronic Charge Density Waves, Polaronic Spin Density Waves and High Tc Superconductivityp. 265
Inductively Coupled Long Josephson Junctions: Collective Coordinate Analysis and I-V Characteristicsp. 267
The Sine-Gordon Equation and Superconducting Soliton Oscillatorsp. 283
Static Solutions of a Two Dimensional Josephson Window Junctionp. 333
Fluxon Oscillations in a Parallel Biased Array of Small Josephson Junctionsp. 339
Linewidth of Josephson Oscillations in [actual symbol not reproducible] Step Edge Grain Boundary Junctionsp. 243
Fluxon Dynamics in Discrete Sine Gordon Systemp. 347
Nonlinear Interaction of Fluxon and Plasma Waves in a Finite Josephson Junctionp. 351
Observation of Multiple Particle Tunneling in High Quality Superconducting Tunnel Junctionsp. 355
Nonlinearity in BCS Models of High-Tc Superconductorsp. 359
Statics and Dynamics of Flux Vortices in Discrete Systemsp. 363
Soliton Type Propagation in HTcS Materialsp. 367
Dynamics of Solitary Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystalsp. 371
Quantum Capture in LB Monolayers and the Role of Thermal Fluctuationsp. 381
Soliton Mechanism of Optical Anisotropy Photoinduction in Two-Dimensional Molecular Systemsp. 391
Optical Second Harmonic Generation in a Langmuir-Blodgett Filmsp. 395
Nonlinear Envelope Waves in Inhomogeneous Mediap. 399
Lyapunov Stability of Vector Solitons in Optical Fibresp. 405
Chaos in Semiconductor Lasers with Optical Feedbackp. 409
Pulse Collisions in Bimodal Waveguidesp. 413
Dynamic Response of Semiconductor Nonlinear Optical Waveguidesp. 417
Dynamics of a Fibre Laser Coupled to a Nonlinear Fibre Cavityp. 421
The Lifetime of Molecular (Davydov's) Solitonsp. 425
Energy Transduction and Deterministic Protein Motionsp. 435
Soliton States in a Chain with Two Atoms in a Unit Cellp. 445
Proton Transport in Hydrogen-Bonded Chains: A Two-Component Soliton Model Including Dipole Interactionsp. 449
The Ultrasonic Charge-Density-Waves and Integrable Many Particle Henon-Heiles Systemp. 455
The Frolich Charge-Density-Wave as a Lattice of Davydov's Solitonsp. 461
Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of the Quantum Sine-Gordon Breather in 4-Methyl-Pyridinep. 465
Modelling DNA Denaturationp. 469
A Proton Pathway with Large Proton Polarizability in Bacteriorhodopsinp. 473
Evaluation of the Strength of Coupling Between a Vibrational Exciton and a Specific Low Frequency Modep. 477
Hierarchy of Nonlinear Dynamic Models of DNAp. 485
Evolution and Co-Evolution in a Rugged Fitness Landscapep. 489
Chaos in a Model of HIV Infection of the Immune Systemp. 499
Phase Locking of the Bonhoeffer-Van Der Pol Modelp. 509
Continuous or Discrete State Dynamical Systems as Models for Computation in Neural Systemsp. 513
Turing Structures in Drosophila Morphogenesisp. 517
Nonlinear Forecasting of RR-Intervals of Human Electrocardiogramsp. 523
The Ultradian Clock Interacts with the Mitotic Oscillator to Give Dispersed and Quantized Cell Cycle Times. Noisy or Chaotic Trajectories?p. 527
A Solitonic Model for the "Information Strings"p. 533
Rotating Vortices Initiation in Cardiac Muscle: Pulse Chemistry Controlp. 539
Participantsp. 543
Indexp. 555
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ISBN: 9780306445620
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Published: 30th November 1993
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