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Fundamentals of Electromagnetism : Vacuum Electrodynamics, Media and Relativity :  Vacuum Electrodynamics, Media and Relativity - Arturo Laopez Daavalos

Fundamentals of Electromagnetism : Vacuum Electrodynamics, Media and Relativity

Vacuum Electrodynamics, Media and Relativity

Hardcover Published: August 1999
ISBN: 9783540654483
Number Of Pages: 294

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This textbook is a revised and enlarged version of notes written for a one-semester course on electromagnetism. It covers the theory of electromagnetic phenomena in vacuum and in material media. In addition to the classical themes of electrodynamics, the book deals with some related subjects of particular current interest, such as superconductivity and numerical methods. Much emphasis is put on special relativity, in the covariant formulation of electromagnetism, and in the symmetry properties of the theory. The book includes a CD-ROM with didactic software, to solve boundary value problems in electrostatics and magnetostatics. The book is conceived in such a way as to guide the reader from the fundamentals of the theory to its most recent modern applications.

Historical Perspective of Electromagnetismp. 1
Further Readingp. 11
Relativistic Kinematicsp. 13
Relativity in Classical Mechanicsp. 13
Prerelativistic Observationsp. 14
The Michelson-Morley Experiment (1881-1904)p. 15
The Aberration of Fixed Stars (1728)p. 16
Fizeau's Experiment (1865)p. 17
The Special Theory of Relativityp. 18
Reference Systems and Lorentz Transformationsp. 20
Experiment Ip. 20
Experiment IIp. 21
Experiment IIIp. 22
Experiment IVp. 24
Properties of the Lorentz Transformationsp. 26
Minkowski Diagramsp. 28
Interpretation of Prerelativistic Experimentsp. 32
The Speed of Light: 1675-1983p. 32
Problemsp. 34
Referencesp. 36
Further Readingp. 36
Relativistic Dynamicsp. 37
Conservation Laws. Relativistic Momentump. 37
Relativistic Force, Work and Energyp. 39
Tensor Formulation of the Lorentz Transformationsp. 41
Covariant Formulation of Mechanicsp. 42
Relativistic Analytical Dynamicsp. 44
Problemsp. 48
Referencesp. 50
Further Readingp. 50
Electrostaticsp. 51
Properties of the Electric Chargep. 52
Electric Fieldp. 56
Electrostatic Potentialp. 58
Examples of Potentials and Fields. Multipole Expansionp. 59
Electrostatic Energyp. 65
Variational Principle for Electrostaticsp. 69
Classical Radius of the Electronp. 71
Current Relevance of Electrostaticsp. 72
Electric Neutrality of Matterp. 72
Validity of Coulomb's Lawp. 72
Control of Environmental Pollutionp. 73
Optimization of Industrial Paintingp. 73
Photocopyingp. 73
Problemsp. 74
Referencesp. 77
Further Readingp. 77
The Poisson and Laplace Equationsp. 79
The Poisson and Laplace Equations in Other Branches of Physicsp. 79
Solution of Poisson's Equation. Green's Functionp. 81
Separation of Variablesp. 86
Cartesian Coordinatesp. 86
Spherical Coordinatesp. 89
The Finite Element Methodp. 92
Problemsp. 96
Referencesp. 99
Further Readingp. 100
Magnetic Fieldp. 101
Ampère's Lawp. 102
Vector Potential. The Biot-Savart Lawp. 104
Examples of Potentials and Fields. Multipole Expansionp. 106
Magnetic Energy. Variational Principlep. 110
Induction Coefficientsp. 113
Symmetry Between Electrostatics and Magnetostaticsp. 116
Problems of Current Interest in Magnetismp. 117
Earth's Magnetic Fieldp. 117
Isotope Separationp. 118
Particle Accelerationp. 118
Motorsp. 119
The Existence of Monopolesp. 119
Problemsp. 119
Referencesp. 123
Further Readingp. 123
Maxwell's Equationsp. 125
Time-Dependent Magnetic Fields. Faraday's Lawp. 125
Displacement Current and Maxwell's Equationsp. 127
Symmetries of Maxwell's Equationsp. 129
Rotationsp. 130
Space Reflectionp. 131
Charge Inversionp. 133
Time Inversionp. 134
Electromagnetic Potentials and Gauge Transformationsp. 135
Coulomb Gaugep. 136
Lorentz Gaugep. 138
Conservation Lawsp. 138
Symmetries in Physicsp. 142
Problemsp. 143
Referencesp. 145
Further Readingp. 146
Dynamic Fields and Radiationp. 147
Wave Propagation in Free Spacep. 148
Green's Function for the Wave Equationp. 154
Fields of a Charge in Arbitrary Motionp. 156
Radiation Fields of a Moving Chargep. 158
Dipole Radiationp. 163
Inadequacy of the Planetary Model of the Atomp. 168
Problemsp. 169
Referencesp. 172
Further Readingp. 172
Covariant Formulation of Electromagnetismp. 173
Covariant Formulation of Potentials and Fieldsp. 173
Covariant Form of the Field of Charges and Dipolesp. 177
Lorentz Force and Energy-Momentum Tensorp. 179
Covariant Properties of the Free Radiation Fieldp. 180
Electromagnetic Theory of the Electronp. 183
A "Derivation" of Maxwell's Theoryp. 185
Problemsp. 188
Referencesp. 190
Further Readingp. 190
Fields in Material Mediap. 191
Macroscopic Fieldsp. 192
Sources of the Macroscopic Fieldsp. 198
Interfaces and Boundary Conditionsp. 200
Electromagnetic Energy in Material Mediap. 201
Problemsp. 202
Referencesp. 204
Further Readingp. 204
Linear Material Mediap. 205
Linear Dielectricsp. 205
Polarization of Spherical and Ellipsoidal Bodiesp. 206
Local Field in a Dielectricp. 211
Linear Magnetic Mediap. 216
Linear Conducting Mediap. 219
Variational Principle for Conducting Mediap. 222
Problemsp. 223
Further Readingp. 225
Waves in Material Mediap. 227
Wave Equations in Linear Mediap. 227
Waves at an Interfacep. 230
Waves in Conducting Mediap. 237
Polarization as Source of the Wave Fieldsp. 238
General Properties of the Linear Responsep. 240
Lorentz Model for the Electric Susceptibilityp. 243
Problemsp. 247
Referencesp. 249
Further Readingp. 250
Electromagnetic Theory of Superconductivityp. 251
Phenomenologyp. 251
The London Theoryp. 256
Magnetization and H-Field in a Superconductorp. 260
Application of the London Theory: Sphere in a Uniform Fieldp. 262
Flux Quantizationp. 264
Energy of a Superconductor in a Magnetic Fieldp. 266
Present Relevance of Superconductivityp. 269
Problemsp. 269
Referencesp. 271
Further Readingp. 271
The Dirac Delta Distributionp. 273
Legendre Polynomials and Spherical Harmonicsp. 275
Covariant Notation and Tensor Calculusp. 279
Vector Identities, Theorems and Operatorsp. 283
Operation of PhysicSolverp. 285
Indexp. 289
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ISBN: 9783540654483
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 294
Published: August 1999
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