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Functional Morphology of the Human Endometrium and Decidua : Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences - Udo M. Spornitz

Functional Morphology of the Human Endometrium and Decidua

Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences

Paperback ISBN: 9783540545194
Number Of Pages: 99

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This book describes the functional morphology of the human endometrium with particular reference to implantation and contraception.

1 Introduction.- 1.1 Historical Perspective.- 1.2 Hormone Action on the Endometrium.- 1.3 Ultrastructural Features of the Endometrium.- 1.3.1 Proliferative Phase.- General Aspects.- Glandular Epithelium.- Stroma.- 1.3.2 Secretory Phase.- Glandular Epithelium.- General Aspects.- Nucleolar Channel System.- Giant Mitochondria.- Glycogen.- Stroma.- Predecidual Cells.- Endometrial Granulocytes (K Cells).- 1.4 The Action of IUDs on the Endometrium.- 1.4.1 General Considerations.- 1.4.2 Mode of Action.- 1.5 Decidua.- 1.5.1 Historical Perspective.- 1.5.2 Ultrastructural Features of the Decidua.- 1.6 Ectopic Endometrium and Ectopic Decidua.- 1.6.1 Ectopic Decidualized Tissue.- 1.6.2 Ectopic Endometrium.- 1.7 Basis for This.- 2 Material and Methods.- 2.1 Material.- 2.2 Light Microscopy.- 2.3 Transmission Electron Microscopy.- 2.4 Scanning Electron Microscopy.- 2.5 Three-Dimensional Reconstruction.- 2.6 Histochemistry.- 2.7 Morphometry.- 3 Results.- 3.1 Physiological Postovulatory Endometrium: Glandular Epithelium.- 3.1.1 The Nucleolar Channel System.- Problems with Three-Dimensional Reconstruction.- The Reconstructed NCS.- The NCS on Sections.- Formation of the NCS.- The Mature NCS.- Ultimate Fate of the NCS.- 3.1.2 Giant Mitochondria.- Problems of Reconstruction.- Three-Dimensional Structure.- General Morphology.- Ultimate Fate.- 3.1.3 Glycogen in Glandular Epithelial Cells.- Initial Stage of Glycogen Formation: Polysomes.- Glycogen Discharge.- 3.2 Physiological Postovulatory Endometrium: Stromal Elements.- 3.2.1 Endometrial Granulocytes (K Cells).- General Characteristics.- Subcellular Organization.- The Nucleus.- Glycogen.- ER, Golgi, Mitochondria.- Secretory Granules.- 3.2.2 Origin of K Cells.- 3.2.3 K Cells Under a Progesterone IUD.- 3.2.4 K Cells During Pregnancy.- 3.2.5 Ultimate Fate of K Cells.- 3.3 The Endometrium Under a Progesterone-Releasing IUD.- 3.3.1 General Aspects.- 3.3.2 Usage up to 3 Months: Stroma in Direct Contact with the IUD.- 3.3.3 Usage up to 3 Months: Stroma not in Contact with the IUD.- 3.3.4 Usage up to 12 Months: Stroma in Direct Contact with the IUD.- 3.3.5 Usage up to 12 Months: Stroma not in Contact with the IUD.- 3.3.6 Usage for over 1 Year.- 3.3.7 Glandular and Surface Epithelium.- 3.4 The Endometrium Under a Copper IUD.- 3.4.1 The Surface Epithelium (SEM).- 3.4.2 The Stroma and the Glandular Epithelium (TEM).- 3.4.3 The Decidua Under a Copper IUD.- 3.5 The Decidua of Pregnancy.- 3.5.1 General Aspects.- 3.5.2 Decidua Basalis.- 3.5.3 Decidua Parietalis.- 3.5.4 Decidua Capsularis.- 3.6 Morphometry of Decidual Cells.- 3.6.1 Decidua of Pregnancy.- 3.6.2 Progesterone IUD-Induced Decidua.- 3.7 Decidua of Ectopic Pregnancy.- 3.8 Secretory Granules of Decidual Cells.- 3.9 BL of Decidual Cells.- 4 Discussion.- 4.1 The Nucleolar Channel System.- 4.2 Giant Mitochondria.- 4.3 Glycogen in Glandular Epithelial Cells.- 4.4 Decidualization.- 4.5 Endometrial Granulocytes (K Cells).- 4.6 Prolactin from Decidua.- 4.7 Desquamation.- 4.8 The Endometrium Under IUDs.- 4.9 Conclusions.- 5 Summary.- References.

ISBN: 9783540545194
ISBN-10: 3540545190
Series: Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 99
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