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Functional Biology of Free Living Protozoa : Functional Biology - J.A. Laybourn-Parry

Functional Biology of Free Living Protozoa

Functional Biology

Paperback ISBN: 9780709916789
Number Of Pages: 230

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This work looks at the biology of free living protozoa.

1. The Protozoan Cell.- A. Introduction.- B. Protozoan Systematics.- C. Evolution of Protozoa.- D. Free-living Protozoa.- (i) Mastigophora - The Flagellates.- (ii) Sarcodina - The Amoebae.- (iii) Ciliophora - The Ciliates.- E. The Protozoan Cell.- 2. How Protozoa Obtain Energy.- A. Introduction.- B. Modes of Feeding.- (i) Protozoa With a Cytostome or Cell Mouth.- (ii) Protozoa Lacking a Cytostome.- (iii) Pinocytosis.- C. Food Selection in Protozoa.- D. Digestive Processes.- E. Symbiotic Relationships in Protozoa.- F. Factors Influencing Feeding.- 3. Physiological Functioning of Protozoa.- A. Introduction.- B. Asexual Life-cycle.- (i) Types of Binary Fission.- (ii) Mean Cell Volume Variation.- (iii) Growth and Factors Influencing Growth and Division.- C. Sexual Reproduction.- (i) Factors Stimulating Sexual Reproduction.- (ii) Isogamous Reproduction.- (iii) Anisogamous Reproduction.- D. Respiration.- (i) Aerobic Respiration.- (ii) Anaerobic Respiration.- E. Osmoregulation and Excretion.- 4. Movement.- A. Introduction.- B. The Structure of Locomotory Organelles.- (i) Ciliophora and Mastigophora.- (ii) Sarcodina.- C. Chemical Basis of Movement.- (i) Chemical Processes in Cilia and Flagella.- (ii) Chemical Processes in Amoeboid Movement.- D. Forms of Locomotion.- (i) Locomotion in Ciliates and Flagellates.- (ii) Contractile Movement in Ciliates.- (iii) Locomotion in Sarcodina.- E. Factors Influencing Speed of Movement.- (i) Flagellates.- (ii) Ciliates.- (iii) Sarcodina.- 5. Trophic Relations of Protozoa.- A. Introduction.- B. Protozoan Energetics.- (i) The Energy Equivalents of Protozoa and their Food.- (ii) Energetics.- (iii) How Protozoa Maximise Net Energy Returns from their Feeding Behaviour.- C. r-K Selection in Protozoan Populations.- D. Interactions of Bacterivorous Protozoa with their Food Source.- (i) The Impact of Protozoa on their Bacterial Food Source.- (ii) The Role of Protozoa in Nutrient Recycling.- E. Predators of Protozoa.- 6. Ecology and Adaptability.- A. Introduction.- B. Ecology and Adaptation in the Natural Environment.- C. Encystment.- D. Protozoa in Sewage Treatment.- E. The Role of Protozoa in Polluted Ecosystems.- 7. Conclusions.

ISBN: 9780709916789
ISBN-10: 0709916787
Series: Functional Biology
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 230
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group
Country of Publication: NL
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