Full Spirit Workout : 10-Step Sys. To Shed Your Self - Kate Eckman

Full Spirit Workout

10-Step Sys. To Shed Your Self

By: Kate Eckman

Paperback | 27 April 2021

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Most know how to be physically fit -- eat right and exercise, don't smoke, don't drink too much, and so on -- and many a book teaches how to build business skills and entrepreneurial chutzpah. But often undermining these goals are less-tangible roadblocks -- excess emotional and spiritual pounds every bit as damaging as extra physical pounds, deep-seated insecurity, and sluggish stamina and/or metabolism. As a successful college athlete who suffered through near-crippling depression and self-doubt and went on to build her own professional brand, Kate Eckman knows about all of these. The program she offers in The Full Spirit Workout is the result of her multifaceted training (as an athlete, neuroscience- and positive psychology-informed leadership coach, and meditation teacher) and her work on herself and with countless clients. Readers get a "get real" and rewarding workout made up of daily mind-body-spirit exercises and practices. Best of all, Coach Eckman builds in creativity, flexibility, and delight so that each "rep" feels less like work and more like play.

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