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Frontiers of Space and Ground-Based Astronomy : The Astrophysics of the 21st Dentury :  The Astrophysics of the 21st Dentury - Willem Wamsteker

Frontiers of Space and Ground-Based Astronomy : The Astrophysics of the 21st Dentury

The Astrophysics of the 21st Dentury

By: Willem Wamsteker (Editor), Malcolm S. Longair (Editor), Y. Kondo (Editor)

Hardcover Published: August 1994
ISBN: 9780792325277
Number Of Pages: 750

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The proceedings of the XXVIIth ESLAB symposium presents a comprehensive review of the status of astrophysics and cosmology today. The book presents an outstanding insight into the current and future fundamental problems which will be addressed by the scientists in the 21st century. The accomplishments of the golden decades, in which many new observing windows have been opened to all astronomers through space exploration, the 4-meter class ground telescopes and interferometric techniques at radio wavelengths, are highlighted concisely and understandably. The state of our theoretical understanding of the Universe, extending from the nearby interstellar medium (the Solar Bubble) out to the very early stages of the Universe, and the importance of gravitational lenses are illustrated in lucid reviews. A set of beautiful color pictures from recent experiments illustrates the future of observational astronomy. The reviews are comprehensive and are at a level suitable for professional astronomers who want to remain informed about the fields beyond their specialties, for students at graduate and undergraduate level, as well as for decision makers who need to understand the importance of the scientific challenges which will require support in the future.

Welcoming Address
Opening Address
The Gamma-Ray Sky According to Compton: A New Window to the Universep. 5
Comptel View of the Sky in MEV Gamma Raysp. 17
Galactic Hard X-Ray Sources Viewed by Sigmap. 23
Review of Galactic Center Observations with Granatp. 35
Highlights of Rosatp. 47
ASCA and Yohkoh: The Current Generation of Small Japanese Satellitesp. 53
EUV Astronomy with the Rosat Wide Field Camerap. 57
Preliminary Science Results from the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorerp. 67
15 Years of IUEp. 77
Highlights of the Hubble Space Telescopep. 87
The Contribution of Hipparcos to Fundamental Astronomyp. 95
Recent Results from the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)p. 105
Maintaining the Astronomical Environment for Space Astronomyp. 113
Large Ground-Based Telescopesp. 123
Ground Based Infrared Astronomyp. 129
New Directions for Millimeter Astronomy in the 21st Centuryp. 133
Very Long Baseline Interferometry: Recent Results and Future Prospectsp. 145
The Importance of Synthesis Radio Telescopesp. 155
The Maintenance of the Astronomical Environment for Ground Based Astronomyp. 165
A Selection of 10 Most Topical Stellar Problemsp. 177
Seismology of the Sun and Starsp. 187
Star Clustersp. 201
Novae and Other Cataclysmic Variables: Understanding the Effects of Accretion on a White Dwarfp. 211
Binary Stars in the Era of Space Age Astronomyp. 219
On the Road to Understanding Star Formationp. 235
Supernovaep. 249
Neutron Stars and Black Holes in X-Ray Binariesp. 265
A Review of Pulsar Astronomyp. 277
The ISM Within 300 PC and the Nature of the Intercloud Mediump. 289
Deuterium in the Local Interstellar Medium: Its Cosmological Significancep. 301
The Magellanic Cloudsp. 305
Structure of Galaxiesp. 315
The International AGN Watch: A Multiwavelength Monitoring Consortiump. 325
Jets in Active Galactic Nucleip. 335
The High Energy Continuum of AGNS: Thermal or Non-Thermal?p. 347
Clusters of Galaxiesp. 359
Classical Cosmologyp. 369
The Extragalactic X-Ray Background: Rosat Observationsp. 381
The Cosmological Evolution of Active Galaxiesp. 395
Gravitational Lensing as a Tool: Future Observational Prospectsp. 409
Panel Discussion on Coordination of Observations at Many Wavelengthsp. 423
Panel Discussion: New Generation of Large Ground Based Telescopesp. 435
ESO VLT Program Status Reportp. 447
The International Stratospheric Laboratory for Astrophysics, ISLAp. 453
Panel Discussion: New Generation Space Telescopesp. 459
Integral - Fine Spectroscopy and Fine Imaging of Celestial Gamma-Raysp. 475
Multi-Wavelength Observations with the XMM Observatoryp. 487
Astrophysics with XSPECT/SODART on Spectrum X-Gammap. 497
Wide Band X-Ray Astronomy with the Sax Satellitep. 499
Elf: The European Participation in Lyman-Fusep. 501
The Spectrum-UV Projectp. 505
Trust: An Ultraviolet Sky Survey Projectp. 507
An Advanced Camera for the Hubble Space Telescopep. 509
The Infrared Space Observatory: ISOp. 513
The Atlas Sirtfp. 517
The Edison Space Observatory and the Future of Infrared Astronomy in Spacep. 521
First Far Infrared and Submillimetre Space Telescopep. 523
New Technologies for Astronomyp. 527
The AIPS[superscript ++] Projectp. 533
Optical Photon Detection Using Superconducting Tunnel Junctionsp. 537
Panel Discussion - Summary: Priorities and Objectives for the 21st Centuryp. 543
Multi-Waveband Behaviour of the T Tauri-Star RU LUPIp. 553
Multiwavelength Study of Protoplanetary Clouds Around Herbig AE/BE Starsp. 555
Detection of a Bipolar Flow Associated with UX ORI: An Intermediate-Mass Pre-Main Sequence Starp. 559
IUE Observations of the Socket Star MT ORI and Its Circumstellar Environmentp. 561
The Spectral Energy Distribution and the UV Excess in the Herbig BE Candidate HD 45677p. 563
A Multi-Wavelength Study of WR140 (HD 193793, WC7+04-5) - A Colliding Wind Binaryp. 565
Simultaneous Optical and UV Observations of Wind Variability in O-Type Starsp. 567
X-Ray Emission from Colliding Stellar Windsp. 571
Multi-Waveband Behaviour of X-Ray/Be Systems: The Case of A0535+26/HDE 245770p. 573
Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Hot White Dwarfs: A Laboratory for Element Diffusionp. 575
The Ultraviolet Spectrum of an Extremely Metal Deficient Star: HD 52961p. 579
AS 304: Does IUE Discover the Youngest Symbiotic Star?p. 581
An Atlas of IUE LWR Low Resolution Spectra of K Starsp. 583
K Stars: Analysis of IUE-LW Fluxesp. 585
Acoustically Heated Chromospheres in M Dwarfsp. 587
The Study of the Stellar Activity-Age Correlation in Field Star Samples Through Lithium Abundance Studiesp. 589
Chromospheres in Red Giantsp. 593
Class I Luminosity Functionsp. 595
The Blazhko Effect in RR Lyraep. 597
A Statistical View of Cataclysmic Variables with the IUEp. 599
The Interoutburst Behavior of the Recurrent Nova T PYXp. 601
UV Light-Curve of SN1987Ap. 605
A Multiwavelength Study of Stellar Winds in HMXRBSp. 607
Multi-Wavelength Study of Light Pulsations in the Intermediate Polar H2215-086p. 609
GX 5-1 with Exosat: How to Become a Z-Sourcep. 611
Rapid Infrared Flares in Cygnus X-3p. 615
Multi-Wavelength Observations of the AM CVN Systemsp. 617
Fast Timing Behaviour of Circinus X-1p. 619
Line Features in PSDS of X-Ray Binariesp. 621
Radio Observations of Transient Gamma-Ray Sources with the Westerbork Arrayp. 623
Rosat Observations of Young Stellar Clustersp. 629
Are There Two Populations of Blue Straggler Stars in the Globular Cluster M3?p. 631
Hot Stars in the Core of 47 TUC from NTT and HST Observationsp. 633
Blue Straggler Stars in the Inner Region of the Globular Cluster M15p. 639
HST Observations of Ultraviolet Interstellar Polarizationp. 643
High Resolution Spectra with HST of Shocked Clouds in the Vela Remnantp. 645
CNO Abundances in High-Redshift Absorption Line Systems of the QSO HS 1700+6416p. 649
The Lyman [alpha] Forest and the Universal Bubble Structurep. 651
HST Spectra of Stellar Populationsp. 653
IUE/HST-FOC Search for Hot Stars in Nearby Galaxiesp. 655
Eclipsing Binaries as Accurate Distance Indicators to Nearby Galaxiesp. 657
The Impact of High Resolution Imaging on Stellar Astrophysicsp. 659
Globular Clusters in M31 with the Hubble Space Telescopep. 661
HST/FOS UV-Spectroscopy of Weak Radio Galaxies at Z=0.1-0.6p. 663
High-Redshift Radio Galaxies with the HSTp. 669
The Lockman Hole: Radio Identification of Very Faint Rosat Sourcesp. 673
VLBI Observations of Radio Galaxiesp. 675
The Medium-Deep Survey Using the Hubble Space Telescopep. 677
The X-Ray Spectra of Blazars: Analysis of the Complete Exosat Archivep. 681
Active Galactic Nuclei Across the Electromagnetic Spectrump. 685
Multifrequency Spectra of Blazarsp. 687
UV/Optical Microvariability in Seyfert Galaxiesp. 691
Multiwavelength Evolution of the 1991 Outburst of 3C 345p. 693
Simultaneous ROSAT, GINGA, VLA, IUE and Optical Observations of the Bright Quasar H1821 + 643p. 695
Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Measurements on the LDEF Satellite and the Merging of Multi-Waveband and Particle Astronomyp. 699
A Very Large Area Telescope for Gamma-Ray Astronomy Above 100 MEV Employing Limited Streamer Tubesp. 703
Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy with Ground-Based Imaging Cherenkov Telescopesp. 705
Hard X-Ray Concentration for Future Space Astronomy Missionsp. 707
The Evolution of the IUE Archivep. 709
The IUE Final Archive: Conception to Completionp. 715
The Hexa-Pod-Telescope: The Mountingp. 717
The Hexa-Pod-Telescope: The Optical Telescope Assemblyp. 719
The Optical Science and Technology Centre at Bochum - A New Partner for Observational Astronomyp. 721
A 690 GHZ SIS Mixerp. 723
The European Space Information Systemp. 725
List of Participantsp. 729
Subject Indexp. 735
Acronym Listp. 743
Author Indexp. 747
Table of Contents provided by Blackwell. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780792325277
ISBN-10: 0792325273
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 750
Published: August 1994
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 15.5  x 4.29
Weight (kg): 1.41

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