From Bias to Equality : How Business Leaders Can Drive Innovation, Success and Profitability by Embracing True Gender Balance - Sandra D'Souza

From Bias to Equality

How Business Leaders Can Drive Innovation, Success and Profitability by Embracing True Gender Balance

By: Sandra D'Souza

Paperback | 20 June 2023

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Equitable workplaces and gender-balanced teams create better business outcomes, so why is progress towards equality so slow?

From Bias To Equality provides actionable insights from successful business leaders who have achieved greater women representation on their boards and in C-Suite roles. In showcasing real-world examples and best practices from international leaders, this book empowers organizations to build diverse and inclusive leadership teams, leading to improved decision-making, enhanced company culture, and increased innovation and profitability.

Read on to learn how to:

  • Assess your values and beliefs in gender equality
  • Secure support from board and senior leadership to achieve gender balance
  • Lead and empower your leadership team to implement gender equity initiatives
  • Understand the importance of diverse and inclusive interview panels
  • Incorporate targets and values into your organization's strategic plan
Industry Reviews

"Enlightening, revealing and essential reading for every workplace, boardroom and leadership team to reflect on and make a change to have more women represented."

- Angela Tomazos, Vice President, Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women

"Representation matters, especially in the workplace, as it reflects the world we live in. This is an essential read for any organization looking to empower their people to sustainably embed a culture of diversity and inclusivity."

- Roshni Hegerman, JAPAC Enterprise Lead, Oracle, and Founder, Pinch of Masala

"A game-changing work on crafting a gender-diverse workplace from the voices of those in charge."

- Irene Natividad, President, Global Summit of Women, and Chair, Corporate Women Directors International

"An indispensable read on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) that expertly blends research-based insights with compelling personal journeys and corporate interviews, making it the only guide you'll ever need."

- Tess Mateo, Sustainability ESG Impact Investor, US W20 Delegate to G20, and UN Advisor

"The must-have manual by exceptional leaders for helping navigate from why to how in achieving gender equality."

- Nicola Corzine, CEO, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

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