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Free Your Voice : Awaken to Life Through Singing - Silvia Nakkach

Free Your Voice

Awaken to Life Through Singing

By: Silvia Nakkach, Valerie Carpenter

Paperback | 1 December 2019

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Science is beginning to prove what ancient cultures fully embraced: your voice can become one of the most powerful agents of transformation in every facet of your life. Free Your Voice offers you the liberating insights and personal instruction of music healing legend Silvia Nakkach, whose four-decade immersion in the voice as a creative force makes her a uniquely qualified educator. With co-author Valerie Carpenter, Silvia shows how to reclaim the healing potential of your voice (regardless of training or experience) through more than 100 enjoyable exercises that are steeped in spiritual tradition and classical vocal technique and backed by the latest science.Free Your Voice invites us to savor a banquet of our own divine sounds as we practice breathwork, chant, and other yogic techniques for emotional release, opening to insight, and much more. Supplemented by 32 downloadable digital audio tracks offering Silvia's guidance through many of the exercises, here is a definitive resource for implementing the voice as an instrument of healing and fulfillment, exploring:
  • How to develop a practice of breath and voice, performed with consistency and imagination, where sound designs its own landscapes through the expressive power of the voice
  • A series of sonorous yogic practices that involve subtle movements and the sustained focus of the mind in sound
  • A gentle path for developing a voice that is fully embodied, uniquely expressive, and played like a fine musical instrument
  • Invocatory words and ancient seed sounds that deliver explicit spiritual information for expansion of consciousness and well-being
  • A beginning repertory of mantras and chants from many cultures that you can build on and share as you deepen your practice
  • Techniques for vocal improvisation to engage your singing imagination and enrich your musical offerings
  • How to foster confidence and kindness toward yourself as a vulnerable chanteur of the universal song
  • How to cultivate singing as a spiritual practice for yourself and to serve a larger community
With regular practice, writes Silvia, vocalizing, singing, and chanting become an ordinary miracle that effortlessly leads you to a sense of self-confidence, compassion, and Love Supreme. Free Your Voice is your guide to discovering, opening, and revealing the full potential of your own voice."
Industry Reviews

"Silvia Nakkach's new book, Free Your Voice, is a stunning and profound treatise on music and singing. It will become a classic text and inspiration to all who are interested in the meaning of music and specific techniques for becoming the singer and musician we want to be." --David Darling, winner of the 2010 Grammy for Best New Age Album

"Silvia Nakkach is a blazing light of creativity in the world, and this brightness radiates throughout the pages of this book and leaves the reader wanting to start singing! Influenced by some of the greatest musical geniuses and spiritual masters throughout the world, Free Your Voice brilliantly integrates world wisdom so that the ordinary Western student can quickly experience mysticism through singing and begin to practice the yoga of voice. I love this book!" --Mariana Caplan, PhD, author of The Guru Question and Eyes Wide Open

"Free Your Voice is a nourishing broth of ancient wisdom and contemporary practicality. Herein Silvia Nakkach teaches a broad range of specific methods to give your voice wings." --W.A. Mathieu, author of Bridge of Waves

"This book serves as a unique panorama of inspiration for your voice. Whether you are just beginning to find your voice or a professional ready for dozens of creative ways to interest your students, you will be touched by the breadth of Silvia's practical suggestions for renewing and refreshing your life through singing." --Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and Healing at the Speed of Sound

"Silvia's book is an unconditional invitation to experience and embrace life through your voice. In the most poetic, masterful, and freeing way, you discover, through your voice, simple, profound sonic tools that encourage self-inquiry, personal healing, and spiritual empowerment." --Pat Moffitt Cook, PhD, author of Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures

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