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Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation : International Astronomical Union Symposia - E. Falgarone

Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: E. Falgarone (Editor), F. Boulanger (Editor), G. Duvert (Editor)

Paperback Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780792311591
Number Of Pages: 556

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Proceedings of the 147th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Grenoble, France, June 12-16, 1990

Large Scale Structure.- Characteristics of the diffuse interstellar medium.- On the structure and kinematics of molecular clouds from large scale mapping of mm-lines.- Observational manifestations of sequential star formation in giant star-gas complexes of the Galaxy.- A CS survey of massive stars embedded in molecular clouds.- Diffuse molecular clouds at high galactic latitude.- The atomic hydrogen/molecular cloud association: an unavoidable relationship.- Velocity Field and Magnetic Field.- Magnetic fields in dense regions.- Structure in the gas and magnetic field in S106.- The investigation of the hierarchical structure of the interstellar magnetic fields.- Loss of magnetic flux and angular momentum from molecular clouds.- Magnetic fields and the dynamics of molecular clouds.- Turbulence and magnetic fields in molecular clouds.- Dynamical conditions of dense clumps in dark clouds: a strategy forelucidation.- Numerical simulations of turbulent compressible flows.- Signatures of turbulence in the dense interstellar medium.- Chemistry.- Chemistry and small-scale structure of diffuse and translucent clouds.- Variations in the abundance of small particles.- Physical and chemical parameters in dense cores.- Abundance variations of tracers and their effects on our determination of molecular cloud structure.- Shocks and Instabilities.- Magneto-Hydrodynamic shock waves in molecular clouds.- Thermal processes in molecular gas.- On the origin of broad line wings in molecular cloud spectra.- The development of modes of thermal instability in a non-stationary medium.- Large-scale fragmentation of gas cloud rotating at the Galactic center.- Small Scale Structure.- Clouds, cores and stars in the nearest molecular complexes.- Dense core structure and fragmentation in the Rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud.- UV penetrated clumpy molecular cloud cores.- Dust emission from star forming clouds: a progress report.- Star Formation.- Some processes influencing the stellar initial mass function.- A comparative study of star formation efficiencies in nearby molecular cloud complexes.- Luminosity function, star density and star formation efficiency in regions of star formation.- Star formation in three nearby molecular cloud complexes.- Wave dynamics and star formation in Taurus.- Early Stages of Stellar Evolution.- Theoretical and observational aspects of young stars of intermediate mass.- A survey of circumstellar structure around young low mass stars.- Aperture synthesis CS and 98 GHz continuum observations of protostellar IRAS sources in Taurus.- Aperture synthesis observations of Orion-KL in CS lines and 3 mm continuum.- A 45 AU radius source around L1551-IRS5: a possible accretion disk.- Strong magnetic fields in bipolar outflows.- Poster Sessions.- Symposium summary.- High-velocity molecular bullets in bipolar outflows:L1448 and HH7-11.- The effects of ionizing radiation on star formation in molecular clouds.- Transfer of continuum UV radiation inside fragmented clouds.- Do random velocity fields inhibit or induce gravitational collapse and fragmentation ?.- Fragmentation in molecular clouds.- Velocity correlations in turbulent molecular clouds.- MHD instabilities and fragmentation of molecular clouds.- A multi-transition and multi-isotope study of CO in the giant molecular cloud Orion-A.- Processes controlling the initial mass function: interstellar turbulence and magnetic fields.- Effects of the UV radiation on the surrounding gas and dust.- High resolution infrared maps of IRAS galaxies.- Interpretation of low J 12CO and 13CO observations of Orion A by means of an onion-shell radiative transfer model.- Global properties of star formation in Taurus.- Polarization of background starlight and the structure of the interstellar magnetic field.- First detection of 661 GHz 13CO J=6-5: large amounts of warm molecular gas.- The mass distribution of the young stellar population in Chamaeleon I and in Rho Ophiuchus.- Dense cloud cores.- Gravitational instability induced by collisions between non-identical clouds.- CO multitransition observations of L 1228: A molecular outflow destructing its parent cloud ?.- Ammonia clumps in the Orion and Cepheus clouds.- Observational constraints on angular momentum transfer during gravitational collapse.- Megamasers as probes of galaxy mass spectrum evolution.- Magnetic fields in the Solar Nebula and the angular momentum transfer.- Physical conditions of star forming sites in the S247/252 molecular complex.- Hierarchical fragmented structure of molecular clouds produced by supersonic turbulence.- The bipolar flow phenomenon.- A hydrodynamical model for the fragmentation of the W49A star-forming region.- CO line broadening by saturation effect in molecular clouds.- The high latitude cloud Lynds 1642 is not breaking up.- Large scale interaction of the outflow and quiescent gas in Orion.- Physical parameters in extragalactic star forming regions.- An 8" resolution CO (J=3-2) map of IC 342.- A large scale survey of dense cores and molecular outflows in Ophiuchus.- A hydrodynamical study of fragmenting gas clouds.- New Sample of Young Stellar Objects.- Comparison of turbulence in HII regions and molecular clouds.- Fragmentary structure in the L1551 molecular outflow.- Observations of variability of H20 Maser sources associated with star formation regions.- A model of the distribution of ionised carbon in M17SW.- Estimates of magnetic fields in interstellar gas clouds from 18-cm OH satellite lines.- 15NH3 millimasers toward NGC 7538-IRS1.- A very straight and collimated outflow in the core of OMC-1.- Density and kinematics of the W49A cloud core.- Synthetic linemaps for hierarchical clouds.- Bright-rimmed clouds with IRAS point sources: candidates for star formation by radiation-driven implosion.- Density structure of dense cores in the Cepheus molecular cloud.- Turbulence in TMC1-C and Rho Oph core.- Radiative transfer of CO through clumpy molecular clouds with external UV heating.- Characterisation of spatial structure in molecular clouds.- Measuring the fractal structure of interstellar clouds.- The W75-Cygnus-X IRAS loop: OB "Bubble" or SNR?.- An extensive study of interstellar matter in the IC 1396 region using several molecular lines and transitions of CO and far-infrared maps from IRAS.- Gravitational virialization of molecular cloud fragments.- Turbulent amplification of interstellar magnetic fields.- Cloud-Cloud collisions and fragmentation.- A binary star formation mechanism through the fragmentation of prolate dense cores rotating end over end.- Color-Plates.- Indices.

ISBN: 9780792311591
ISBN-10: 0792311590
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 556
Published: 1991
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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