For ALL It's Worth, Because You Matter - Nathalie Marie-Claire

For ALL It's Worth, Because You Matter

By: Nathalie Marie-Claire

Paperback | 15 September 2023

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Supermen. Marshmallows. Infinite magnitudes. Intuitions. The art of gentleness, presence, and prayer.
Our lives are marked by what appear to be significant yet disjointed stories and micro-narratives. But what if they all joined together to produce something even greater than the sum of their parts?
For ALL It's Worth, Because You Matter is a compilation of thoughtful and true stories by Nathalie Marie-Claire, weaving together the people and moments that have tested and challenged her preconceptions about what matters in life and how this shaped her future life encounters.
This book explores the interconnectedness of the author's experiences and challenges the reader to do the same using the lessons that arise in each chapter. It is both a story and a guide, designed to prompt introspection and impart joy.
Written in a lighthearted manner, it unpacks an important journey. The intention is to help the reader identify what matters in their own lives and to find love, inner freedom, peace and harmony in the wider tapestry of their own experiences.
Because You Matter.

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