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FLIP Your Journey to Freedom: Mindful Decision Making : Learning the Skills to Free Your Mind - Bruce Molloy

FLIP Your Journey to Freedom: Mindful Decision Making

Learning the Skills to Free Your Mind

By: Bruce Molloy

eBook | 5 February 2020 | Edition Number 1

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When the only way is up, risk-averse Bruce challenges himself most originally, to live his life by the Fl!p of a coin for a year.

Faced with homelessness, no job, and fresh out of a 20 year relationship, risk-averse Bruce Molloy decides to put his fate in the hands of a coin. For one year, Bruce commits to making decisions, from where to eat lunch to whether to pack up and relocate to Bali, by the Fl!p of a coin – and in doing so found a new sense of purpose and direction.

From an introverted horticultural therapist struggling with depression and burn-out, Bruce’s life transforms as he rids his mind of all unnecessary clutter of decision making. Fl!pping becomes an integral part of Bruce’s life as he settles in Indonesia teaching scuba diving and coaching others in this mindfulness technique. 

Bruce shares his story and his techniques of surrendering and committing to show you how to let go of the conflict of everyday decision making. Bruce applies the principle of living in the moment when faced with choices that would usually fill his mind with chatter and noise. He explains how to relieve psychological distress and liberate yourself with no more than a Fl!p of a coin.

Presented in three sections, as a (i) Memoir, (ii) Mindful Application and finally as a (iii) ‘How to’, Fl!p will have readers hooked. In no time at all, they will practise the Fl!pping techniques in the cereal aisle, or maybe the travel agents, or… who knows? We’ll let them decide! 

Industry Reviews

"Fl!p presents a novel way to connect with and trust the flow of life. Fl!pping is an empowering system of choice which will challenge and inspire you to detach from the desires you think you want. Cultivating detachment and trust is the way to living a simple, free and peaceful life." – Erin Barry, Psychologist

"Bruce surely walks his talk! Very inspiring read (and hands-on method) for people that are open for truly new adventures in their life. Do you dare to flip the coin?" – Hans van den Boomen, Awakening Awareness Trainer


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