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First Dog on the Moon's The Story of the Christmas Story  - Andrew Marlton

First Dog on the Moon's The Story of the Christmas Story

By: Andrew Marlton

Hardcover | 25 October 2010 | Edition Number 1

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The Christmas Story.
Beautiful, simple, inspirational…and not just for Christians. 
Actually, it's not all that simple either.
It turns out there are a few burning Christmass-y questions to tackle:

Who told the Christmas Story in the first place?
Why did they leave the donkey out?
Did the nativity really happen in a stable or in someone's spare room?
Three kings, or an unspecified number of wise men?
And where does the rowboat come into it?

With the help of expert consultants the Biblical scallops, we hear all about the gospels and who wrote them. And what happened next. And how it's a story for all of us, that we can all have a part in.

This is a gorgeous, funny, gentle-hearted retelling of the most famous story of all that also tells the story of the story itself. You'll want to read it aloud together, and sit down alone with it. You'll want to give it to the people you love, and get an extra one for yourself. It will be your favourite festive book this Christmas and every Christmas.

First Dog on the Moon a.k.a Andrew Marlton

First Dog on the Moon is famous as the founder of the Canetoads for a Free Tibet Action Committee and infamous as a hapless stooge for the evil genius of Kevin Rudd’s Cat. He is less famous for being fawned upon by his fans at and sublimating the embarrassment into the cult of Julia Gillard, the People’s Princess. He is not famous at all as the cartooning alter ego of Andrew Marlton.

The First Dog On The Moon