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Fifth International Symposium on Trichoptera, Lyon (France) 21-26 July 1986 : Proceedings :  Proceedings - M. Bournaud

Fifth International Symposium on Trichoptera, Lyon (France) 21-26 July 1986 : Proceedings


By: M. Bournaud (Editor), H. Tachet (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 1987
ISBN: 9789061936206
Number Of Pages: 397

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When we offered to host the 5th International Symposium on Trichoptera in Lyon in July 1986, we knew that for us the great Adventure was about to begin. On that July morning in 1983 in Clemson (South Carolina), we could only dimly imagine what the future held in store. One of the worst moment came, in fact, when we were told by th official scientific authorities that no subsidies would be forthcoming. This refusal meant that we would be unable to give any financial help to those colleagues with only modest means at their disposal. Let us hope that the publication of the Proceedings will convince certain French scientists, and the powers that be, that the study of Trichoptera represents a valid and exciting field of research. The American raid on Tripoli, which did not at the time seem to have any link with Trichoptera, threatened to act as a deterrent as far as the North American participants were concerned. However, the fears expressed by some of our colleagues (and not without reason, when we consider the series of terrorist attacks later carried out in France) were soon allayed, although the organisers of the Congress must confess to having kept a discreet eye open for any suspicious brown paper parcels or unattended luggage.

1 - Morphology and Anatomy.- Prosternal horn and Gilson's gland in certain Limnephilid larvae.- The clinging apparatus of Trichoptera pupae: number, structure and SEM observations of the denticulations on the urotergal plates.- Research on the musculature and sense organs of the protuberances of the first abdominal segment in caddis larvae (Trichoptera).- 2. Taxonomy.- Les larves d'Hydropsyche du Maroc (Trichopteres, Hydropsychidae).- Studies of neotropical caddisflies. XXXVI: the genus Calosopsyche in Central America, with descriptions of its immature stages (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae).- Setal characters in larval diagnoses for some nearctic species of Cheumatopsyche (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae).- The remarkable genus Palaeagapetus Ulmer, 1912 (Hydroptilidae).- A new genus and species of Limnephiline Trichoptera from the Far East of the U.S.S.R. (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae).- Psychoglypha (Monophylax) new subgenus (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae, Limnephilini).- 3. Fossil Forms.- Caddisflies and quaternary palaeoecology - What have we learned so far ?.- Trichoptera sub-fossils from temperate running water sediments.- Caribbean amber caddisflies - Biogeographical aspects.- 4. Biogeography.- A review of the Irish Trichoptera.- An attempt to evaluate the state of the caddis fly fauna of Belgium.- Faunistic studies on Iberian Trichoptera : a historical survey and present state of knowledge.- Analyses of Trichopteran faunal similarities in Northern Portugal.- The caddis flies (Trichoptera) of the Primeval Forest in Bialowieza.- Preliminary comparison of New Guinea Trichoptera with the faunas of Sulawesi and Cape York Peninsula.- The caddisfiies of Sri Lanka.- Preliminary investigations on the faunistics and ecology of Hong Kong Trichoptera.- An introduction to the Trichoptera fauna of Japan, with a tentative checklist of genera.- A preliminary study of the subfamily Hydropsychinae (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) in China.- 5. Phylogeny.- On the Biogeography of the Oxyethira group, tribe Hydroptilini (Hydroptilinae, Hydroptilidae, Trichoptera).- Higher classification of Triplectidinae (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae).- Phylogeny of the Polycentropus insularis species-group (Trichoptera : Polycentropodidae).- Ecological and eidonomic trends in Mediterranean Stenophylacini.- 6. Biology and Physiology.- 6.1. Reproduction..- Effet de la photoperiode sur la maturation genitale des femelles de Limnephilus rhombicus d'Europe centrale.- Male mate recognition in Leptoceridae.- Techniques for demonstrating sex pheromones in Trichoptera.- A study of egg masses of Glyphotaelius pellucidus (Retzius), (Trichoptera : Limnephilidae).- Adaptive egg laying behaviour in two species of caddisflies.- 6.2. Metabolism.- Observations on gill number and respiratory adaptation in caddis larvae.- Respiration rates and distribution of caddis larvae in relation to acclimation to temperature.- 6.3. Tnterspecmc Relations.- Contribution a la connaissance des epibiontes et parasites des larves des Trichopteres italiens.- Incidence des elements trichopterologiques dans le contenu intestinal des poissons du cours moyen du Po (Italie).- 7. Light Traps and Flight Patterns.- 7.1 Collections.- Results of four years' intensive light trapping in Western Switzerland.- Light trap collections of Trichoptera near the source of Hopp Brook, New Haven county, Connecticut.- Forest canopy collection of Trichoptera.- 7.2. Fltght Patterns.- Patterns of geographic variation in adult flight phenology of some nearctic Trichoptera.- The comparison of light trap and sticky trap catches of adult Trichoptera (Lyon, France)..- Flight patterns of three species of lotic caddisflies.- Changes in flight direction of caddis flies when meeting changes in the environment.- 8 -Ecology.- 8.1. Life Cycles. Habitat and Feeding Habits.- The life cycle and food of Apatcaiia zonella (Zett) in a spring-fed stream in SW Iceland (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae).- The life history of Cryptochia pilosa (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae) in an Oregon coast range watershed.- Life cycles and growth patterns of Trichoptera in the Matarrana, a karstic river.- Remarks on the life history of Anabolia furcata Brauer (Trichoptera).- The effect of temperature and diet on the larval growth of Glossosoma nigrior.- Larval development, substrate preference, and feeding habits of Polycentropus variegates Milne in model stream channels (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae).- A review of bionomics of the Japanese Lepidostomatidae (Trichoptera) with particular reference to the change of case materials and its ecological significance.- Caddisfly adaptations to the variable habitats at the land-water interface.- Distribution of the Hydropsyche larvae and the structure of their nets.- Seston quality as a factor influencing Trichopteran populations.- Direct observations of Hydropsyche prey selection.- 8.2. Zonatton and Distribution.- A new ordination technique for ecological purposes applied to caddis larvae in ditches.- Les peuplements larvaires de Trichopteres des anciens lits fluviaux dans trois secteurs de la plaine alluviale du Haut-Rhone Francais.- Principal components analysis of temporal and spatial variation in Trichopteran faunas of Northern Portugal.- The temporal and spatial distribution of adult Trichoptera on the upper surfaces of the floating leaves of Nymphaeids. A study using adhesive traps.- Trichopteres de Corse, biogeographie, ecologie et distribution des especes dans les cours d'eau.- Contribution to larval taxonomy, ecology and distribution of the central European species of the genus Philopotamus (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae).- 8.3. Communities.- Emergence and distribution of Hydroptilidae in the littoral and outlet biocoenoses of lake Konnevesi (Central Finland).- Trichoptera colonization in the irrigated meadows of Norcia (Umbria, Italy).- 8.4. Environmental Perturbations.- Effects of an artificially silted stream bottom on species composition and biomass of Trichoptera in Breitenbach.- Studies on Plectrocnemia conspersa (Curtis) in copper contaminated streams in South West England.- The distribution of Trichoptera in Dutch soft waters differing in pH.- Recovery of the Trichoptera fauna near Mt St Helens five years after the 1980 eruption.- Trichoptera of regulated rocky mountain streams.

ISBN: 9789061936206
ISBN-10: 9061936209
Series: Series Entomologica, V. 39
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 397
Published: 1987
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