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Fascism and Democracy - George Orwell

Fascism and Democracy

By: George Orwell

Paperback | 21 January 2020 | Edition Number 1

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Brilliant essays from Orwell's political writing during World War II, released to coincide with Orwell Day on the 21st of January.

Fascism and Democracy collects five brilliant examples of Orwell's writing during the darkest days of World War Two. Grappling with the principles of democracy and the potential of reform, the meaning of literature and free speech in times of violence, and the sustainability of objective truth, Orwell offers a compelling portrayal of a nation where norms and ideals can no longer be taken for granted. Like the best of Orwell's writing, these essays also serve as timeless reminders of the fragility of freedom.

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Fascism and Democracy - George Orwell