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Ez Egc - Henry B. Geiter

Paperback Published: 1st December 2006
ISBN: 9780803610439
Number Of Pages: 384

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Use analogies to make basic ECG concepts comprehensible and memorable for your students! The anatomy of the heart is like a house with rooms and doors. The intra-atrial and internodal pathways are like highways. Your students will absorb ECG interpretation like a sponge!This diverting, EZ-to-read approach, coupled with sound educational theory, encourages learning in students who are frustrated by the non-descriptive, formulaic writing found in most other textbooks. It's an alternative to the staid, jumpy approach found in other introductory ECG texts:
  •  Well written, and in a style that is lighthearted and entertaining
  •  A highly visual approach with illustrations and boxes that engage students
  •  Peppered with analogies that make learning fun
  •  "Building block" approach that progressively layers the content for students from simple to complex

This is the book your students will use to understand the basic concepts of ECG, develop their ability to identify rhythms (especially life-threatening ones), and learn the appropriate response to patients with life-threatening rhythms.

"I think the "Now You Know" section is crucial to summarizing what wascovered in the chapters...particularly if a person is short on time andwants to get thehighlights. I also like the fill in the blanks at the end of eachchapter.I think it's a good way to self assess...It reminds me a little of thebook I used to learn EKGs by Dubin, but I think this one is set up alittle better. It also explainsthings more clearly." -- Lauren Staple, Student Reviewer

Learning the Basics
A Hearty Tourp. 2
Coming Up Nextp. 2
An Elegant Designp. 2
The Value of Valvesp. 3
The Heart Needs Its Wheaties Toop. 8
Test Yourselfp. 10
Now You Knowp. 11
(Dis)Charge It!p. 12
Coming Up Nextp. 12
Start the Pumpp. 12
Keep It Goingp. 13
Test Yourselfp. 18
Now You Knowp. 18
The ECG Canvasp. 19
Coming Up Nextp. 19
Doing the Background Workp. 19
The Tracing Takes Shapep. 20
Speed Readingp. 22
Estimating Heart Ratep. 25
Thinking Outside the Boxp. 30
Now You Knowp. 31
Test Yourselfp. 32
Location, Location, Locationp. 35
Coming Up Nextp. 35
Lines of Forcep. 35
In Search of an Arrowp. 36
Lead and the Signal Will Followp. 37
Electrode Placement and Leadsp. 40
I Spy with My Little Leadp. 41
Now You Knowp. 42
Test Yourselfp. 43
Getting More Technical
The Shape of Things to Comep. 46
Coming Up Nextp. 46
Telling Dogs From Wolvesp. 46
The Perfect Wavep. 47
Waves, Complexes, Segments, and Intervalsp. 52
Now You Knowp. 55
Test Yourselfp. 55
Cars and Carts: From P-Wave to QRS Complexp. 59
Coming Up Nextp. 59
How to Tie a Shoelacep. 59
First Comes the P-Wavep. 59
The AV Node Tollboothp. 61
Variations on a P-Wavep. 62
Measuring the PR Intervalp. 65
Now You Knowp. 68
Test Yourselfp. 68
The Intraventricular Superhighwayp. 72
Coming Up Nextp. 72
Traveling the Bundle Branch Routesp. 72
Tracking the QRS Complexp. 73
Measuring Tools and Techniquesp. 80
Now You Knowp. 86
Test Yourselfp. 87
The Language of ECGp. 90
Coming Up Nextp. 90
Starting With the Basicsp. 90
A Little Less Basicp. 93
Now You Knowp. 95
Test Yourselfp. 95
Rhythm Rulesp. 96
Coming Up Nextp. 96
How Many Questions?p. 96
How Regular Is Regular?p. 96
Fast, Slow, or Just Right?p. 98
P or Not P?p. 99
How Far From P to R?p. 100
How Complex Is Your QRS?p. 100
What Was All That Again?p. 100
Why All the Questions?p. 101
Now You Knowp. 101
Test Yourselfp. 102
Moving to the Rhythm
Sinus Rhythmsp. 106
Coming Up Nextp. 106
One Who Sets the Pacep. 106
Recognizing Sinus Rhythmsp. 106
Sinus Discharge Can Be a Good Thingp. 107
Sinus Tachycardiap. 107
Sinus Bradycardiap. 110
Sinus Arrhythmiap. 113
Sinus Arrest and Sinus Exit Blockp. 114
Now You Knowp. 117
Test Yourselfp. 117
Atrial Rhythmsp. 132
Coming Up Nextp. 132
Atrial Rule: When Leadership Disagreesp. 132
Those Irritable Atriap. 132
A PAC Without the Politicsp. 133
Ectopic Atrial Pacemakerp. 135
Atrial Tachycardiap. 136
Wandering Atrial Pacemakerp. 137
Multifocal Atrial Tachycardiap. 140
Atrial Flutterp. 141
A PAC With a Blockp. 142
Atrial Fibrillationp. 144
Now You Knowp. 150
Test Yourselfp. 151
Junctional Rhythmsp. 165
Coming Up Nextp. 165
Who's Running the Government?p. 165
The Supraventricular Jigsawp. 166
A Question of Originp. 167
Junctional Rhythms in a Nutshellp. 169
Premature Junctional Contractionp. 169
Junctional Rhythmp. 171
Accelerated Junctional Rhythmp. 173
Junctional Bradycardiap. 174
Junctional Tachycardiap. 175
Supraventricular Tachycardia: An Easy Way Outp. 177
Now You Knowp. 178
Test Yourselfp. 178
Ventricular Rhythmsp. 189
Coming Up Nextp. 189
In Revoltp. 189
From Highways to Back Roadsp. 189
Why Use the Back Roads?p. 190
Premature Ventricular Contractionp. 191
Idioventricular Rhythmp. 194
Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythmp. 195
Ventricular Bradycardiap. 197
Treating Low Cardiac Outputp. 198
Ventricular Tachycardiap. 199
Multifocal Ventricular Tachycardiap. 200
Ventricular Flutterp. 201
Ventricular Fibrillationp. 201
Asystolep. 203
Now You Knowp. 209
Test Yourselfp. 210
Contemplating Conduction
The Mental Block of AV Blocksp. 226
Coming Up Nextp. 226
Dissolving the Mental Blockp. 226
Tollbooth Troublep. 227
A Matter of Degreep. 228
First-Degree Blockp. 228
Wenckebachp. 229
Classic Second-Degreep. 231
Third-Degree Blockp. 232
The Interpretation Treep. 235
Treating AV Blocksp. 236
Now You Knowp. 238
Test Yourselfp. 238
Detours on the Intraventricular Highwaysp. 246
Coming Up Nextp. 246
Frustration on the Highwayp. 246
Landmarks on the Long Way Homep. 248
Tachycardias of the Fourth Kindp. 251
Do the Valsalvap. 253
QRS Complexes in Accordp. 256
If It's Yellow, Waddles, and Quacks, It's Probably V-Tachp. 256
Now You Knowp. 258
Test Yourselfp. 258
Taking Advanced Lessons
Pacemakers: Keeping the Heart from Early Retirementp. 266
Coming Up Nextp. 266
An Electronic Superherop. 266
Would Somebody Help Me Here?p. 266
Types of Pacemakersp. 267
Decoding the Codep. 268
Lead by Examplep. 270
Think Like a Pacemakerp. 274
Recognizing Troublep. 277
I Can Name that Pacemaker in Four Beatsp. 280
Now You Knowp. 284
Test Yourselfp. 285
Some Artifacts Aren't Rare or Valuablep. 294
Coming Up Nextp. 294
Snow in Your Housep. 294
Check Your Patientp. 294
Under the Influencep. 300
The Ghost in the Machinep. 302
Know What You're Dealing Withp. 305
Now You Knowp. 306
Test Yourselfp. 306
Timing Really is Everythingp. 314
Coming Up Nextp. 314
What's a QT Interval?p. 314
Measuring the QT Intervalp. 314
Too Long a Restp. 315
Pacemakers and the QT Intervalp. 317
Shocking News on the QTp. 321
Now You Knowp. 324
Test Yourselfp. 325
Are There Really Three I's in MI?p. 328
Coming Up Nextp. 328
Shifting Focusp. 328
An Advanced Lesson in Plumbingp. 328
The Three I'sp. 329
The Sensitive T-Wavep. 332
The Rise and Fall of the ST Segmentp. 334
Treating Myocardial Infarctionsp. 340
Now You Knowp. 343
Test Yourselfp. 344
Cutting Through the Hazep. 347
Coming Up Nextp. 347
Sorting Things Outp. 347
Irregular Rhythms With P-Wavesp. 347
Artifact or Ventricular Tachycardia?p. 349
Absent P-Wavesp. 350
Blocking AV Block Errorsp. 351
Ventricular Fibrillation or Asystole?p. 354
Antidisestablishmentarianismp. 354
Now You Knowp. 357
Post Test Questionsp. 360
Post Test Answersp. 427
Heart Rate Tablesp. 457
Glossaryp. 453
Suggested Readingsp. 463
Answer Keyp. 470
Indexp. 512
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ISBN: 9780803610439
ISBN-10: 0803610432
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 384
Published: 1st December 2006
Publisher: F.A. Davis Company
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 27.79 x 21.95  x 2.29
Weight (kg): 1.25