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Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars : Proceedings of the 151st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Cordoba, Argentina, August 5-9, 1991 - Y. Kondo

Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars

Proceedings of the 151st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Cordoba, Argentina, August 5-9, 1991

By: Y. Kondo (Editor), R. F. Sistero (Editor), R. S. Polidan (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 30th June 1992
ISBN: 9780792317319
Number Of Pages: 530

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This book contains the proceedings of IAU Symposium No. 151 Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars, ' which was held from 5 to 9 August 1991 in CordA3ba, Argentina. The primary aim of this conference was to review and evaluate our current understanding of the evolutionary processes in wide variety of interacting binary stars from their births to their deaths. Subjects included the formation of binaries, mass flow and transfer, accretion processes, and binaries with collapsed components, such as novae, X-ray binaries and binary pulsars. As the field covered is both broad and diverse, there were in all thirty-seven invited talks; sixty-two contributed papers were also presented. In addition, these proceedings contain comments from a panel discussion of the major unsolved problems of interacting binary stars.

List of Participants
Introductory Remarksp. 3
Origin of Binary Systemsp. 9
Disks in the Pre-Main Sequence Binary Environmentp. 21
Detached Main Sequence Binaries: A Laboratory for the Study of Stellar Structurep. 31
Interaction Beyond the Main Sequence: One Recipe?p. 41
Zeta Aurigae Type Binariesp. 51
W UMa Binariesp. 61
The RS Canum Venaticorum Starsp. 71
Cataclysmic Binaries: Optical and Geometrical Thickness of Disks and the Visibility of the Primary Componentp. 83
X-Ray Binaries and Related Systemsp. 91
The Barium Starsp. 103
Binary and Other Recycled Pulsarsp. 115
Wolf-Rayet Starsp. 123
Symbiotic Binary Starsp. 137
Binary Be Stars and Be Binariesp. 147
Binary S and MS Starsp. 157
Aspects of Mass Loss and Angular Momentum Loss in Binaries Containing Cool Componentsp. 167
How Does One Detect An Accretion Disk?p. 175
Wind Accretion by Compact Objects: The "Flip-Flop" Instabilityp. 185
Accretion Disk Instabilitiesp. 195
X-Ray Novae and Related Systemsp. 205
Outburst Phenomena in X-Ray Binariesp. 215
Type IA Supernovaep. 225
Y Cygni?p. 235
Binary Star Research: Where We Are Now and Future Prospectsp. 245
Unsolved Major Problems of Interacting Binaries - A Panel Discussionp. 255
Circularization and Synchronization Times in Detached Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binariesp. 269
A Study of Ultraviolet Spectra of Delta Sagittaep. 273
Recent Results on the Apsidal Motion Test in Eclipsing Binariesp. 277
Photometric Analysis in Detached Close Binaries with Eccentric Orbits. The Case of RX Herp. 281
First Results of Continuous IUE Observations of Algolp. 285
Resonance Between Pulsation Modes Due to Tidal Perturbationp. 289
A New Catalogue of Semidetached Algol-Type Binaries with Well Determined Absolute Dimensionsp. 295
Evolutionary Sequences for Binary Stars in the Mass Range 9 to 40 Mp. 299
Photometric Analysis of Wide and Narrow H[alpha] Band Observations of R Canis Majorisp. 303
Irregular Period Variations of Eclipsing Binariesp. 307
Eclipsing Binaries in Multiple Star Systemsp. 315
The Orbital Parameters and the IUE Spectrum of the Single-Lined Spectroscopic Binary HD 698p. 319
Investigation of the Eclipsing Binary AN Taurip. 321
A Spectrographic Study of the Interacting Eclipsing Binary RY Scuti: An Episode in the Rapid Mass Loss Stage or a Protoplanetary Nebula?p. 325
Last Minute Results from CTIO Observationsp. 327
H-Alpha and O I 7774 Spectroscopy of Algol-Type Binariesp. 331
Mass Transfer Characterization in Close Binary Starsp. 337
Mass Exchange Via Pulsational Dumping from and F Supergiantp. 341
HR 2142: A Semi-Detached Interacting Binary?p. 345
A Search for White Dwarf Companions of Be Starsp. 347
Observations of CNO Processed Matter in Massive Interacting Binary Systemsp. 351
Carbon Depletion in Case B Mass Transfer Algol-Type Binariesp. 355
Colliding Stellar Winds in Close Binary Systemsp. 359
Wind Driven Mass Transfer in Interacting Binariesp. 363
The Massive Binary SV Centaurip. 369
An Ultraviolet Study of the Near-Contact Binariesp. 373
The Spotted Contact Binary SS Arietis - Spectroscopy and Infrared Photometryp. 379
Analysis of Period Changes of YY Eridanip. 383
Test of the Optimization Techniques for the Photometric Analysis of Contact Binariesp. 387
Circulation in Contact Binary Systemsp. 391
The Cool Algolsp. 395
Atmospheric Eclipsing Binary Zeta Aurigae in the 1987-1988 Eclipsep. 399
FK Comae and the Evolution of Close Binariesp. 403
Orbital Elements of a Sample of S Stars: Testing the Barium - S Evolutionary Connectionp. 407
HD 46407: The First Eclipsing-Binary Barium Starp. 411
Aspects of the Angular Momentum Loss Problem for Cool Close Binary Systemsp. 415
MWC 560: Its Spectroscopic and Photometric Development in 1990p. 421
A Model for R Aqr from HSTp. 425
The Outburst of Symbiotic Novaep. 429
Bolometric Light Curves of Symbiotic Novaep. 435
Outbursts by Low-Mass White Dwarfs in Symbiotic Variablesp. 439
White Light Photometry of the Cataclysmic Variable BZ Camelopardalisp. 441
Note on LMC X-4p. 445
Behavior of Matter Near the Outer Region of the Accretion Disk in Her X-1p. 449
A 3-D Hydrodynamical Simulation of Wind Accretionp. 453
Irradiation-Driven Mass Transfer in Low-Mass X-Ray Binariesp. 457
Interacting Binary White Dwarf Starsp. 461
On the Masses and on the Mass Transfer in the Interactive Binary SS 433p. 465
Tidal Circulation Among the Close Binaries in M67p. 471
Can Evolution in Close Binaries Account for the Blue Stragglers in M67?p. 473
The Blue Straggler F190: A Case for Mass Transferp. 475
Constraints on the Cessation of Eclipses in SS Lacertae and Their Implications for System Evolutionp. 479
The Eclipsing Binaries in NGC 5466 and Implications for Close Binary Evolutionp. 483
The Contact Binary H235 in the Open Cluster NGC 752p. 487
Tidal Circularization Among the Close Binaries in the Halop. 491
Massive Close Binaries in the Magellanic Cloudsp. 497
Absolute Dimensions and Distance Modulus for HV 2226 in the SMCp. 501
Observations of Two Binary Systems with 04f Type Componentsp. 505
CCD Photometry of the Eclipsing Binary HV 2274 in the Large Magellanic Cloudp. 509
Close Binary Nuclei of Planetary Nebulaep. 517
Supernovae in Massive Interacting Binariesp. 523
Reversing the Supernova Order in Massive Binariesp. 527
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ISBN: 9780792317319
ISBN-10: 0792317319
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 530
Published: 30th June 1992
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 15.5  x 3.02
Weight (kg): 2.11

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