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Everything Classical Mythology Book : From the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the Underworld - all you need to know about the classic - Nancy Conner

Everything Classical Mythology Book

From the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the Underworld - all you need to know about the classic

Paperback Published: 10th February 2010
ISBN: 9781440502408
Number Of Pages: 304

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Romance, betrayal, passion, tragedy, violence, and scandal. No, it?s not the latest reality TV search for love, it?s classical mythology. For years, people have turned to the ancient Greek and Roman myths for entertaining reading, unbelievable storylines, unique characters, and unparalleled drama. The Everything Classical Mythology, 2nd Edition explains the great stories and how they still influence literature, entertainment, and everyday life. From heroes and heroines to monsters and villains, this entertaining guide covers it all. Inside, readers will learn how: ? The Greeks defeated the Titans ? Odysseus tricked the Cyclops ? Hercules accomplished the twelve labors ? Peruses slew Medusa ? The Greeks bested the Trojans ? Hades abducted Persephone ? Bellerophon killed the Chimera With an easy reference chart of the gods and goddesses and their interrelations, this action packed book helps readers bring classical mythology to life! AUTHOR: Nancy Conner is a freelance writer, academic, and novelist. As a professor at Brown University, Auburn University, and Phillips Academy, she taught a wide range of classes in early literature and mythology, including the popular course ?Monsters and Heroes? *

The Top Ten Most Intriguing Mythsp. x
Introductionp. xi
What Are Myths For?p. 1
What Is a Myth?p. 2
The Sacred Mythp. 4
Answering the Unknownp. 6
Establishing Orderp. 8
Emotion Overloadp. 10
The Idealp. 11
Storytellingp. 13
Classical Myth-Makersp. 17
Homer: The Blind Bardp. 18
Hesiod: Morals Can Be Funp. 19
Aeschylus: Tragic Justicep. 21
Sophocles: The Greatest Tragedian?p. 23
Euripides: The Dramatist as Philosopherp. 24
Virgil: Rome's National Poetp. 26
Ovid: The More Things Changeàp. 27
Other Storytellers You Should Knowp. 29
Out of Chaos: Creationp. 31
In the Beginning Was Chaosp. 32
Giving Personality to Naturep. 33
And Then There Was Manp. 35
Prometheus and the Gift of Firep. 35
Welcoming the Womanp. 36
Sun, Moon, and Dawnp. 37
The World and Humanity's Place in Itp. 39
The Children of Mother Earthp. 41
Children of Pontusp. 42
The Hundred-Handed Onesp. 44
One-Eyed Wondersp. 44
Titanic Offspringp. 45
Uranus Overthrownp. 46
Cronus Crowned as Rulerp. 47
Zeus's Childhoodp. 48
The Battle with the Titansp. 49
Zeus Takes Chargep. 50
Introducing the Olympiansp. 53
The Original Sixp. 54
A Dozen Distinguished Deitiesp. 55
Mount Olympusp. 59
Law and Order, Olympian Stylep. 60
Mutiny on Mount Olympusp. 61
War with the Giantsp. 63
The Scariest Monster of Allp. 64
Zeus and Hera: A Marriage Made in Heavenp. 67
The Seventh Loverp. 68
A Grand Weddingp. 70
The Children of Zeus and Herap. 71
Zeus's Love Affairsp. 72
The Wrath of Herap. 77
A Lover's Spatp. 78
Poseidon: Sovereign of the Seap. 79
The Power of Poseidonp. 80
That City Is Mine!p. 80
Wanted: One Queenp. 82
Poseidon's Loversp. 84
Poseidon and the Trojansp. 87
Poseidon Could Be a Nice Guy, Too (Well, Sometimes)p. 88
The Dark Princep. 91
A Private Godp. 92
The Abduction of Persephonep. 92
The House of Hadesp. 93
The Main Regions of the Underworldp. 95
The Judges and the Judgedp. 97
Escaping Deathp. 98
Chasing the Secrets of the Underworldp. 102
Demeter and Hestia: Home Is Where the Heart Isp. 103
Demeterp. 104
Demeter's Love Affairsp. 105
Wandering the Countrysidep. 107
Still a Mystery: Eleusinian Ritesp. 109
Hestia Honoredp. 109
Hestia's Unsuitable Suitorsp. 110
The Vestal Virginsp. 111
Ares and the Art of Warp. 115
A Detestable Deityp. 116
The God of War in Lovep. 117
Amazon Warriorsp. 120
Sibling Rivalry: Ares Versus Athenap. 122
Tried for Murderp. 123
Ares Imprisonedp. 124
Athena: The Peaceful Warriorp. 127
The Birth of Athenap. 128
Almighty Athenap. 128
Athenian Cultsp. 129
Athena the Inventorp. 131
A Hero's Best Friendp. 131
Athena's Other Storiesp. 134
Artemis: The Thrill of the Huntp. 137
Lady of the Wildp. 138
An Overprotective Daughterp. 139
Artemis Takes Offensep. 140
The Eternal Virginp. 143
The Many Deaths of Orionp. 144
Wild but Loyalp. 145
Apollo: A (Mostly) Civilized Godp. 147
Tall, Dark, and Handsomep. 148
God of Musicp. 148
The Playboyp. 149
Unlucky in Lovep. 151
Tragic Lovep. 154
A Mortal's Slavep. 155
Delphi: Pythian Games and a Tricky Oraclep. 157
Hermes: Swift as the Windp. 159
A Child's First Prankp. 160
Take a Messagep. 162
Reconciling with Herap. 164
More Than a Messengerp. 164
Bad-Boy Attractionp. 166
A God of Many Mythsp. 168
Erotic Aphrodite and Hardworking Hephaestusp. 169
The Queen of Heartsp. 170
A Master Craftsmanp. 171
Beauty and the Beastp. 173
A Goddess in Lovep. 174
Love's Helping Handp. 177
Partying with Dionysusp. 179
The Twice-Born Godp. 180
Dionysus Driven Madp. 181
The Rites of Dionysusp. 182
Dionysus Takes a Wifep. 183
Madness Unleashedp. 183
The Golden Touchp. 186
Joining the Olympiansp. 187
The Lesser Godsp. 189
The Muses: Goddesses of the Artsp. 190
The Charites: Beauty, Grace, and Friendshipp. 191
The Satyrs: Lusty Appetitesp. 191
The Nymphs: Beautiful Spirits of Naturep. 192
Pan: God of Woods and Pasturesp. 193
Hecate: Titaness with an Attitudep. 194
Triton: Son of Poseidonp. 196
Lesser, but Not Leastp. 197
Monster Madnessp. 199
Chimaera: Fire-Breathing and Mercilessp. 200
Scylla: Beauty Transformed to Terrorp. 201
The Minotaur: Monster in a Mazep. 202
The Sphinx: Riddle Me Thisp. 204
Cacus Versus Heraclesp. 205
Centaurs: Equine Depravityp. 206
More Mythological Monstersp. 206
The Leading Men of Classical Mythologyp. 209
What Made a Hero?p. 210
Heraclesp. 211
Perseusp. 215
Jasonp. 217
Theseusp. 220
Achillesp. 223
Odysseusp. 224
Other Heroes You Should Knowp. 229
The Trojan Warp. 231
Causes of the Warp. 232
Enter the Olympiansp. 234
Heroes of the Warp. 235
The Tenth Yearp. 237
The Fall of Troyp. 238
The Gods Are Not Pleasedp. 240
When in Romeàp. 243
Greek Versus Romanp. 244
Aeneas's Journey to Italyp. 244
Origins of the Roman Peoplep. 247
Peace Disruptedp. 247
Founding Romep. 249
The Age of Kingsp. 251
The Gods and Goddesses Live Onp. 255
Myths in Everyday Lifep. 256
Myths in Literaturep. 259
Myths in Artp. 262
Myths in Musicp. 264
Myths in Moviesp. 264
Myths in Popular Culturep. 265
Cast of Charactersp. 267
Family Tree of the Greek Godsp. 282
Resourcesp. 284
Indexp. 286
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ISBN: 9781440502408
ISBN-10: 1440502404
Series: Everything®
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 304
Published: 10th February 2010
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 20.5  x 2.3
Weight (kg): 0.47
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: Revised

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