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Ethics and Excellence : Cooperation and Integrity in Business - Robert C. Solomon

Ethics and Excellence

Cooperation and Integrity in Business

Paperback Published: 1st September 1993
ISBN: 9780195087116
Number Of Pages: 304

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle, writing over two thousand years before Wall Street, called people who engaged in activities which did not contribute to society "parasites." In his latest work, renowned scholar Robert C. Solomon asserts that though capitalism may require capital, it does not require, much less should be defined by the parasites it inevitably attracts. Capitalism has succeeded not with brute strength or because it has made people rich, but because it has produced responsible citizens and--however unevenly--prosperous communities. It cannot tolerate a conception of business that focuses solely on income and vulgarity while ignoring traditional virtues of responsibility, community, and integrity. Many feel that there is too much lip-service and not enough understanding of the importance of cooperation and integrity in corporate life. This book rejects the myths and metaphors of war-like competition that cloud business thinking and develops an "Aristotelean" theory of business. The author's approach emphasizes several core concepts: the corporation as community, the search for excellence, the importance of integrity and sound judgment, as well as a more cooperative and humane vision of business. Solomon stresses the virtues of honesty, trust, fairness, and compassion in the competitive business world, and confronts the problem of "moral mazes" and what he posits as its solution--moral courage.

"An excellent book in business ethics! The critical issues are dealt with in a clear manner, without any psychobabble."--Vijay Raja, Atlantic Union College of Business Management "[T]imely and relevant,...wise and right-handed..."--Business Ethics Quarterly "An excellent book on the nature of business as a social practice which demands certain qualities of character from the people who participate in it, which means virtually everyone."--Eugene Donahue, Creighton University "Outstanding work! We have already adopted it as a text."--Scott Rae, Talbot School of Theology "Excellent work! This represents a badly needed paradigmatic shift in terms of a framework for discussions about ethics in business."--Kenman L. Wone, Biola University "Solomon is always reliable."--Robert P. Tucker, Florida Southern College "Superb! Comprehensive, accessible, insightful!"--Raymond A. Belliotti, State University of New York at Fredonia "Should be widely read by those involved in business."--Long Range Planning "Well written and organized. Might make a useful text--especially in a graduate-level course."--Hush M. Curther, Southwest State University, Minnesota "The first truly philosophical business ethics text I have seen. It is admirable."--Sister Therese A. Roche, College of St. Elizabeth "Interesting, new approach."--Manoi Adair, Oklahoma Baptist University "Quite honestly, my reaction to this book is one of astonishment and joy. This is the kind of discussion in 'business ethics' that is needed. Provides a thorough grounding in the philosophy of business practice--looking at the whole picture--while at the same time moving us beyond the old (indeed, odd) dichotomies which pass (wrongly) for 'common sense.'--Michael Prosch, Villanova University "At last! A business ethics text that faces squarely the practical concerns of business students without compromising on either philosophical rigor or ethical ideals. It is a natural companion to a good casebook. Solomon has done business and ethics a great service."--Nathan Tierney, California Lutheran University "Very organized, with clever headings."--Ron McManus, Texas Wesleyan University "Solomon's writing, as always, is provocative and clear. This is the best discussion of business ethics from a virtue ethics standpoint known to me."--David Detmer, Purdue University Calumet "This is an ambitious attempt to develop a theory of business ethics that addresses the concerns of philosophers and social scientists and also provides guidance to business practitioners....Deserves a place in any business collection that strives to be comprehensive and current."--Choice "I believe 'virtue ethics' will redefine our approach to Business Ethics. Solomon's [book] is a pioneering work in this direction. I strongly encourage my students to wrestle with his insights and suggestions."--Charles M. Horvath, Keene State College "Deals with a timely and critical issue, given the problems in corporate America in the 1980s. It is particularly important to understand the interrelationship between ethics and business and corporate excellence. It should be read by business scholars, students, and managers alike."--Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University "At first sight, the work of Robert Solomon...looks dauntingly arcane: he claims to base his theory of ethical management on Aristotle's concept of "virtue." In practice, however, Mr. Solomon's ideas are accessible to any businessman....It is the kind of ethical advice many managers have been looking for."--The Economist "Without question, this distinguished series has become a valuable source for leading edge thinking about business ethics. One hears authoritative voices and encounters unique perspectives across a varied field of ethical issues, dilemmas, and opportunities facing business firms today. Practicing managers, management scholars, and their students will find mature approaches that can bring ethical substance to workplace experiences and enliven classroom explorations."--William C. Frederick, University of Pittsburgh (on the Ruffin Series in Business Ethics) "A cultivation of personal character. A good addition to your library."--Ethical Management "Solomon's style is lively, witty, and accessible to a broad readership, and the plan of the book is straightforward. He not only makes a major contribution to Business Ethics, but also provides a stimulus to the development of so-called virtue ethics in the heart of ethical theory."--Journal of Business Ethics

Introduction: Can Ethics be Taught? I. Business Myths and Metaphors: Vices Parading as Virtues 1: Macho Myths and Metaphors: Jungles, Battles, Games 2: Abstract Greed 3: The Myth of the Profit Motive 4: Game Theory as a Model for Business and Business Ethics 5: The End of Cowboy Capitalism 6: Atomic Myths and Metaphors: Individualism and "the Entrepreneur" 7: Beyond Selfishness: Adam Smith and Limits of the Market 8: Beyond Cost/Benefit Analysis: Utilitarinism Refined II. An Aristotelian Approach to Business: Framework and Theory 9: Business Ethics: "The Third Wave" and the Problem of Theory 10: The Aristotelian Approach to Business Ethics 11: Business as an Unbounded Practice 12: Aristotelian Metaphors: Corporate Cultures and The Professional Manager 13: Business as a Profession: People imn Business as Professionals 14: The Six Parameters of Aristotelian Ethics The Corporation as Community In Search of Excellence The Individual in the Organization The Meaning of Integrity Decision-making and Good Judgment Holism: Beyond Stakeholder Analysis III. The Heart of the Corporation: Business Virtues and Vices The Nature of the Virtues Aristotelian Virtues, Warrior, Moral and Business Virtues The Basic Business Virtues: Honesty, Dependability, Trust and Fairness The Virtues of the Corporate Self: Friendliness, Honor, Loyalty, Shame Competition, Caring and Compassion Justice: The Ultimate Virtue of Corporate Life Resentment: Corporate Poison The Charasmatic Virtues: Saints, Heroes, Clowns and Rogues (Nietzschian Management) Theories in Practice: Ethics Styles Moral Mazes and the Problem of Integrity Epilogue: Philosophers in the Corporation: Apologists or Subversives?

ISBN: 9780195087116
ISBN-10: 0195087119
Series: Ruffin Series in Business Ethics
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 304
Published: 1st September 1993
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.44 x 15.67  x 2.34
Weight (kg): 0.47