Essential Aboriginal Insights : A Guide for Anyone Involved in Closing Gaps in Australia - Jolleen Hicks

Essential Aboriginal Insights

A Guide for Anyone Involved in Closing Gaps in Australia

By: Jolleen Hicks

eBook | 17 December 2020

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This Book offers my learnings over my lifetime with a focus on a universal Aboriginal cultural value of sharing. I want to share this with you. I want to empower the relationships between Aboriginal Communities and those responsible for achieving positive outcomes for Aboriginal people. I want Aboriginal Communities to be understood, respected and supported.

The learning that is shared in this book is not accessible from any education institution or system. The learning comes from working with and for Aboriginal people from within the Aboriginal Community system. If you are genuinely and authentically committed to achieving positive outcomes for Aboriginal people, then you will appreciate and respect the advice and guidance offered through this book.

Empower Yourself to Close the Gaps by Purchasing a Copy of this Book

One of the most important National Strategies in Australia is the National Closing the Gap Strategy that seeks to address the inequalities that exist within Australia between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. One of those inequalities is life expectancy - living shorter lives. After more than 10 years of the Closing the Gap Strategy, we are collectively, failing as a country. Part of this failure lies in our approach to understanding Aboriginal people and their Communities. To Close the Gaps for Aboriginal Peoples, we need to commit to Closing our own Gap with respect to understanding the cultural differences of the people we need to help/assist/empower. My Book is my response to the lack of training and guidance offered by the Mainstream education system. Essential Aboriginal Insights shares my learnings from Aboriginal people and the Aboriginal Community system that governs them. I have presented my lessons and learnings in a way that I hope others will understand. I am offering a tool on how to consult, engage, build relationships that incorporates understandings of cultural differences.


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