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Escaping Anxiety : Power Ideas for Positive Living - Dr. James Kilgore

Escaping Anxiety

Power Ideas for Positive Living

Author: Dr. James Kilgore

Narrated by: John Kanter

At a Glance

Published: 29th November 2022

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This book is not about anxiety! You already know too much about that. In Escaping Anxiety, one of America's beloved grandfathers, Dr. James Kilgore, offers brief power ideas for positive thinking so you can literally escape anxiety. Consider this: if you were bitten by a poisonous snake, you wouldn't have time to study everything you could about snakes. Instead, your life would depend upon the antidote Escaping Anxiety is the antidote you need for anxiety.

In these transformational short stories of heart and hope, pastor-teacher Kilgore offers you the opportunity to truly replace anxiety, fear, and worry with confident hope. One by one, his stories are filled with power ideas for positive living. Say goodbye to negative influences and self-talk, and sit down for a chat with Dr. Jim.


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