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Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry Vol 6 : Ionization Methods - M.L Gross

Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry Vol 6

Ionization Methods

By: M.L Gross

Hardcover Published: 18th December 2006
ISBN: 9780080438016
Number Of Pages: 1030

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Volume 6 serves as a concise review of the current ionization methods used in mass spectrometry today. The majority of chapters include tutorials describing the principles and instrumentation applied to each method. Techniques covered include ionization of gas-phase molecules by particles and photons, ionization of ion-molecule and molecule-molecule reactions, ionization in strong electric fields, spray methods for ionization, desorption ionization by particle bombardment and biophysical applications of desorption and spray ionization. The selection of appropriate methods of ionization for analysis of various substances is also considered.
* reviews range of ionization methods used in mass spectrometry today
* includes tutorials describing the principles and instrumentation applied to each method
* considers appropriate methods of ionization for analysis of various substances

Forewordp. xv
Preface to Volume 6p. xix
Fundamentals of Ionization
Ionization Energiesp. 1
Gas-Phase Basicities and Proton Affinitiesp. 14
Gas-Phase Aciditiesp. 21
Electron Affinitiesp. 27
Metal-Cation Affinitiesp. 34
General Considerations
Odd and Even Electron Ions and Their Role in Assigning Molecular Ionsp. 49
The Nitrogen Rulep. 57
Isotope Patternsp. 62
Accurate-Mass Measurementsp. 76
Sample Handling and Inlet Systemsp. 87
Derivatization for Mass Spectrometryp. 99
Ionization of Gas-Phase Molecules by Particles and at High Temperature
Electron Ionization (EI): Principles and Instrumentationp. 119
In-Beam EI and Desorption EIp. 129
Electron Ionization and Supersonic Molecular Beamsp. 132
EI Mass Spectra of Classes of Organic Compoundsp. 136
Identification of Unknown EI Mass Spectra Using Library Searches and EI Mass Spectral Databasesp. 178
Positron Ionization: Principles and Instrumentationp. 194
Surface Ionization Organic Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Instrumentationp. 200
Ionization of Gas-Phase Molecules by Photons
Photoionization: Principles and Instrumentationp. 211
Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization: Basic Principlesp. 219
Dopant-Assisted Atmospheric Pressure Photoionizationp. 223
Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Principles and Instrumentationp. 229
Laser Ionization: Principles and Instrumentationp. 239
Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization of Neutrals in Supersonic Beamsp. 242
Atmospheric Pressure Laser Ionizationp. 251
High Resolution Ion Spectroscopy in Mass Spectrometryp. 258
Photoionization of Desorbed Neutrals from Surfacesp. 264
Photoionization of Jet Cooled Moleculesp. 270
Organic Particle Analysis off a Surfacep. 279
Ionization by Ion-Molecule and Molecule-Molecule Reactions
Chemical Ionization: Principles, Instrumentation, and Applicationsp. 287
Resonance Electron Capture Mass Spectrometryp. 295
Chemical Ionization: Transfer of Other Groupsp. 305
Chemical Ionization (CI): Transfer of or Reaction with Metal Ionsp. 310
Ion Attachment Mass Spectrometryp. 327
Cluster Chemical Ionizationp. 334
Photoelectron Resonance Capture Ionizationp. 337
Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization: Principles, Instrumentation, and Applicationsp. 344
Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Induced Plasma Ionizationp. 354
The Heated Nebulizer LC-MS Interfacep. 366
Surface-Activated ("No Discharge") Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionizationp. 370
Chemi-Ionization and Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) Mass Spectrometryp. 377
Ionization in Strong Electric Field
Field Ionization and Field Desorption: Principles, Instrumentation, and Applicationsp. 389
Electrohydrodynamic Ionization: Principles, Instrumentation, and Applicationsp. 399
Spray Methods of Ionization
Thermospray: Perspectives on Invention and Mechanismp. 401
Thermospray Ionization Principles and Instrumentationp. 406
Electrospray Ionization: Principles and Instrumentationp. 415
Electrochemistry of the Electrospray Ionization Sourcep. 422
Pneumatically Assisted Electrospray Ionizationp. 426
Micro and Nano-Electrospray Ionization Techniquesp. 435
Electrospray Ionization with Organic Metal and Related Emittersp. 444
Pulsed Electrospray Ionizationp. 453
Multiple Sprayers in Electrospray Ionizationp. 456
Energy-dependent ESIp. 467
Charge State Manipulation in Spray Ionizationp. 474
Sonic Spray Ionizationp. 487
Electrosonic Spray Ionizationp. 494
Electrospray Ionization with Venturi and Related Devicesp. 498
Cold-Spray Ionizationp. 502
Laser Spray Ionizationp. 512
Studies of Single Droplets Having Net Chargep. 518
Fused-Droplet Electrospray Ionization and Electrospray Laser Desorption Ionizationp. 528
Extractive Electrospray Ionizationp. 532
Desorption Ionization by Particle Bombardment
Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Fast Atom Bombardment: Principles and Instrumentationp. 535
Ion and Atom Gunsp. 551
Massive Particle Bombardmentp. 557
Continuous-Flow Fast Atom Bombardmentp. 562
Pulsed Fast Atom Bombardmentp. 568
Chemical Ionization Fast-Atom Bombardmentp. 571
Chemical Reactions Induced by FAB and LSIMSp. 575
Desorption Electrospray Ionizationp. 579
Electrospray Droplet Impact/Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometryp. 592
Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Imagingp. 596
Desorption by Cf-252 Fission Fragmentsp. 606
Desorption with Ion Beams from Acceleratorsp. 618
Desorption by Photons
Laser Desorption: Principles and Instrumentationp. 629
Laser Desorption-Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionizationp. 635
Hyperthermal Surface Ionization of Laser-Desorbed Speciesp. 642
UV Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization: Principles, Instrumentation, and Applicationsp. 646
Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization: Matrix Design, Choice, and Applicationp. 662
Ionic Liquids as Matrices for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionizationp. 668
Desorption/Ionization on Silicon (DIOS)p. 676
Solvent-Free Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionizationp. 683
Droplet Levitation as an Enabling Strategy for Picoliter Sample Manipulationp. 689
Atmospheric Pressure Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (AP-MALDI)p. 695
Infrared Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionizationp. 701
Surface Enhanced Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (SELDI-MS)p. 706
Surface Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionizationp. 713
Comparative DNA Sequence Analysis by MALDIp. 722
Biophysical Applications of Desorption and Spray Methods of Ionization
Biopolymer Ions in a Solvent-Free Environmentp. 735
Macromolecular Conformations in Solution from Charge-State Distributions Produced by Electrospray Ionizationp. 746
Large Non-Covalent Biological Complexesp. 756
H/D Amide Exchange Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization: Analysis of Protein-Protein Interfacesp. 765
Direct Mass Spectrometric Methods for Determining Affinityp. 774
Protein-Ligand Interactions in Solution by Mass Spectrometry, Titration and H/D Exchange (PLIMSTEX)p. 782
Self Association Interactions Using Mass Spectrometry, Self Titration, and H/D Exchange (SIMSTEX)p. 789
Stability of Unpurified Proteins from Rates of H/D Exchange (SUPREX) Analysis of Protein Folding and Functionp. 794
Time-Resolved Electrospray Ionizationp. 802
Protein-Carbohydrate Affinities: An Example of a Direct Method to Determine Equilibrium Constantsp. 810
Chemical Crosslinking for Protein Structure Characterizationp. 822
Chemical Footprinting of Proteins: OH Reactionsp. 830
Choice of Ionization for Analysis of Various Substances
Typical Classes of Organic Moleculesp. 841
Natural Productsp. 848
Peptides and Proteinsp. 856
Oligonucleotidesp. 867
Free Fatty Acids and Lipidsp. 876
Carbohydratesp. 889
Organometallicsp. 903
Synthetic Polymersp. 915
Pyrolysis Mass Spectrometryp. 925
Microorganismsp. 938
On-line Organic Aerosol Analysisp. 947
List of Contributorsp. 959
Subject Indexp. 969
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ISBN: 9780080438016
ISBN-10: 0080438016
Series: The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry, Ten-Volume Set : Book 6
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 1030
Published: 18th December 2006
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 18.9 x 24.6  x 5.72
Weight (kg): 2.36
Edition Number: 6

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