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Eleventh International Seaweed Symposium : Proceedings of the Eleventh International Seaweed Symposium, held in Qingdao, People's Republic of China, June 19-25, 1983 - Carolyn J. Bird

Eleventh International Seaweed Symposium

Proceedings of the Eleventh International Seaweed Symposium, held in Qingdao, People's Republic of China, June 19-25, 1983

By: Carolyn J. Bird (Editor), Mark A. Ragan (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 30th November 1984
ISBN: 9789061937739
Number Of Pages: 624

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Opening addresses.- J. McLachlan, Chairman, International Seaweed Association.- Zeng Chengkui (C. K. Tseng), Chairman, National Committee, XIth International Seaweed Symposium.- Feng De-pei, Vice President, Academia Sinica.- Lu Hong, Vice-Governor, Shandong Provincial Government.- Zang Kun, Mayor, City of Qingdao.- One: Plenary Lectures.- Phycological research in the development of the Chinese seaweed industry.- Polyelectrolytes from seaweeds.- Seaweeds in pharmaceutical studies and applications.- Two: Mini Symposia - Special Topic Sessions.- Taxonomy of Gracilaria.- Taxanomy of Gracilaria: Evaluation of some aspects of reproductive structure.- Taxonomic features used in discriminating some central and eastern Pacific species of Gracilaria.- An evaluation of some vegetative features and some interesting problems in Japanese populations of Gracilaria.- Taxonomic criteria in the genus Gracilaria Grev. (Rhodophyta): An experience with the western Atlantic species.- Some problems in the taxonomy of Chinese species of Gracilaria (Rhodophyta).- Cultivation biology of Gracilaria.- Seasonal reproduction and abundance of six sympatric species of Gracilaria Grev. (Gracilariaceae; Rhodophyta) on a Carribean subtidal sand plain.- Cultivation of Gracilaria by means of low rafts.- Managing wild crops of Gracilaria in central Chile.- Strain selection and physiology in the development of Gracilaria mariculture.- Utilization of seaweeds and their products.- Technical aspects of nori (Porphyra) cultivation and quality preservation of nori products in Japan today.- Utilization of burst algal meal as feed for domestic animals and fowls.- The utilization of wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) in Japan and manufacture of 'haiboshi wakame' and some of its biochemical and physical properties.- Separation of antioxygenic (antioxidant) compounds from marine algae.- Production and utilization of microalgae.- The mass culture of Dunaliella salina for fine chemicals: From laboratory to pilot plant.- Mass culture of microalgae in aquaculture systems: Progress and constraints.- Algae in medicine and pharmacology.- Antimicrobial and cytotoxic terpenoids from tropical green algae of the family U doteaceae.- Pharmacological properties of a marine natural product, stypoldione, obtained from the brown alga Stypopodium zonale.- Antitumor activity of edible marine algae: Effect of crude fucoidan fractions prepared from edible brown seaweeds against L-1210 leukemia.- Hypocholesterolemic effect of seaweeds on rats.- Chinese seaweeds in herbal medicine.- GABA-mimetic molecules from Porphyra (Rhodophyta) induce metamorphosis of Haliotis (Gastropoda) larvae.- Antimicrobial activity from marine algae: Results of a large-scale screening programme.- Studies on the biologically active compounds of the algae from the Yellow Sea.- Chemistry of agars and carrageenans.- Properties of Gracilaria agars.- Biochemical and immunochemical analysis of carrageenans of the Gigartinaceae and Phyllophoraceae.- Conformations of ?-carrageenan in solution.- Biology of Acetabularia.- Behavior of tritium in the marine environment: Uptake and distribution of tritiated water and of tritiated organic compounds in unicellular and multicellular algae.- The apicobasal differentiation of the chloroplast population in Acetabularia: In vivo gradient of DNA synthesis.- The effects of blue and red light on the trans cellular electrical potential, cytoplasmic streaming and rRNA transport in Acetabularia acetabulum.- Culture of Acetabularia calyculus from the South China Sea.- Three: Contributed Papers.- Morphology, taxonomy and life histories.- Developmental studies on cultured endolithic conchocelis (Rhodophyta).- Studies on the morphology of conchocelis of Porphyra katadai var. hemiphylla and related species.- Ultrastructural studies on the reproductive organs of Porphyra haitanensis T. J. Chang et B. F. Zheng.- The surface ultrastructure and epithallium shedding of crustose coralline algae in an 'Isoyake' area of southwestern Hokkaido, Japan.- Cell wall thickenings in the taxonomy of Chondria and Husseyella (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) from southern Australia.- Studies on the lime-boring algae of China. 1: A preliminary report on lime-boring algae of the Xisha Islands.- A new aspect of Ulva vegetation along the Japanese coast.- The life history of Gloeophycus koreanum I. K. Lee & Yoo (Rhodophyta, Gloiosiphoniaceae) in culture.- Cultivation - Techniques and applications.- Eucheuma of Taiwan - Emphasizing its mariculture potential.- The commercial cultivation of Eucheuma in China.- The potential for Gracilaria farming in Thailand.- Cultivation of seamoss (Gracilaria) in St. Lucia, West Indies. A preliminary report.- A preliminary study of raft cultivation of Gracilaria verrucosa and Gracilaria sjoestedtii.- The ecological characteristics of monospores of Porphyra yezoensis Ueda and their use in cultivation.- Studies on the artificial cultivation and propagation of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera).- Studies on Undaria pinnatifida.- Cultivation of Laminaria saccharina in the New York Marine Biomass Program.- Marine biomass: A long-term methane supply option.- Mass culture of brackish-water-adapted seaweeds in sewage-enriched seawater. I: Productivity and nutrient accumulation.- Mass culture of brackish-water-adapted seaweeds in sewage-enriched seawater. II: Fermentation for biogas production.- Seaweed cultivation for phycocolloid in the Mediterranean.- The performance of Chondrus crispus (Irish moss) in laboratory simulations of environments in different locations.- Cultivation biology of Gracilaria tikvahiae in the United States.- Biology and economics of growing seaweeds on land in a film culture.- Growth in culture of four red algae from Norway with potential for mariculture.- Vegetative propagation of Porphyra perforata.- Studies on tissue culture of Laminaria japonica and Undaria pinnatifida.- Some genetic features revealed from culturing the haploid cells of kelps.- Studies on the preparation and on the properties of sea snail enzymes.- Resources and management.- Measuring growth, production, and yield of the giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera.- Studies on Nereocystis growth in British Columbia, Canada.- Intraspecific competition and the management of the Bristol Bay herring-roe-on-kelp fishery.- A quantitative survey of the harvestable intertidal seaweed on the west coast of Ireland.- Dragrake harvesting intensity in Irish moss (Chondrus crispus Stackh.) beds in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.- The red algal genus Eucheuma (Gigartinales, Solieriaceae) in East Africa: An underexploited resource.- Marine phycoculture and its impact on the seaweed colloid industry.- FAO interests in promoting understanding of world seaweed resources, their optimal harvesting, and fishery and ecological interactions.- Ecology.- Partitioning of nutrient uptake between annual and perennial seaweeds in a Baltic archipelago area.- The benthic algal vegetation of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, southwest Iceland.- Analysis of seaweed communities in a disturbed rocky intertidal environment near Whites Point, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A..- Effects of diesel oil on recolonization of benthic algae.- Effects of treated municipal wastewater on the early development of sargassaceous plants.- Studies on the regenerative ability of the brown algae Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt and Sargassum tortile C. Agardh.- How many eggs will be discharged from the plant of Sargassum horneri?.- Reproductive phenology of newly introduced populations of the brown alga, Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt.- Observation on the floating seaweeds of near-shore waters of southern Japan.- Settlement of germlings in ten fucalean species.- Influences of macronutrients and water temperatures on summertime survival of Macrocystis canopies.- The effects of harvesting Macrocystis pyrifera on the algal assemblage in a giant kelp forest.- Potential production of the aquatic forest-forming brown alga, Ecklonia cava Kjellman, calculated from individual year classes.- Influence of an aqueous extract of a mineral oil on phototaxis of gametes and zoospores and on germination of the zygotes of Ulva pertusa (Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta).- The importance of substrate type in colonization by Cryptonemia hibernica Guiry et Irvine its associated algae.- Fouling organisms and pathology.- Studies on algal foulants in the coastal waters of China.- Crustose coralline algae as fouling organisms on North Sea oil installations.- Algal blooms and their effects on fishing in the English Channel.- Studies on the green disease of Porphyra haitanensis Chang & Zheng caused nitrogen deficiency.- Physiology.- The effects of light on the growth and development of giant kelp.- Carbonic system-incident energy relationship in Chondrus crispus (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) tank culture.- Studies on H2 evolution Spirulina platensis.- Morphological and physiological responses of Macrocystis pyrifera to nitrate enrichment.- Utilization of ammonium-nitrogen by Porphyra yezoensis and Gracilaria verrucosa.- Effects of 4-iodophenoxyacetic acid on the growth and development of gametophytes and young sporophytes of Laminaria and its application in culturing summer sporelings.- Changes in protosplasmic and vacuolar volume during osmotic adaptation and ion compartmentation in Porphyra umbilicalis.- The relationship between the resistance of intertidal marine benthic algae against osmotic shock and their content of soluble carbohydrates.- Location of carrageenan and incorporation of 35SO42? into sulfur amino acids in the red alga Chondrus crispus.- Iron reduction juvernile Macrocystis pyrifera (L.) C. Agardh.- Studies on phenol content and heavy metal uptake in fucoids.- Chemical composition and properties.- Binding of inorganic elements to kelp residues.- Character of each element on its distribution in seaweeds.- The protein value in human nutrition of edible marine algae in Japan.- Screening for antimicrobial activities in marine algae from the Qingdao coast, China.- Antifungal and antibacterial screening of Dictyotales from the French Mediterranean coast.- Screening of Argentine marine algae for antimicrobial activity.- Antitumor evaluation of marine algae in Argentina.- An antitumor fucoidan fraction from an edible brown seaweed, Laminaria religiosa.- Phycocolloid screening of British Columbia red algae.- Phycocolloid ecology of underutilized economic red algae.- Preliminary study on the alginate contents of Sargassum spp. in Balibago, Calatagan, Philippines.- The yield and properties of agar extracted from different life stages of Gracilaria verrucosa.- Chemical structure and characterization.- Studies on the M:G ratios in alginate.- Isolation of water-soluble alginate from brown algae.- Enzymatic analysis of carrageenans: Structure of carrageenan from Eucheuma nudum.- Studies on the polysaccharide of Eucheuma. III: Effects of alkali metal ions on the solution properties and gel structures of the polysaccharide from Eucheuma gelatinae.- Porphyran primary structure.- ?-Agarases from Pseudomonas atlantica.- Studies on urease extracted from Ulva lactuca.- Glutamata dehydrogenase of Porphyra yezoensis.- Spectroscopic behavior of biliprotein from Porphyra tenera upon denaturation with urea and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS).- Isolation and characterization of R-phycocyanin from Polysiphonia urceolata.- High-molecular-weight phloroglucinol-based tannins from bown algae: Structural variants.- Isolation and characterization of the chloroplast DNA of Macrocystis integrifolia.- Author index.- Chemical components index.- Taxonomic index.

ISBN: 9789061937739
ISBN-10: 9061937736
Series: Developments in Hydrobiology
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 624
Published: 30th November 1984
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 17.78  x 3.51
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