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Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2003 : Proceedings of the Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference, 3-5 September 2003 - S McVitie

Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2003

Proceedings of the Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference, 3-5 September 2003

By: S McVitie (Editor), William David McComb (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 19th February 2004
ISBN: 9780750309677
Number Of Pages: 492

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Electron microscopy is now a mainstay characterization tool for solid state physicists and chemists as well as materials scientists. Containing the proceedings from the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG) conference in September 2003, this volume covers current developments in the field, primarily in the UK. These conferences are biennial events organized by the EMAG of the Institute of Physics to provide a forum for discussion of the latest developments in instrumentation, techniques, and applications of electron and scanning probe microscopies.

Prefacep. v
Plenary Lectures
Imaging and spectroscopy of individual atoms, clusters and interfaces in electronic materials and devicesp. 1
Tomographic diffractive imaging for nanoscience and biologyp. 9
Functional Materials and Biomaterials
Electron energy loss spectroscopy of extended defectsp. 17
TEM assessment of As-doped GaN epitaxial layers grown on sapphirep. 23
Investigating the graphitization of carbon using analytical FEGTEMp. 27
3D analysis of semiconductor structures using HAADF STEM tomographyp. 31
The non-uniform composition profile in Ge(Si)/Si(001) quantum dotsp. 35
The structure of uncapped, buried and multiple stacked Ge/Si quantum dotsp. 39
Image interpretation in Lorentz transmission electron microscopyp. 43
Amorphous ferromagnetic layers for magnetic tunnel junctionsp. 49
Computer simulation and experimental observation of stripe phases in La[subscript 1-x]Ca[subscript x]MnO[subscript 3]p. 53
Structural and compositional characterization of LiF thin films on Sip. 57
Selected techniques for examining the electrical, optical and spatial properties of extended defects in semiconductorsp. 61
A room temperature cathodoluminescence study of dislocations in siliconp. 67
Studies of variations in insertion cations in intergrowth tungsten bronzes (ITBs)p. 71
Study of phase transition in filled-skutterudite PrRu[subscript 4]P[subscript 12] at low temperature by electron diffractionp. 75
Understanding gate oxide materials: ELNES of Hf and Zr compoundsp. 79
Analytical electron microscope investigation of iron within human liver biopsiesp. 83
Scanning electron microscopy of biomaterialsp. 87
Electron microscopy of Si-based photonic materialsp. 91
TEM analysis and fabrication of magnetic nanoparticlesp. 95
TEM studies of dislocation-based silicon light emitting devicesp. 99
Composition modulation and growth-associated defects in GaInNAs/GaAs multi quantum wellsp. 103
Microstructural study of multilayer YBCO on a curved Ni surfacep. 107
The effects of oxygen on the electronic structure of MgB[subscript 2]p. 111
Correlation of electrical and structural properties of Au contacts to KOH treated n-GaNp. 115
ELNES of titanate perovskites--a probe of structure and bondingp. 119
Deformation in GaAs under nanoindentationp. 123
Characterisation of C supported Pt nano-particles using HREMp. 127
Indium fluctuations analysis inside InGaN quantum wells by scanning transmission electron microscopyp. 131
Cathodoluminescence spectral mapping of selectively grown III-nitride structuresp. 135
Structural modelling of nano-amorphous Si-O-N films in silicon nitride ceramicsp. 139
High-resolution scanning electron microscopy of dopants in p-i-n junctions with quantum wellsp. 143
SEM / EDXS and polymers--A sociable couple?p. 147
Nanostructural studies of biomineralised compositesp. 151
RHEED characterisation of the near surface microstructure of Ti-O based biocompatible coatingsp. 155
New Instrumentation
Towards sub-0.5 angstrom beams through aberration corrected STEMp. 159
Development of a C[subscript s] corrector for a Tecnai 20 FEG STEM/TEMp. 165
Accurate FOFEM computations and ray tracing in particle opticsp. 169
Remote microscopy using the gridp. 173
Miniature SEM with permanent-magnet lensesp. 177
Backscattered SEM imaging of high-temperature samples for grain growth studies in metalsp. 181
Imaging Theory
Can Ronchigrams provide a route to sub-angstrom tomographic reconstruction?p. 185
Chromatic aberrations of electrostatic lens doubletsp. 191
Theory of Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Interpretation of diffraction patterns from long-period out-of-phase superlattice structuresp. 195
Measuring isoplanaticity in high-resolution electron microscopyp. 199
A comparison of the column approximation and the Howie-Basinski approach in simulations of TEM images under weak-beam diffraction conditionsp. 203
Regression methods for image distortion of 3-D scanning electron microscopyp. 207
Advances in aberration corrected STEM at ORNLp. 211
Direct visualization of electromagnetic microfields by new double-exposure electron holographyp. 215
Structural Materials
Strategies for one angstrom resolutionp. 219
Crystal structures of the trigonal U1-MgAl[subscript 2]Si[subscript 2] and orthorhombic U2-Mg[subscript 4]Al[subscript 4]Si[subscript 4] precipitates in the Al-Mg-Si alloy systemp. 225
Structural studies of a modulated quaternary layered perovskitep. 229
TEM characterization of stress corrosion cracks in 304SSp. 233
EBSD study of the hot deformation microstructure characteristics of a type 316L austenitic stainless steelp. 237
Energy-filtered imaging of Cu-nanoprecipitatesp. 241
Characterisation of dispersions within annealed HVOLF thermally sprayed AlSnCu coatingsp. 245
Characterisation of polluted clay-zeolite landfill liner materials using scanning electron microscopyp. 249
Electron microscopy of defects in oxide-dispersion strengthened ferritic alloysp. 253
Microstructural characterisation of a rapidly solidified NiMo steelp. 257
Electron back scatter diffraction and x-ray pole figure analysis of c-axis textured [alpha]-alumina fabricated by gel-castingp. 261
A preliminary study into microstructural characterisation of the river Porsuk sediments, Turkeyp. 265
Phosphorus segregation and intergranular embrittlement in 2.25Cr1Mo steelp. 269
Investigation of grain boundaries in LPS aluminas by TEMp. 273
A proposed new structure for GPB2/S" in Al-Cu-Mg alloysp. 277
Microstructural observation of overload effect on the fatigue crack growth of 2024-T3 Al-alloyp. 281
Advances in Nanoanalysis
Perspectives in nanoanalysisp. 285
Composition profiles from TiN/NbN multilayers: elastic and inelastic electron scattering techniques comparedp. 291
EELS ALCHEMI Revisitedp. 295
Spectrum imaging of high-k dielectric stacksp. 299
EELS study of near edge fine structure in Al[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]N alloysp. 303
Retrieval of anisotropic displacement parameters in Mg from convergent beam electron diffraction experimentsp. 307
The effect of radiation damage on anomalous absorption in the TEMp. 311
Sputtering and the formation of nanometre holes in Ni[subscript 3]Al under intense electron beam irradiationp. 315
High loss EELS at dislocations in diamondp. 319
Characterisation of the [less than sign]500nm fraction of airborne particulates using TEM, EDX and EELSp. 323
Electron energy-loss (EEL) spectroscopy observations of filled carbon nanotubesp. 327
Advances in Imaging
Indirect transmission electron microscopy; aberration measurement and compensation and exit wave reconstructionp. 331
Moveable aperture lensless microscopy: a novel phase retrieval algorithmp. 337
Wavelet image analysis in aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopyp. 341
Calculations of limited coherence for high resolution electron microscopyp. 345
High tilt, automated, electron tomography of materials by incoherent (HAADF) and inelastic (EFTEM) scatteringp. 349
Improved visibility of thin amorphous intergranular films using Fourier filteringp. 353
Sample Preparation and Nanofabrication
Modern approaches to the preparation of TEM samplesp. 357
The application of tripod polishing and focused ion beam milling to the TEM specimen preparation of HVOF thermally sprayed coatingsp. 363
The effects of sample preparation on electron holography of semiconductor devicesp. 367
TEM analysis of dual column FIB processed Si/SiGe MOSFET device structuresp. 371
Electron beam nanofabrication of amorphous chalcogenide-metal masksp. 375
Crystal silicon tip arrays fabricated by laser interference ablation of amorphous silicon filmsp. 379
Surfaces and Interfaces
Microscopy with atomic beams: contrast in a scanning helium microscopep. 383
SE dopant contrast in LVSEM: the effects of surface and vacuum conditionsp. 389
Size dependence of the contact angle of Bi liquid clusters supported on SiOp. 393
ELNES modelling of interfaces in steelsp. 397
Intergranular films in Si[subscript 3]N[subscript 4] studied by TEMp. 401
The unsuitability of Fresnel fringes for estimating intergranular film thickness in doped-aluminap. 405
Compositional characterisation of electrostatic bondsp. 409
Oxidation of nanoscale TiAlN/VN multilayer coatingsp. 413
Electrochemical and AFM/SEM studies of Ni-Cr electroplated and sol-gel coated samplesp. 417
The surface morphology and nanoscale electrical conductivity studies of the chemical etching and laser annealing processed indium-tin-oxide filmsp. 421
Using SEM for post-test analysis of HVOF-sprayed WC-Cr-Ni and WC/CrC coatings after erosion-corrosion in concentrated slurriesp. 425
Investigation of the interfaces between boride particles and aluminium in the as-received and re-melted Ti-B-Al grain refiner master alloyp. 429
Understanding interfacial bonding in alumina doped yttria-stabilised tetragonal zirconia using electron energy loss spectroscopyp. 433
Probing electronic states in nanotubes and related-nanoparticles at the nanometer scalep. 437
Energy loss near edge structure study of fullerenesp. 443
Structural characterisation of carbon nanotubes in the presence of a Ni catalystp. 447
Off-axis electron holography and image spectroscopy of ferromagnetic FeNi nanoparticlesp. 451
LaI[subscript 2]@(18,3)SWNT: the crystallisation behaviour of a LaI[subscript 2] fragment, confined within a single-walled carbon nanotubep. 455
Electron tomography of heterogeneous catalystsp. 459
High resolution TEM investigation of CeO[subscript 2]/Sm[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] - supported Pd catalysts for methanol reforming in intermediate temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cellsp. 463
Self-alignment of CdS nanoclusters observed by HRTEMp. 467
The effects of catalyst preparation techniques and synthesis temperature on the production of carbon nanotubes by the CVD methodp. 471
EFTEM investigation of silica nanotubes produced using designed self-assembling [beta]-sheet peptide fibrils as templatesp. 475
HRTEM characterisation of surface effects in iron oxide nanoparticlesp. 479
Author indexp. 483
Subject indexp. 487
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ISBN: 9780750309677
ISBN-10: 0750309679
Series: Institute of Physics Conference
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 492
Published: 19th February 2004
Country of Publication: GB
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