Wild Horses Don't Swim - Michael Keenan

Wild Horses Don't Swim


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The author of the bestselling The Horses Too Are Gone takes us on another unforgettable adventure.

Australian farmer Mike Keenan's first book - a true story of battling drought to save his cattle and his farm - touched a chord with Australian readers. Now Mike takes us into the magnificent wilderness of the west Kimberley, in a personal quest to highlight the problems of this beautiful but troubled region.

a dam on the Fitzroy would cause an environmental disaster greater than any Australia has ever known.

With the help of the local Banuba people, fierce opponents of the dam that threatened their homeland and sacred sites, Mike organised a horseback trek to explore the area and discover what was at stake. What he found was a paradise of unique plants, pristine rivers and dramatic gorges.

In Wild Horses Don't Swim we join Mike, his intrepid wife Sal and their Bunuba friends in an action-packed adventure as they dodge wild bulls, ford raging torrents, brave bushfires and climb sheer cliffs - searching for the legendary rock art that might be lost forever.

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