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Understand Your Dreams : 1500 Basic Dream Images and How to Interpret Them - Alice Anne Parker

Understand Your Dreams

1500 Basic Dream Images and How to Interpret Them

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This revised and updated edition of a classic book on dream interpretation includes 500 more images and a new three-step process for understanding the messages of your subconscious mind. Divided into four sections, Understand Your Dreams includes: an introduction to dreams with directions for using the book, a short-cut method of interpreting your dreams, a longer eight-step method for deeper interpretation, and a glossary with more than 2000 images from A to Z. In the vocabulary section, each entry includes common associations for the image and questions to ask yourself to understand the image in the context of your own life and dream. For example, the association for "zombie" is "living death" and the question is "What am I afraid to let go of?" For "scissors": "feminine weapon; separation" and "What do I wish to cut out?" The format is inviting and interesting reading, and, based on the letters the author receives, the work has proven to be useful for thousands of readers for the past 10 years. What makes Understand Your Dreams unique? Alice Anne Parker has developed a proven technique to recall and record dreams while they are still fresh in the dreamer's mind by grouping similar images, feelings, and characters into affinity circles. By pinpointing the feelings and images of dreams and identifying them with the dreamer's waking life, readers gain insights into their own subconscious. The extensive dream dictionary shows how dream images trigger pivotal questions that stimulate ideas and associations in the reader - something that mere definitions cannot. Parker goes on to guide the reader into developing a personal dream vocabulary and explains how to work with a partner or lover to cultivate "active dreaming."

"Understand Your Dreams is wonderful."

Remembering and Understanding Your Dreams -- Dream Work -- The New Three-Step Method -- What Is the Theme of My Dream? -- How Do I Feel in My Dream? -- When Do I Have This Feeling in My Waking Life? -- What to Do When You Can't Quickly Identify the Dream Theme? -- An Eight-Step Method -- Record the Images of Your Dream -- What Word or Phrase Best Expresses Your Feeling in This Dream? -- When Is This Same Feeling Present in Your Waking Life? -- What Were the Significant Activities in Your Dream? -- Working with a Partner -- List the Characters in Your Dream -- What Part of You Does Each Dream Figure Represent? -- List the Significant Places, Objects, Colors, and Events in the Dream -- Personal Dream Vocabularies -- Sample Dream Analysis -- What Changes, If Any, Would You Like to Make in This Dream? -- Changing Bad Dreams into Good Ones -- Briefly Summarize the Dream's Meaning -- How Does This Apply to Your Waking Life? -- Case History Using the Eight-Step Process -- Basic Dream Images.

ISBN: 9781932073393
ISBN-10: 1932073396
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 272
Published: 31st August 2011
Publisher: New World Library
Edition Number: 1