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Together is Best - Sergio Blanco


Published: 15th July 2014
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Three rabbit friends discover what they are best at: Darcy finds no other rabbit can outperform him in digging, Farold realizes that he is the best runner, and Howell's long ears enable him to hear over very long distances. Each of the three rabbits is very proud of their own ability and anticipates recognition from their friends.

When they meet, each of them is only focused on talking about his own qualities without listening the others. Their individual believes that their own skills are the most important skill for a rabbit to have result in a loud and passionate argument that catches the attention of a hungry lynx. The lynx captures the rabbits and takes them to his hut to cook them for lunch. In order to have his hands free for the meal preparation, the lynx puts the rabbits under a metal cage with a heavy rock on top to keep them from escaping. He then goes about the process of meal preparation with the scared rabbits looking on.

Under pressure, the story tells how the rabbits realize that individual skills are useless for an escape....unless they combine their abilities.

A clever and well-planned combination of Darcy's digging, Farold's speed and Howell's listening skills might just work.

Tension rises as they put the plan into action, all under the watchful eyes of the lynx who is anticipating a meal comprised of the three friends.

Several times the rabbits almost despair of being able to escape and indeed, they escape the cauldron with not a minute to spare.

Discover yourself how the rabbits got into this dreadful situation, all the effort it took to get away and what they learned through the experience.

Sergio Blanco was born in Valpara?so, Chile at the end of 1945. Since his early childhood he always loved stories, those he was told by his father as well as the tales of adventures he soon learned to make up for his friends. In 1978 he came to the US to study for a Ph.D. in Environmental Planning, and has since done work teaching environmental sciences in the US, as well as providing environmental consulting for multiple countries in Latin America. Sergio liked coming up with many stories which he told to his three sons, Cristi?n, Nicolas and Daniel, who each enjoyed several different tales growing up, with different storylines and different characters. "Together is best" is one such story. Sergio currently lives in Philadelphia, with his German wife Brigitte

Key Words - Adventure, Suspense, Children's Book, Bedtime Story, Skills, Competition, Cooperation, Friendship

ISBN: 9781622876129
ISBN-10: 1622876121
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 15th July 2014
Edition Number: 1