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This Land We Once Knew - Gracie Brown

This Land We Once Knew


Published: 15th January 2014
Format: ePUB
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After a global apocalypse, a young woman fights for survival against the savage land the world has become. Shattered, torn, and inhabited not only by the infected but the most notorious criminals that now run free, the world is against her every step of the way. But she will fight until the end.

It happened in a moment. A seemingly innocent cure for the common cold suddenly mutates, nearly destroying the world and killing 3/4 of the population; many of the remaining people are turned into Hybrids, veined creatures that hunt the dwindling number of survivors. Freed from their prisons, the criminals take it upon themselves to destroy the remaining survivors, angered at the way they were treated in the past.

Sparrow Jacobs manages to survive the outbreak, traveling on her own after her family perishes; she bands together with fellow survivors and helps them to fight the infected and the criminals roaming about. However, when a cure is rumored to exist, she must risk her life to retrieve it, as the leader of the criminal population holds a personal grudge against Sparrow. The reformation of the Earth or the complete collapse of everything everyone has held on to is up to her.

Gracie Brown lives with her family in California. She enjoys writing in her spare time and is currently working on a new novel.

thrilling, dangerously exciting, teen fiction, intense, rousing, striking, page turner

ISBN: 9781622874972
ISBN-10: 1622874978
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 15th January 2014
Edition Number: 1