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The Simple Manifesto : Marketing principles to save you time, increase profit and create your dream business in a SNAP! - Wes Towers

The Simple Manifesto

Marketing principles to save you time, increase profit and create your dream business in a SNAP!

By: Wes Towers, Alan Gilmour (Editor), James Tuckerman (Foreword by)

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What if the business guru’s were wrong?

You get told you need complex marketing systems, elaborate sales pitches, social media “relationships.” That you must have employee manuals, hiring procedures, and organisational flow charts. But what if everything you have heard about small business was wrong?

These conventional, complicated strategies might work for some. But you feel that they’re not for you. Why? Because our fast-paced, ever-changing business environments don’t need complex systems.

Instead, small business owners and entrepreneurs like you need something inspirational. Something for when the going is tough. You want to know the common challenges, and you want to see some ideas to overcome them. Ideas that worked and ideas that didn’t – so you can save time by not making the same mistakes.

You need a flexible system that focuses your inputs to get the best possible result.

You want achievable, practical and helpful advice. Fast. And above all, you need simple.

The Simple Manifesto challenges conventional marketing strategies by stepping away from prescriptive, rigid formulas. Instead, this book helps you throw away the complexity, letting you reach your big goals without wasting your precious time. You may even enjoy yourself.

The Simple Manifesto delivers valuable insight across four sections. Known as “lenses”, these fresh perspectives focus on simplifying the business building process.

Standpoint, Nonconformist, Approach and Position.

Known as SNAP for short, this lensing framework lets you see ways to realign the existing components of your business (and your life). So you can focus your efforts in a new, clearly defined way to produce a better outcome. A successful outcome.

The result? Greater clarity for you, the leader and entrepreneur.

You're always in control. This book doesn’t demand anything of you. You choose what to accept, reject, do now or do later. Some SNAP lenses will be more relevant for you to focus on right now. While others may be more appropriate to consider further into your business journey.

Simple. Fun. Sometimes counter-intuitive – and maybe even controversial. The Simple Manifesto helps you kill complexity – and that’s just what you need.

"In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and confusing, particularly in the world of social media and digital marketing, it is refreshing to find an approach that encourages simplicity and uncovers the practical values of such a position. The Simple Manifesto will provide your business with a practical pathway to achieving your goals." - Mark Holden, Leadership expert, executive coach mentor & project coach "Whether you are contemplating going into business, lost faith in your direction, or looking to take your business to the next level, "The Simple Manifesto" clears all the jargon and slick talk. It expands your mind to think outside the box so you can take back your life, while you grow your business. Wes is not proposing theories; he is on the coalface and, like all of us that have done the hard yards to grow a successful business, has made a heap of mistakes leaving him wiser and savvier so he understands what is required to be successful. This book is your 24/7 mentor that will guide you with sound advice on how to navigate the minefield called Business." - Rosemary McCallum PH.D, Key Note Speaker, Change Activist & Author of "Outrageous Courage" "In today's world of disruptive technology and thought, it is refreshing to read a book that challenges the 'status-quo' of marketing thinking. Wes' clear writing style, along with his simplistic 'SNAP' view for streamlining marketing for small business, makes absolute sense and is easy to follow. I would highly recommend this book to any small business owner looking to get results rather than sift through a myriad of marketing information." - Anthony M Turner, Director of The Small Business Institute and Founder/Director of Business Success Radio "Being a rebel by nature I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Simple Manifesto. If you are conventional in business by nature, then do yourself a favour and take a walk on the wild side, and consider the opportunities you may be missing. You might just surprise yourself. Being labelled a 'con-artist' in the past would have been offensive, but having seen it in a new light, I would agree it is a term I would take on without hesitation. This book covers a lot of great information, and for those who run their business and have no knowledge of how optimise their online marketing or websites, the second half will explain it with great clarity and a bit of fun. Even so, leave it to the experts, but become involved and get this book for an easy read. You may even find a bit of yourself in it." - Nobby Kleinman, Money Rules - CEO & BGB "The Simple Manifesto is strikingly innovative in its approach, stepping outside of the square to challenge its readers. Thought-provoking and insightful, Wes gives power to the reader by leaving any decisions in the reader's hands. The Simple Manifesto goes against all the rules in the best way possible, challenging everything you thought you knew about marketing. Really, a great read!" - Pauline Rooney, MPC, NLP, HYP, Dip Y, Presenter, Author "The Simple Manifesto is so simple, yet so powerful with a lot of ideas for beginners and advanced entrepreneurs. I wish I had this when I started my business..." - Obu Ramaraj, Author of Smart Women, Smart Home Loans "I have read hundreds of books on business over the years and after a while they all start to sound the same so when I read "The Simple Manifesto", it was like a breath of fresh air. Written with simplicity in mind it took me through the process of viewing my business from a different angle. I could really relate to the stories and strategies throughout the book and with each chapter, new and exciting ideas started to appear (I filled an entire note pad). If you are looking for a book that will give you a fresh perspective on business this is it!" - Amanda Robins, Superfy HQ, Intuitive Creative Director

1-Foreword - James Tuckerman; 2-What if the Business Gurus Were Wrong; 3-Lens 1: Standpoint; 4-Why The Simple Manifesto?; 5-The Simple Agents (SAs); 6-The Creativity Thief; 7-Parties of Many, Parties of One; 8-What I Learnt from an Ice Addict; 9-The Standpoint Shift; 10-A New Sales Standpoint; 11-Dream Settings; 12-What's Your Centre?; 13-Eliminate Confusion; 14-Simplify Your Vision; 15-Wisdom of the Heart; 16-Reinventing Your Vision; 17-Standpoint Theory; 18-Lens 2: Nonconformist; 19-The School of the Con-Artist; 20-What About the Haters?; 21-Personality and Perceptions; 22-Sacking Your Customers; 23-Loyalty and Broken Promises; 24-What I Learnt Growing up in a Cult; 25-Question Authority; 26-Mind-Numbing Market Research; 27-Make Your Competition Irrelevant; 28-Unconventional Customer Profile; 29-Networking Event Blunders; 30-Eliminate Options; 31-The Imperfectionist; 32-Lens 3: Approach; 33-Get Stuff Done by Eliminating Tasks; 34-Being a Start-up is No Excuse!; 35-Movements and Momentum; 36-Branding Lies & Logo Design; 37-What You Don't Know Can Hurt You; 38-Simple Website Marketing; 39-Landing Page Experiments; 40-Search Engine Optimisation and the Magic Bullet; 41-Lens 4: Position; 42-Content Marketing for Mortals and Machines; 43-The Social Media Revolution; 44-Swimming Against the Stream; 45-Collaboration Learnt the Hard Way; 46-Shrinking for Simple Growth; 47-The SAs Dream Team; 48-Clumsy Corporates; 49-The Power of Small; 50-The Simple Manifesto 2.0;

ISBN: 9780994367617
ISBN-10: 0994367619
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 202
Published: 21st September 2015
Publisher: Omnific Design