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The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need : Discover Your Innate Ability to Unlock the Mystery of Today and Predict the Future Tomorrow - Michael R Hathaway

The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need

Discover Your Innate Ability to Unlock the Mystery of Today and Predict the Future Tomorrow

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Achieve the power of second sight!

Find out if he really loves you.
Read your boss's mind.
Predict the winning lottery numbers.

Believe it or not, you have these fortune-telling talents-everyone does! You just need to learn how to channel your strengths. Take a deeper look at deja vu, dream meanings, horoscopes, and your five senses, and you'll be calling yourself a psychic in no time!

With this clear and concise guide, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your strongest senses and use them to your advantage
  • Conduct powerful exercises with your third eye
  • Make smart decisions based on divination
The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need is your key to unlocking the truth. From relationship worries to career questions, there's no telling what your third eye will reveal to you!

Psychic ability explained -- Everyone is psychic -- Your conscious, unconscious, and universal minds -- Different types of intuition -- Traveling in and out of a trance -- Balancing your mind -- Edgar Cayce, father of the New Age -- Evaluating psychic experiences -- Do you recall? -- Near death experiences and lessons -- As a child -- D??j?? vu and learning from past lives -- Guidance from within -- Tune in and develop your gift -- Synchronize internal and external messages -- Youre not alone -- Let your belief ground you -- Gather yourself and let go of your fears -- Big picture, little picture -- Role of religion in the supernatural -- Put your belief to work -- The golden light of the universe -- Filled with your golden light -- Looking out of your third eye into your chakras -- Interact with the world around you, your five senses -- Which sense is your strength? -- Exercise to open the channel -- Use your universal mind -- The seven energy centers in your body -- Balance your chakras -- Keeping energy centers open with massage and color therapy -- Chakras and your psychic development -- Clairvoyance is a visual gift -- clear seeing -- How do you see? -- Clairvoyant visions and connections -- Embarking on an imaginary adventure -- Exercise your gift -- Record second sight success -- What are you hearing? : clairaudience -- Clear hearing -- Opening your throat chakra -- Listen to internal noise -- Hearing things that others do not -- Sounds and sights come together in psychic flow -- That special feeling, clairsentience -- Whats that feeling? -- Figure out your feeling for others -- Physical feelings of emotions -- How does your energy fit into the universe? -- Protect your heart chakra -- The joining of the psychic senses -- Anchor your psychic self -- Past to present, fortunetelling tactics -- Dreams as psychic mediums -- Unfinished business reappears -- Predictions and insight about the future -- Look for symbols and sequences -- Tarot tells all -- Using tarot in divination -- Astrological bodies affect human potential -- Your personalized horoscope reading -- Psychic toolbox -- Scrying to peer into the future -- The crystal ball, not what you may think -- Energy emanating rocks and runes -- Ancient form of fortunetelling, tealeaves -- Connect to the other side with a ouija board -- Lines and patterns in palmistry -- Use your senses as tools, too -- When it comes to your health -- Alternative psychic healing methods -- Positive energy fields and understanding auras -- Healing the source of negative energy -- The art of reiki and other healing methods -- Keep your wits about you! -- Your own medical intuition -- Everyone needs a little help sometimes -- Visiting a psychic reader or medium -- Gathering your thoughts about group readings -- Long distant readings can work, too -- The truth about predictions -- Psychic power : a gift or a curse -- Newfound knowledge -- Continuing development -- If you call yourself a psychic -- Practice your talent -- Break up energy buildup -- Remember where your power originates -- Trust your teachers to appear when you need them -- Along the road, on your life path -- This is just the beginning : enjoy your journey!

ISBN: 9781440515064
ISBN-10: 1440515069
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 192
Published: 1st December 2007
Publisher: Adams Media