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The Nikon D90 Companion - Ben Long

The Nikon D90 Companion

By: Ben Long


Published: 18th March 2009
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Through easy-to-follow lessons, this handy book offers a complete class on digital photography, tailored specifically for people who use the Nikon D90. This is not your typical camera guide: rather than just show you what all the buttons do, it teaches you how to use the D90's features to make great photographs-including professional-looking images of people, landscapes, action shots, close-ups, night shots, HD video, and more.

With Ben Long's creative tips and technical advice, you have the perfect, camera-bag-friendly reference that will help you capture stunning pictures anywhere, anytime. The Nikon D90 Companion will show you how to:

  • Take creative control and go beyond automatic settings
  • Learn the basic rules of composition
  • Capture decisive moments, including fast-moving objects
  • Discover ways to use a flash indoors and outdoors
  • Learn about different lenses, and the best time to use them
  • Understand the options for shooting RAW, and whether it's right for you
  • Use the D90's ability to shoot high definition video

Acknowledgments; Preface; For More Information; Safari?? Books Online; Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Nikon D90; 1.1 Resetting the Camera's Defaults; 1.2 Snapshot Shooting in Auto Mode; 1.3 The Viewfinder Status Display; 1.4 The LCD Control Panel; 1.5 Viewing Your Images; 1.6 Using Scene Modes; 1.7 Snapshot Tips; Chapter 2: Anatomy of the Nikon D90; 2.1 What Is an SLR Anyway?; 2.2 Cleaning and Maintenance; 2.3 Body Parts; 2.4 The Nikon D90 Menu System; 2.5 Holding the Camera; 2.6 The Lens; 2.7 More Auto Practice; Chapter 3: Playing Back Images; 3.1 Image Review; 3.2 Image Playback; 3.3 Erasing Images; 3.4 Protecting Images; Chapter 4: Image Transfer; 4.1 Media Cards; 4.2 Transferring from Your Camera; 4.3 Installing the Nikon Software; 4.4 Transferring Images to a Windows Computer; 4.5 Transferring Images to a Macintosh Computer; 4.6 Using Nikon Transfer for Mac or Windows; 4.7 Transferring Images Manually Using Windows or the Mac; 4.8 Using the Camera to Select Images for Transfer; 4.9 Organizing Your Images; 4.10 After You've Transferred Your Images; Chapter 5: Photography 101; 5.1 Over- and Underexposure; 5.2 Exposure Mechanisms; 5.3 Why There Are Two Ways to Control Light; 5.4 Thinking Again About Auto Mode; 5.5 Summing Up; Chapter 6: Program Mode; 6.1 Switching to Program Mode; 6.2 Focusing Revisited; 6.3 Focus Modes; 6.4 Getting Creative with Flexible Program; 6.5 Vibration Reduction: Help with Handheld Shooting; 6.6 Changing ISO; 6.7 White Balance; 6.8 Release Mode and the Self-Timer; 6.9 Choosing an Image Size and Format; 6.10 Summing Up Program Mode; Chapter 7: Advanced Exposure; 7.1 The Light Meter Revisited; 7.2 Using Exposure Compensation to Over- or Underexpose; 7.3 Using the Histogram; 7.4 Using Priority Modes to Control Exposure; 7.5 Manual Mode; 7.6 Exposure Bracketing; 7.7 Scene Modes Revisited; 7.8 Picture Controls; 7.9 Creating a Better Exposure with Fill Flash; 7.10 Active D-Lighting: The Virtual Flash; 7.11 A Word About Dynamic Range; 7.12 In-Camera Retouching and Editing; 7.13 Choosing a Color Space; 7.14 Summing Up; Chapter 8: Finding and Composing a Photo; 8.1 Learning to See Again; 8.2 How to Make a Photo; 8.3 Practice; Chapter 9: Specialty Shooting; 9.1 Live View; 9.2 Shooting Panoramas; 9.3 Low-Light Shooting; 9.4 Shooting Video; 9.5 Shooting Multiple Exposures; Chapter 10: Flash Shooting; 10.1 Controlling Existing Light; 10.2 Using the D90's On-Camera Flash; 10.3 Red-Eye Reduction; 10.4 Using an External Flash; Chapter 11: Raw Shooting; 11.1 What Is Raw?; 11.2 Why Use Raw?; 11.3 Raw Hassles (the Disadvantages); 11.4 Shooting Raw with the Nikon D90; 11.5 Processing Your Raw Files; Chapter 12: Customizing the D90; 12.1 My Menu and Recent Settings; 12.2 Custom Settings; 12.3 Lenses;

ISBN: 9780596555665
ISBN-10: 0596555660
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 304
Published: 18th March 2009
Publisher: O'Reilly