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The Firstborn Advantage : Making Your Birth Order Work for You - Dr. Kevin Leman

The Firstborn Advantage

Making Your Birth Order Work for You

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Bestselling author, humorist, and internationally known psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman helps firstborns understand their natural advantages for the highest level of personal success at home, at school, at work, and in relationships.

Introduction: Will the firstborn please stand up? -- Just who are the firstborns? -- What's this birth order business about anyway? -- It has everything to do with your place in the family and your entire life -- Who's on first? -- Just because you're the first child born in a family, does that make you the firstborn? : here's why or why not -- The firstborn personality -- Firstborns are achievers : they get things done ... but there's a flip side to always winning -- Why firstborns are the way they are -- From day one, they're in charge, they always have the thickest photo album, they set the benchmark for every other child in the family -- Where do I go to buy one of those firstborns? -- You can't buy 'em, you can't teach 'em (at least not very well) -- Firstborn has innate skills that are hard to beat if he or she is balanced in life -- Has the critical eye turned on you? -- If there's anything firstborns struggle with, it's criticism : did you have a flaw picker as a parent? are you a flaw picker? here's how to turn that around for your own and others' good -- The firstborn advantage at home -- How to use your firstborn skills to strengthen your relationships with your spouse and children (who may be the same or a different birth order than you) -- The firstborn advantage at school -- How to use your firstborn nature to set reasonable goals and to encourage both yourself and your children as you pursue excellence ... not frustration -- The firstborn advantage at work -- How you can win at business anytime and all the time -- The firstborn advantage in relationships -- Why birds of a feather flock together ... but sometimes cause problems in the nest -- Making the most of being a firstborn -- What do you really want out of life? : you can break free of your own and others' expectations.

ISBN: 9781441216595
ISBN-10: 1441216596
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 1st September 2008