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The Empty Nest - Fiona Palmer


Published: 26th March 2014
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Mothers' Day has always been a special day for Sandi, because her beloved kids spoil her rotten. But this year won't be the same. Her daughter, Gracie, has joined her brother Jack at boarding school and Sandi dreads waking up to a quiet house. Even her husband, Paul, seems distant and preoccupied with farm work. So she never could have guessed what the day has in store . . .

The Empty Nest includes an exclusive preview from Fiona Palmer's novel, The Sunnyvale Girls.


My first eBook


My first eBook, bought as a trial really. Nice simple read of only a few pages.



The Empty Nest

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The last Saturday in April was perfect. The sun warmed Sandi's skin, drenching it with goodness, and the air carried a hint of the cold crispness of dawn. The sun had risen from the horizon and the birds were in full chirp. The pink and grey cockies were the loudest, screeching overhead in the old gum tree they'd nearly stripped bare. Having grown up on a farm, Sandi appreciated her morning walks. She loved taking in her surroundings and drawing on them for inspiration and energy. And to make it perfect was the little hand she held, so delicate and warm. The slim fingers slipped from her grasp as her daughter, Gracie, ran ahead to catch a butterfly that flitted across their path.

'I'll see if I can catch it, Mum,' said Gracie, her lanky arms and legs moving forward with determination.

Gracie was good on her feet. She danced around the butterfly as lightly as a cloud floating around in the sun, even though they walked along the rough firebreak at the edge of the paddock. Gracie's golden hair swished about her shoulders as she jumped and her smile was so big that the faint freckles across her checks seemed to move. Gracie had her blonde hair and her father's blue eyes. Sandi's heart lurched with all the love of a mother, almost overwhelming her to tears. She'd just spent an amazing few weeks with both her kids over the Easter break and now they were about to leave for high school again. It just wasn't fair.

Turning away to wipe a stray tear, Sandi noticed a kangaroo in the paddock of stubble left over from harvest. While it sat watching her, a joey flipped out of its pouch. The roo turned her head to the side and Sandi felt like they were sharing a mummy moment. 'They don't stay babies forever,' she whispered. And wasn't that the truth.
Fiona Palmer

Fiona Palmer lives in the tiny rural town of Pingaring in Western Australia, three and a half hours south-east of Perth. She discovered Danielle Steel at the age of eleven, and has now written her own brand of rural romance. She has attended romance writers' groups and received an Australian Society of Authors mentorship for her first novel, The Family Farm.

She has followed on from its success with many more novels all bestsellers.

She has extensive farming experience, does the local mail run, and was a speedway-racing driver for seven years.

She spends her days writing, working as a farm hand, helping out in the community and looking after her two children.

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ISBN: 9781743485491
ISBN-10: 1743485492
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 12
Published: 26th March 2014
Edition Type: Digital original