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Strange and Dangerous Dreams : The Fine Line Between Adventure and Madness - Geoff Powter

Strange and Dangerous Dreams

The Fine Line Between Adventure and Madness


Published: 1st August 2006
Format: ePUB
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* Explores the darker psychological drama behind the exploits of eleven adventurers, famous and lesser-known
* Written by a practicing clinical psychologist
* Accounts include heretofore unpublished information provided by archival witnesses, friends, and family

The golden hero willing to walk through fire elevates us all beyond our fears and limits. But more often than readily seen, there are darker reasons for dangerous pursuits. Where falls the line between adventure and madness? Geoff Powter, a practicing clinical psychologist, looks into the stories of eleven troubled adventurers, divided into three categories: The Burdened, The Bent, and The Lost.

Polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott has been called a "willing martyr" ready to die for the mystical deliverance of adventure.

Meriwether Lewis, convinced that he had failed to achieve the objectives set by mentor and father figure, Thomas Jefferson, died by his own hand.

Maurice Wilson's plan for climbing Everest included deliberately crashing his plane as high as possible on the mountain.

Jean Batten was a remarkably driven early aviator whose clothes and make-up were always more perfect than her flying technique.

Polar balloonist Solomon Andr?e was certain that his rigorous understanding of scientific principles would overcome any challenge posed by nature or equipment failure.

Aleister Crowley, a brilliant mountaineer who founded the Golden Dawn cult, was labeled pathologically, and even fatally, arrogant.

In each of these stories, darkness of some kind -- ambition, ego, a thirst for redemption, the need to please others -- carried these characters in a perilous direction. In the end, understanding these difficult but utterly human stories helps us comprehend the deepest purpose and allure of adventure, and, ultimately, to more honestly measure ourselves.

Meriwether Lewis : our melancholy hero -- Robert Falcon Scott : a struggle for existence -- Solomon Andr??e : we cannot fail -- Donald Crowhurst : the reward was madness -- John Franklin : the man who shouldn't have been there -- Jean Batten : a terrible beauty -- Aleister Crowley : the wickedest man in the world -- Claudio Corti : only a madman would try such a thing -- Maurice Wilson : an elaborate suicide -- Earl Denman : the romantic heart -- Guy Waterman, Johnny Waterman, Bill Waterman : walking into darkness.

ISBN: 9781594852343
ISBN-10: 1594852340
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 256
Published: 1st August 2006
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
Edition Number: 1