Spy Land Women Play Me


Published: 31st January 2014
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Ritthaler breaks through the ceiling of the boundaries of previous e-book writers by providing a bread crumb trail for the reader to follow within the chapters of this brilliant e-book "Spy Land Women Play Me". Ritthaler moves beyond expectations of the reader by creating a paper trail outside of the e-book through a series of internet links to web sites blogs he and other create combined with actual online internet newspaper articles and You Tube music videos. The reader is given a fresh new experience as they combine research that can follow beyond the chapters of the genius behind the writing crafted within his e-book. This charming story has a serious side the reader can investigate online; and is full of one funny situation after the other; all spider-webbed together raising the readers experience bar on supplying countless belly laughs as you read his well-crafted, interesting spy story.

The spy agency is Charlie's life. He is the playboy stereo type James Bond living in Sarasota Florida; soon to be promoted to lead the Spy Land Agency office in Miami.

Charlie has had Phil as the same undercover partner for almost ten years. They know each other's moves like the back of their hands. They were placed together in a team ten years ago under a special program designed their Captain at the time. His objective was to create a super cop combination covertly working with the assets of the Pentagon; placing two people with opposite backgrounds and thought and behavior patterns on the same team. The objective of the operation was to develop two people designed to think as one person; outside the box and develop an undercover team combination that had Ivy League and street cop credibility complimented with right and left brain strong traits.

Both men have done their time on the street fighting drug trafficking and prostitution and now they are climbing the ladder of the Spy Land Agency ladder heading up a homeland defense anti-terrorism squad. One of their main tasks is to study a covert spy in Canada and gleam everything they can from his operations without contacting him or paying him for his expertise in creating anti-terrorism operations.

Charlie is a white skinned man and Phil is a dark skinned man, and together they spend their time solving cases and experiencing the may pleasures and nightmares crafted by charming ladies as they unite together fighting terrorism and Russian spies; ending up in many complicated situations surrounded by a variety of different circumstances that end up getting the men into more funny and dangerous situations filled with more trouble than they have ever thought possible.

This is a must read for people in search of a funny, happy, feel good story and serious side of an interactive spy adventure.

ISBN: 2370004828398
ISBN-10: 2370004828
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 248
Published: 31st January 2014
Edition Number: 1

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