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Spam Kings, Hardcover Edition : The Real Story Behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and %*@)# Enlargements - Brian S. McWilliams

Spam Kings, Hardcover Edition

The Real Story Behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and %*@)# Enlargements

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More than sixty percent of today's email traffic is spam, according to email filtering firm Brightmail. This year alone, five trillion spam messages will clog Internet users in-boxes, costing society an estimated $10-billion in lost productivity, filtering software, and other expenses.Spam Kings: The Real Story behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and %*@)# Enlargements is the first book to expose the shadowy world of the people responsible for the junk email problem. Author and veteran investigative journalist Brian S. McWilliams delivers a compelling account of the cat-and-mouse game played by spam entrepreneurs in search of easy fortunes and those who are trying to stop them.Spam Kings chronicles the evolution of Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a notorious neo-Nazi leader (Jewish-born) who got into junk email in 1999. Using Hawke as a case study, Spam Kings traces the twenty-year-old neophyte's rise in the spam trade to his emergence as a major player in the lucrative penis pill market--a business that would eventually make him a millionaire and the target of lawsuits from AOL and others.Spam Kings also tells the parallel story of Susan Gunn, a computer novice in California who is reluctantly drawn into the spam wars and eventually joins a group of anti-spam activists. Her volunteer sleuth work puts her on a collision course with Hawke and other spammers, who try to wreak revenge on the antis. You'll also meet other cyber-vigilantes who have taken up the fight against spammers as well as the cast of quirky characters who comprise Hawke's business associates.The book sheds light on the technical sleight-of-hand--forged headers, open relays, harvesting tools, and bulletproof hosting--and other sleazy business practices that spammers use; the work of top anti-spam attorneys; the surprising new partnership developing between spammers and computer hackers; and the rise of a new breed of computer viruses designed to turn the PCs of innocent bystanders into secret spam factories.

Birth of a Spam King -- The Education of an Anti-Spammer-- Ho, Ho, Ho, the Nazis Didn't Show -- Spamford Meets Hacker-X -- Hawke Mails the Web Manual -- Shiksaa, the Spammer Tracker -- Shiksaa Plays Peacemaker -- Hawke's Publishing Company in a Box -- Shiksaa Meets the Cyanide Idiot -- Hawke Concedes to an Anti -- A Date with a Spam Queen -- Bubba Catts and the Crank Callers -- Spamhaus Takes on Sue You Net -- Shiksaa and the Pink Contracts -- Mad Pierre's Homage to Shiksaa -- Tracking Empire Towers -- Terri Tickle Descends on Nanae -- Hawke Rips Off Dr. Fatburn -- David D'Amato, the Titanic Spammer -- Nanae Battles over Block Lists -- Hawke Takes on an Apprentice -- 9/11 -- Hawke Tutors Bournival -- Shiksaa Meets Scott Richter -- Hawke Goes Home to Rhode Island -- Hoffman Catches Tom Cowles -- Amazing Internet Products -- Fighting Dr. Fatburn -- The Shiksaa Shakedown -- Patricia's Graveyard Gambit -- Creampie Productions -- The Pinacle Partnership Program -- Rise of the Spam Zombies -- Jason Vale Held in Contempt -- The Time-Travel Spammer -- Karen Hoffmann, Sock Puppet -- Richter Unravels -- CAN-SPAM -- Shiksaa Hangs Up Her LART -- The Phoenix Company -- AOL v. Davis Hawke et al. -- The Gingerbread Man.

ISBN: 9780596553975
ISBN-10: 0596553978
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 368
Published: 14th July 2008