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Singleness - June Hunt


Published: 11th February 2014
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Some Christian singles are perfectly content-while others are not. Many feel like they are missing out because they're missing marriage, wondering: Is there something wrong with me? When is it my turn? What if I never find someone? In Singleness: How to be Single and Satisfied, June Hunt reveals how to be happy being single, how to uproot common causes of discontentment, and how to find joy in knowing that God is our ultimate "need-meeter" for love, significance, and security.

Whether you are single for a season or single again, discover biblical truths about how God wants to use your singleness to fulfill His purpose and plan for your life. Perfect resources for anyone who is single and Christian (including single Christian women, single moms, single Christian men, etc.) "I can't begin to count the times I've been asked, 'Why are you still single?' Over the years, one of my stock answers has been, 'I don't think of myself as 'being single'-I'm just an unclaimed blessing!'"-June Hunt, life-long single and Christian counselor Christian and Single? Find out God's View of Singleness and Discover the Benefits of Living Single How to Be Single and Satisfied, features-

Definition Section, covering key definitions and insights on singleness including the 3 types of singleness (single for all seasons, single for a season, and single again) and the unique challenges each faces.

Characteristics Section, covering the 18 signs of discontentment and practical ways to use your time of singleness for God's purpose and glory. Experience the peace that comes from fully realizing that it is God-not a spouse-that can complete us, making us fill whole and giving us the love, significance, and security we so often crave from others.

"Steps to Solution" Section provides practical, Bible-based advice on how to develop a healthy perspective of singleness, how to be C.O.N.T.E.N.T, and how to line up your self-image with God's image of you. Includes a close up look at what the Bile says about singleness and includes encouraging Scriptures!

"June Hunt has written a tract for singles that could have been entitled "A Guide to a Healthy Christian Life." The format facilitates the reader's desire to grasp basic truths quickly. The author has laid out the content in a Q and A style interlaced with Scripture. The message to singles is that God offers intimacy, companionship, security, fulfillment and meaning in relationship with Himself."-Dave Barkey, Retired Pastor, Colorado, Team Rose Representative Includes Practical Tools and Tips on How to Develop a Healthy Perspective of Singleness:

5 myths about singleness and how to NOT to fall for them. Contentment Test/Checklist-provides 36 self-reflective questions to help you gauge your level of contentment on a personal, social, and spiritual level. Q & A on Common Questions, such as- Is it scriptural to participate in matchmaking/online dating services? Why should I stay pure? What does having a "healthy" view of singleness look like? Why doesn't God give me the desires of my heart? Isn't marriage encouraged in the Bible?

Shares Key Insights and Definitions on Singleness

Christian counselor, June Hunt begins this book with a definitions section. She explains the 3 types of singleness-single for all seasons, single for a season, and single again. She sheds 3 valuable insights on the meaning of singleness, sharing the good news that you don't need someone to complete you because you are already complete in Christ. In this section she expertly exposes the 5 myths about singleness and how to NOT fall for them.

ISBN: 9781596368781
ISBN-10: 1596368780
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 11th February 2014
Edition Number: 1