Shark : In peril in the sea - David Owen


In peril in the sea


Unfortunately this eBook is only available from within Australia.

The shark has been our planet's dominant predator for millions of years. But in just fifty years all sharks have become threatened by human activity; victims of a deadly combination of overfishing, pollution and the destruction of their habitats. Although scientific knowledge of sharks is increasing rapidly, there is still much to learn about these complex and elusive animals - and for many species it may already be too late...Despite this, in the popular imagination sharks remain poorly understood and, all too often, despised...Shark: In peril in the sea comprehensively overturns our negative and damaging perception of sharks. Thoroughly researched and written in clear, jargon-free prose by a shark 'outsider', it tells you everything you need to know about these sophisticated guardians of our oceans...Big and small, scary and harmless, this book stands up for sharks!

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