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SADISM AND MASOCHISM : The 64 Case Histories - Wilhelm Stekel


The 64 Case Histories


Published: 4th November 2013
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Vampirism, Cannibalism and Necrophilia; Castration and Amputation Complexes; Genital Mutilation; Bestiality and Sodomy with Dogs; Impalement Fantasies; Crucifixion Complexes; Urolagnia and Coprophilia; Anal Fetishes; Whippings, Beatings and Blood All these and numerous other psychosexual proclivities are detailed in the 64 case histories that make up Wilhelm Stekel's legendary "Sadism And Masochism", which first gave us the term "paraphilia" to describe sexually deviant mental illness. This landmark text in the study of venereal mania and aberration is presented in a new, modern translation highlighting the cases chosen by Stekel to represent the most disturbing, violent and extreme strains of sexual perversion ever recorded. First published in English in 1929, "Sadism And Masochism" remains the most important book of its kind since Krafft-Ebing's "Psychopathia Sexualis" of the previous century, a masterpiece documenting all that is cruel and aberrant in humankind.

ISBN: 9781909923201
ISBN-10: 1909923206
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Published: 4th November 2013
Edition Number: 1