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Parental Care : Evolution, Mechanisms, And Adaptive Significance - Peter J. B. Slater

Parental Care

Evolution, Mechanisms, And Adaptive Significance

By: Peter J. B. Slater (Editor), Manfred Milinski (Editor)


Published: 18th November 1996
Format: PDF
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Advances in the Study of Behavior presents its first thematic volume, focusing on the physiological and behavioral mechanisms underlying parental care. The book discusses parental care both within and across taxa, with coverage of invertebrates and early vertebrates, fishes, amphibia, reptiles, mammals, birds, and nonhuman primates. A running theme throughout the chapters shows that parental care is anchored to the ecology, reproductive physiology, and embryonic development of a species. Coverage also includes mechanisms of parental care, including analysis of the stimuli that parents respond to and how parental care is initiated, maintained, and terminated. Individual differences within species are also explored, examining stable differences in maternal style, how they arise, and the consequences for both mother and infant.

S.T. Trumbo, Parental Care in Invertebrates. S.S. Crawford and E.K. Balon, Cause and Effect of Parental Care in Fishes: An Epigenetic Perspective. M.L. Crump, Parental Care among the Amphibia. C. Gans, An Overview of Parental Care among the Reptilia. J.D. Buntin, Neural and Hormonal Control of Parental Behavior in Birds. R.S. Bridges, Biochemical Basis of Parental Behavior in the Rat. J.M. Stern, Somatosensation and Maternal Care in Norway Rats. A.S. Fleming, H.D. Morgan, and C. Walsh, Experiential Factors in Postpartum Regulation of Maternal Care. G. Gonzalez-Mariscal and J.S. Rosenblatt, Maternal Behavior in Rabbits: A Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspective. Z. Wang and T.R. Insel, Parental Behavior in Voles. F. Livy, K.M. Kendrick, E.B. Keverne, R.H. Porter, and A. Romeyer, Physiological, Sensory, and Experiential Factors of Parental Care in Sheep. C.R. Pryce, Socialization, Hormones, and the Regulation of Maternal Behavior in Nonhuman Simian Primates. P.A. Gowaty, Field Studies of Parental Care in Birds: New Data Focus Questions on Variation among Females. F. Trillmich, Parental Investment in Pinnipeds. L.A. Fairbanks, IndividualDifferences in Maternal Style: Causes and Consequences for Mothers and Offspring. D. Maestripieri and J. Call, Mother???Infant Communication in Primates. C.T. Snowdon, Infant Care in Cooperatively Breeding Species. Chapter References. Subject Index. Contents of Previous Volumes.

ISBN: 9780080582863
ISBN-10: 0080582869
Format: PDF
Language: English
Published: 18th November 1996
Publisher: Elsevier Science