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Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention - Victor R. Preedy

Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention

By: Victor R. Preedy (Editor), Ronald Ross Watson (Editor), Vinood B. Patel (Editor)


Published: 31st March 2011
Format: ePUB
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The use of nuts and seeds to improve Human nutritional status has proven successful for a variety of conditions including in the treatment of high cholesterol, reduced risk of Type-2 Diabetes, and weight control. This complete guide to the health benefits of nuts and seeds is the only single-source scientific reference to explore the specific factors that contribute to these potential health benefits, as well as discussing how to maximize those potential benefits.

* Organized by seed-type with detailed information on the specific health benefits of each to provide an easy-access reference for identifying treatment options
* Insights into health benefits will assist in development of symptom-specific functional foods
* Includes photographs for visual identification and confirmation
* Indexed alphabetically by nut/seed with a second index by condition or disease

Section 1: General Aspects and Overviews

1.1. Overviews:??A Primer on??Seeds and Nut Biology, Improvement and Use;??Seeds as herbal drugs;??Seeds, Nuts and Vector-Borne Diseases; 1.2. Composition: Fatty acid content of commonly available nuts and seeds;??Triacylglycerols in nut and seeds oils: detailed characterization using high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry; Antioxidants in nuts and seeds; Inorganic constituents of nuts and seeds; 1.3. Effects on health: Nuts and Seeds in Cardiovascular Health; Brassica seeds: metabolomics and biological potential; Nuts and seeds used in health and disease in Pakistan;?? Seeds components in cancer prevention; Nuts, seeds and oral health; 1.4. Adverse aspects: Mycotoxins in seeds and nuts; Cyanogenic glycosides in nuts and seeds; Allergies to nuts and seeds

Section 2: Effects of Specific Nuts and Seeds

    African ebony??seeds; Ajwain seeds; Almond seeds; Aniseeds; Bambangan seeds; Bambara groundnut; Betel nut; Swietenine, Big Leaf Mahogany seeds; Bitter Kola seeds; Black soybean??seeds; Bonducella seeds; Brazil nuts; Broccoli seeds; Buckwheat??seeds; West African Bush Mango; Caper??seeds; Cardamom??seeds; Carob seeds; Cashew nut; Chia Seeds; Chinese cabbage seeds; Chinese Fan Palm; Climbing black pepper seeds; Cluster pepper?? seeds; Cocoa Seeds; Coconut??seeds; Common vetch seeds; Usage of Coral bean seeds; Coralwood seeds; Coriander??seeds; Cowhage seeds; Crabs eye??seeds; Cumin seeds;??Custard apple seeds; Date Seeds;??Euphorbia?? seeds; Fennel seeds;??Fenugreek seeds; Five-leaved chaste tree seeds; Flaxseeds;??Fragrant Olive seeds; Gallnuts; Garden cress seeds; Ginkgo seeds; Grains of Paradise Seeds;??Grape??seeds; Grapefruit??seeds; Gray Nickerbean; Amazonian herb guarana seeds; Guava??seeds; Harmala Seeds; Hazelnuts; Hempseeds; Hongay oil tree seeds; Horse chestnut; Indian gooseberry seeds; Indian mustard seeds; Jackfruit??seeds;??Jambolan seeds; Kersting???s Nut; Litchi Seeds; Longan seeds; Lupine seeds; Macadamia nuts; Magnolia??seeds; Malay apple; Mango seeds; Marking Nut; Milk Thistle; Mobola plum seeds; Moringa??seeds; Mucan????seeds; Neem tree seeds; Nigella seeds; Nutmeg; Okra?? seed; Olive seeds; Papaya seeds; Passion fruit seeds; Peanut seeds; Pecan nut; Perennial horse gram?? Seeds; Pistachio seeds; Pomegranate seeds; Pumpkin seeds; Purple Camel???s Food Seeds; Purple Viper's Bugloss??seeds; Purple Wheat seeds; Rapeseeds; Red clover seeds; Red onion??seeds; Sacha Inchi??nut oil; Safflower seeds; Sea buckthorn??seeds; Sesame seeds; Sour date??seeds; Soursop seeds; Soybean; Spotted bean; Squirting cucumber?? seeds; Sucupira branca seeds; Sunflower Seeds; Tamarind??Seeds; Tea seeds; Tomato seeds; Wallich??seeds; Walnuts; Watermelon??Seeds; White cabbage seeds; Wild Banana

    ISBN: 9780123756893
    ISBN-10: 0123756898
    Format: ePUB
    Language: English
    Number Of Pages: 1226
    Published: 31st March 2011
    Publisher: Elsevier Science