Media Politics and Public Life - Geoffrey Craig

Media Politics and Public Life


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The Media, Politics and Public Life is a well-crafted, comprehensive, and much-needed new Australian text on politics and the media. Geoffrey Craig brings a welcome, fresh perspective to the study of political communication and the exploration of mediated public life.'..Ian Ward, Reader in Politics, University of Queensland.. a welcome contribution to both politics and media studies and addresses a gap in both areas.' ..Cathy Greenfield, Associate Professor of Communication, RMIT ..For most of us, the news media is a backdrop to our everyday lives, and the main way in which we connect with public culture. Geoffrey Craig examines the complex relationship between news media and politics and its influence on public life. He argues that the media plays a central role in a functioning democracy, and that public life is essentially mediated...Craig focuses on the role of the news media in representing politics. He shows how politicians use the media, and points to constraints on the media's coverage of politics. Craig provides a balanced evaluation of modern political communication: he explores the loss of public trust in politicians and the media, discusses beliefs about declining debate in public life, and emphasises the dramatic basis of the media and the performative nature of public life. ..Craig also discusses public opinion polls, the role of the media in everyday life, and media representations of the nation. He draws on Australian issues but also considers British media and political relations and the growing influence of American political and media practices.

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