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Mauser Military Rifles of the World - Robert Ball

Mauser Military Rifles of the World


Published: 12th December 2006
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More than 100 million Mauser rifles were produced, making it the most successful rifle of all timeCovers 75 years of Mauser military rifle historyCrossover appeal for historians and gunsmiths alikeThe ultimate Mauser military rifle reference, this superior guide is packed with more models, all-color photos and Mauser history tailored to the interests and needs of firearms collectors. With more than 50 countries represented, 75 years of Mauser military rifle production is meticulously cataloged with descriptions, historical details, model specifications and markings, for easy identification by collectors. Mauser Military Rifles of the World, 4th Ed. features:*1,300+ compelling color photos, including new never-before-published photos of very rare Mausers, helpful in measuring collectibility*Data about how and where the rifles were in employed in conflict*Alphabetical format gives readers easy access to informationHistorical data, coupled with detailed color photos make this guide educational and entertaining!

Luxembourg: M1900 rifle; FN M24/30 short rifle -- Manchuria: Mukden Arsenal rifle -- Mexico: M1895 rifle; M1895 carbine; M1902 rifle; M1907 Steyr rifle; M1910 rifle; M1910 carbine; M1912 Steyr rifle; M1912 Steyr short rifle; FN M24 short rifle; FN M24 carbine; VZ 12/33 carbine; M1926 short rifle; M1954 short rifle -- Morocco: Post WWII FN carbine; FN .30-06 -- Netherlands: M1948 carbine -- Nicaragua: VZ 23 short rifle; VZ 12/33 carbine -- Norway: K98k reissued carbine; K98k-action Military Target rifle -- Orange Free State (OVS): M1895 rifle; M1895 Chilean-marked rifle; M1896 Loewe & Co. rifle; M1897 DWM rifle -- Paraguay: M1895 rifle (Chilean Pattern); M1907 rifle; M1927 rifle; M1927 short rifle; FN M24/30 short rifle; M1933 Standard Modell short rifle; M1933 Standard Modell carbine -- Persia/Iran: M1895 rifle; FN M24/30 short rifle; M98/29 long rifle; VZ 24 short rifle; M20 carbine; M49 carbine -- Peru: M1891 rifle; M1891 carbine; M1895 rifle; M1909 rifle; VZ 24 short rifle; M1935 short rifle -- Poland: M98 rifle; M98AZ carbine; Wz 29 short rifle; Wz98a rifle; Wz29 .22 caliber Training rifle; Kbk 8 Wz 31 .22 caliber Training rifle -- Portugal: M1904 Mauser-Vergueiro rifle; M904/M39 rifle; M1933 Standard Modell short rifle; M1933 Standard Modell carbine; M937-A short rifle; M1941 short rifle -- Romania: VZ 24 short rifle -- Saudi Arabia: FN M30 short rifle -- Serbia/Yugoslavia: M78/80 rifle; M1884 "Koka"carbine; M1899 rifle; M1899C rifle; M1908 carbine; M1910 rifle; M90(T) short rifle; M03(T) short rifle; M24 short rifle; M24 carbine; FN M30 short rifle; FN M24 carbine; M1948 98k short rifle; M24/52C short rifle -- Slovak Republic: VZ 24 short rifle -- South African Republic--Z.A.R. (Zuid-Africaansche Republick): ZAR M1896 "B" series rifle; M1896 ZAR Loewe Long rifle; M1894/1896 "C" series; M1896 ZAR rifle -- Spain: M1891 rifle; M1892 rifle; M1892 carbine; M1893 rifle; M1893 "True" carbine; M1895 carbine; M/G 98 Modified rifle; M1916 short rifle; M1916 "True" carbine; M1933 Standard Modell carbine; M1933 Standard Modell short rifle; M1943 short rifle; FR 7 Special Purpose rifle; FR 8 Special Purpose rifle -- Sweden: M1894 carbine; M1896 rifle; M1896 Sniper rifle/M41 AGA scope; M1896 Sniper rifle/M42 AGA scope; M1896 Sniper rifle/M44 AGA scope; M1896 Military Target rifles; M1938 short rifle -- Syria: M1948 short rifle -- Thailand/Siam: G 71 rifle; M1903 (Type 45) rifle; M1904 rifle; M1923 (Type 66) short rifle -- Transvaal: G 71 rifle -- Turkey: M1887 rifle; M1890 rifle; M1893 rifle; M1903 rifle; M1905 carbine; M98/22 rifle; M38 short rifle; M38 short rifle w/unique folding bayonet -- Uruguay: G 71 rifle; M1895 rifle; M1908 rifle; M1908 short rifle; FN M24 short rifle; VZ 37 ("937") short rifle; VZ 37 ("937") carbine -- Venezuela: G 71/84 rifle; M1910 rifle; VZ 24 short rifle; FN M24/30 short rifle; FN M24/30 carbine; FN M24/30 Military Target rifle -- Yemen: FN M30 short rifle -- Mauser Curiosa: Dreyse-made G 71 rifle with experimental magazine; G 71/84 Cutaway Training rifle; Steyr G 71/84 short rifle (trainer?); M1892 U.S. Trials rifle, Model M1892 U.S. Trails rifle, Model M1904 "Salesman's Sample" Export rifle; M1892-93 Experimental rifle; "Mystery Mauser"; Generic M1904 MT salesman's carbine; Generic M1904 MSE salesman's carbine; German Trench Rifle-firing device; Topedo Boat 5cm Cannon Subcaliber device on a J 71 action; Hybrid short rifle using M1917 action; Police 98a Cutaway Training carbine; FN M30 carbine, Dutch East Indies plantation security force; K98k Cutaway Training carbine; DWM M1895 carbine; RG 34 Lg Anti-tank rifle cleaning kit -- Appendix: Images from the German Army's "Kennblatter fremden Gerats"-- a manual providing information to German personnel about capture weapons, the majority of which happen to be Mauser-patterned.

ISBN: 9781440226830
ISBN-10: 1440226830
Format: PDF
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 448
Published: 12th December 2006
Publisher: F+W Media